CREG Ch. 52.1: New Year’s Eve

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18+ content warning; lots of sexual tension

On New Year’s Eve, Xu Maomao stopped live broadcasting, and there were no foster animals in the Valley of the Wind, so the two of them finally felt at ease. Xu Maomao decisively stopped Shen Yu’s idea of asking a part-time worker to come clean and volunteered: “I’ll help you clean!” He estimated that the marshmallow given by Yueye Rabbit still had about two hours of human life left, and although he was a little reluctant to part with it, he still decisively transformed into a human form and wore a new set of Shen Yu’s pajamas.

Shen Yu was 1.85 meters tall, and Xu Maomao was also 1.78 meters tall. However, after transforming into a ragdoll cat, his body had become a few centimeters shorter. He was now thin and well-proportioned. Unfortunately, Shen Yu’s clothes fell down as soon as he put them on. It revealed a large area of the back of the neck and collarbone. Xu Maomao tied it up on the loose waist, rolled up his sleeves and trouser legs, and walked out of the dressing room carrying the vacuum cleaner.

As soon as Shen Yu saw his “boyfriend-like” attire, especially his large exposed collarbone and thin white ankles, his eyes suddenly froze.

Xu Maomao unconsciously started cleaning the huge living room with a handheld vacuum cleaner.

Shen Yu looked at him from behind and saw that every time he bent over, the tight fabric would outline the rounded lines on his buttocks wrapped in wide pants – Maomao was very thin, but his narrow and small butt looked fleshy and elastic and was expected to feel particularly good.

While he was admiring it, Xu Maomao straightened up, and his alluring lines were quickly covered by his clothes.

Shen Yu felt a little disappointed when he saw him turn around again and bend down to suck the ground towards him. As soon as he leaned down, the large neckline also exposed his chest, revealing the two pink dots faintly.


He couldn’t help but swallow a mouthful of saliva. Shen Yu, who had always been a gentleman, felt that his eyes must look like a pervert now.

Xu Maomao worked neatly, vacuuming here and there, constantly repeating the movements of “bending with his back to Shen Yu” and “bending to the front of Shen Yu”. No matter what angle he looked at, it was a beautiful sight.

“…” Shen Yu couldn’t bear it anymore, “Xu Maomao, are you doing this on purpose?”

Xu Maomao, who was working, turned around when he heard the voice, with a confused look on his face, “What?” As he said this, he put down the hand-held vacuum cleaner. He habitually patted his waist with both hands, pulled at his collar, took a breath and complained in an exaggerated and coquettish way: “Your house is really big, and it’s really not easy to clean.” Shen Yu gritted his teeth.

He turned around because his lower body had reacted a little and tented his thin house pants…

And Xu Maomao came over innocently, ready to pull him to show off his cleaning results. As a result, the male god floated into the bathroom and said dully: “I’ll help you clean the sewer…”

Xu Maomao was stunned. He didn’t expect Shen Yu, who usually couldn’t even wash dishes, to clean the sewer? Do you finally know that it’s time to clean up at the end of the year? But their bathroom was not clogged…

Shen Yu in the bathroom was full of annoyance. He wanted to take a cold shower but was worried about being too conspicuous, so he actually cleaned the sewer, but this sewer… uh… half an hour later, Shen Yu reluctantly entered sage mode and sprayed the bathroom with perfume to cover up the truth.

When he came out and saw that Xu Maomao was still vacuuming the floor, Shen Yu coughed: “I’m going to the study to take care of something.”

“You go ahead and do it, I can handle it by myself.” Xu Maomao smiled brightly, although it was incredible but his hobby was cleaning the room. He especially liked the process of things becoming clean under his hands, especially washing dishes. Of course this was not an obsession, this was hobby, hobby! Apart from cleaning, he didn’t do any other housework, and his cooking was especially unpleasant. It just complemented Shen Yu.

Shen Yu closed the study room, turned on the computer, quickly found Xu Maomao’s column, read out all the dark history articles that Mr. Yueye Rabbit had said, and carefully looked at how Xu Maomao arranged “The Overlord Forces the Bow” and “Aphrodisiac section”.

In fact, those articles were written by Xu Maomao when he had just entered the online literary world. The writing style and plot were very childish. Moreover, due to the old scumbag trend at that time, Xu Maomao’s gong was also a bit scumbag, but in the end, he had a warm and cute nature, there was also favor among the scum, even the overlord’s bow was softly written as “rejecting but still welcome”.

Shen Yu silently took notes while reading, and his eyes lit up at the description in the article of “Xiao Gong tied up Xiao Shou and moved it by himself”.

Haha, it turned out it could still be like this…

Very good, [Key point] Note this play.

With his eyes turning sore, Shen Yu finally found the aphrodisiac part he wanted. With a wave of his hand, he opened the small vest and rewarded Xu Maomao several times, and then he closed the webpage with satisfaction.

Xu Maomao really thought that he was working. He had silently cleaned the entire house, and now he was slumped in a chair and taking a nap.

As soon as Shen Yu went over to pick him up, he rubbed his eyes and said with a heavy nasal voice: “Hmm…? You’re done…” His lips were pink, and he rubbed in his arms twice like he did when he was a cat.

Shen Yu calmly lifted him up and hugged him to prevent his butt from rubbing against a growing part.

“It’s done. You’ve worked hard too. You sleep for a while and I’ll prepare dinner.” Shen Yu carried him to the bed. Xu Maomao yawned and actually fell asleep. It was just a coincidence that his transformation potion lasted just to this point, and within a few seconds of touching the bed, he transformed into a ragdoll cat again under Shen Yu’s nose.

Shen Yu suddenly became a little worried, what if, what if, at that time, Xu Maomao was too excited and couldn’t maintain his human form!

He turned his eyes at his club-hard parts and the cat’s round, furry butt, and his heart suddenly sank.

It’s over, it seems that the plan must be implemented carefully…

It was already past eight o’clock when Xu Maomao woke up. As soon as he saw that he had returned to his original shape, he quickly took another bottle of transformation potion that would last for more than four hours. There was also a very conspicuous marshmallow stored in the big backpack. Xu Maomao stared at it steadily, his eyes wandering, but he finally gritted his teeth and took out the fist-sized marshmallow. He didn’t know the dosage, he just felt that such a big flower should not be used too much, and then he pressed it with his hands to make it into a small ball, and then silently hid it in his pocket. The intention was very suspicious!

——He had decided, today! No matter what, he had to seduce the shy male god! He didn’t expect to get on base completely, but he damn well wanted to make some progress!

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