KHSW Ch. 182

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When Ling Xi heard Xiao Nuo say this, she couldn’t help but cast a suspicious look at Xu Yizhi.

Several tourists standing behind them heard what the little guy said, and they also looked at the man in front, secretly slandering him in their hearts, should a big man be afraid of these things?

Xu Yizhi noticed their strange eyes, and raised his eyebrows without a trace, “Well, don’t cry later.”

After speaking, Xu Yizhi walked in, and Ling Xi followed holding the hand of the little guy.

This was a themed horror city. They heard that the theme was updated four times a year, and this time, it was about a horror hospital where babies were autopsied…

When they walked in, the smell of disinfectant that was often smelled in the hospital came to them, and it was accompanied by a gloomy cold… Xu Yizhi clenched his fists involuntarily and paused, waiting for Ling Xi and Xiao Nuo to follow. He put his arms around Ling Xi’s shoulders.

“What’s wrong?”

Xu Yizhi’s calm expression didn’t make Ling Xi suspicious at all.

“I’m worried that you and Xiao Nuo will be scared.”

Ling Xi just said “oh” and let him hold her shoulders, but with this strength, wasn’t it a little too tight?

“Husband, don’t hold so tight, I’m not afraid.”

Xu Yizhi let go a little and tried to control his strength.

When they really saw something, Xu Yizhi’s eyes widened suddenly, but Ling Xi screamed in fright, and covered Xiao Nuo’s eyes with her hands.

“Husband, husband.”

Hearing Ling Xi’s voice with a crying voice, Xu Yizhi immediately stood in front of her and put his hand on the back of her head, “These are all fake, don’t be afraid.”

Even the “horror doctor” who was wielding a knife and surgical scissors around him turned a blind eye.

“Let’s just go out without watching, okay?”

Ling Xi nodded vigorously, but felt a pair of small hands pulling hers down, “Xiao Nuo, don’t look.”

Xiao Nuo suddenly broke free, looked at the “doctors” and “nurses” who were dissecting the “corpse” on the “operating table”, and shouted, “You bad people, hum-ha-“

“Bang-” “Wow–“

When Ling Xi heard the movement, she hurriedly opened her eyes and stuck her head out of Xu Yizhi’s arms.

“I’m sorry, I’m really sorry…”

Ling Xi and Xu Yizhi took Xiao Nuo to apologize to the staff one by one.

It turned out that Xiao Nuo thought those were bad people who killed babies, so he fought.

“I’m sorry uncles and aunts, Xiao Nuo didn’t know that those were fake, Xiao Nuo will sing to the uncles and aunts, and ask them to forgive Xiao Nuo.”

After speaking, he really started singing, “Practice must be in the sun, at night. I have to borrow the light of the moon, do not practice ten days of sky a day, learn morality before learning martial arts, learn etiquette before learning art, and I also keep it in my heart…”

Originally, the staff were dissatisfied with their apologetic attitude since they didn’t even take off their sunglasses and hats, but as soon as Xiao Nuo spoke, this tender and lovely singing quickly captured their hearts.

The person in charge said with a smile: “If you want your uncles and aunts to forgive you, then let’s do another martial arts show, okay?”

However, a four-year-old child was able to injure six of his employees. Fortunately, it was no big deal.

Xiao Nuo nodded lightly, “Uncle, this is what you said! You can’t go back on your words!”

Several people were amused by the little guy.

When the little guy took off his hat, a staff member found him a little familiar, and immediately took out his mobile phone to record.

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