PPM Ch. 86: If I’m disfigured, will you support me?

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Just at this moment, “Snee–“


Two sneezes sounded at the same time, and the two subconsciously looked at each other.

A colleague glanced at Ling Yarang and said, “Ling Yarang, I didn’t expect you to catch a cold too.” He smiled.

Li Shengxia smiled at him embarrassedly.

He caught a cold because of getting wet in the rain for her yesterday. She sat down on the seat with some guilt, thought about it, and gave him the cold medicine.

Ling Yarang looked up at her strangely and said with a smile, “Didn’t I say it was good to invite me to dinner, so why are you giving me medicine?”

“…You have a cold, take medicine, I will invite you to dinner.”

“Then, how about today?”

“Today?” Li Shengxia paused, then nodded, and replied, “Okay.”

Ling Yarang immediately laughed.

Li Shengxia went to the tea room to pour water, and had just filled half a glass of water, when Tan Qing also came in.

Li Shengxia and Tan Qing had no friendship, so she wanted to leave after pouring the water.

Tan Qing suddenly blocked her way, and asked in an ambiguous tone, “Miss Li, how much do you take per night?”

Li Shengxia looked at Tan Qing angrily, “What did you say?”

“Master Yin, some days ago, the day before yesterday, the Prince, Ling Yarang today, when should it be my turn tomorrow?”

Li Shengxia didn’t expect Tan Qing’s words to be so unpleasant, she knew that he might have misunderstood something, but what he said was too unbearable, she was so angry that she lifted her foot and stepped on him.

He nimbly avoided, grabbed her wrist and looked at her frivolously.

“Let go of me!” Li Shengxia stared at him, as if she was entangled in something disgusting. She had always hated being too close to the opposite sex, she forcibly tried to break free for a long time, but she still couldn’t break free from Tan Qing’s palm.

There were already some red marks on her wrist, but Tan Qing didn’t want to let go at all.

He said in a humiliating tone: “Tell me, how much does it cost? Don’t worry, I won’t eat a free meal.”

Li Shengxia’s face turned pale, and she blurted out angrily: “You think everyone is like you. Do you think I’m so dirty? Let’s learn from others, Ling Yarang. They are all world-class designers, all work in the design department of Emperor Heritage, and they are all about the same age. Why is there a gap between the two? It’s so big!”

Tan Qing was complained about from head to toe, and he said inexplicably: “Do you think everyone is so simple and easy to deceive? Don’t think that you can be complacent if you have a little ability. Girls should have a little self-esteem, don’t do that stupid thing, or you’ll end up being thrown away.”

That stupid thing? Before, she didn’t make water from the well, but now she understood that Tan Qing was on Jian Dan’s side, and was he trying to hold her responsible for Jian Dan’s injustice?

Li Shengxia tried to get rid of him but failed. She picked up the boiled water in the other hand and poured it on Tan Qing’s face without thinking, and said coldly, “Your mouth is so dirty, you should wash it!”

Tan Qing immediately felt the pain. He opened his eyes, “You’re a really ruthless girl. The boiling water is 50 or 60 degrees! If I am disfigured, will you support me?”

“It’s so hot that you can’t clean your mouth, it seems you really are terminally ill! I suggest you take the time to see a dentist and take good care of your bad breath!”

Li Shengxia said, then she away Tan Qing who was in the way, and walked away without looking back.

Tan Qing stood where he was, wiped the boiling water on his face, and made a single sound with a half-smile.

Li Shengxia felt nauseated when she remembered that Tan Qing grabbed her wrist just now. She washed her wrist in the bathroom for an unknown number of times, and stopped temporarily only when she had used up all the hand sanitizer.

To Li Shengxia’s surprise, she had yet to receive a call from the Li’s Group, they had not gone bankrupt, and no one had continued to withdraw funds? That incident last night was like a dream…

Would Mo Nianchen let her go? Must be thinking of other ways to torture her, right?

So good, why think of him again, dis she have persecution paranoia? Li Shengxia knocked on her head and went back to the office.

On the other side.

On the top floor of the building, the president’s office.

Mo Nianchen’s whole person was murderous, and the pictures from last night kept playing in his mind. Rather than saying that he was disappointed in her, it would be better to say that he was disappointed in himself!

If he knew what kind of person she was, why should he let himself be addicted? He was still delusionally waiting for her to apologize.

Oh, in the end, she really didn’t sit idle for a second. The men around her changed one after another. It was like watching flowers on a horse, and even he was ashamed!

The annoyance in Mo Nianchen’s eyes grew stronger and stronger. How did things turn out like this?

His patience was not good, it was very uncomfortable to endure like this, as if every minute and every second was enough to drive him crazy. He was so drunk last night that he thought she would regret what she had said to him.

But still not.

He had been so disappointed for days. He didn’t know why he had to be so passive!

She hated him, every time she said this, it was as if when he had finally gotten closer to her, she wanted to push him further away.

It was obviously because she lost the ring and lied to him in the beginning. Why did things develop so far that it seemed that he needed to wait for her forgiveness? Did he make a mistake!

Who did she think he was? Also delusional that he couldn’t find her in a low voice!

But when he didn’t move, she didn’t seem to remember him at all, as if he was never important, not important at all… He hated this feeling.

“Back to the prince, according to my observation, the princess seems to have caught a cold.” Chi Su didn’t know when he started to report a woman’s condition to him every day.

As Mo Nianchen’s special assistant and first-level bodyguard, he felt that since Li Shengxia started to work in Emperor Heritage, his detective level had also grown steadily.

“She has a cold?” Mo Nianchen immediately looked at Chi Su and stood up suddenly. The reason for not going to see her before seemed to suddenly be no longer a reason, and he finally found a reason to see her.

“It should have been caused by the rain last night.”

Got a cold? Then she didn’t send him a phone call or text message yesterday, and she didn’t give him any explanation. Was it because she had a cold? Her head might be very dizzy and she fell asleep very early, so she might have forgotten about it?

Mo Nianchen felt a little more comfortable thinking about it, but he still asked with a sullen face, “Why is she still coming to work when she is ill?!”

Was it because she was looking for an opportunity to apologize to him?

Mo Nianchen couldn’t help but curse himself when he thought of this.

He was just now angrily remembering what happened last night, but when he heard that she was sick, he couldn’t hold back for a moment and started to find reasons to see her! Mo Nianchen felt that he was poisoned by a poison called ‘Li Shengxia’.

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