KHSW Ch. 181

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“Husband, get up soon! Otherwise you will be late.”

Xu Yizhi slowly stretched out his hand and pinched her face.


As soon as Ling Xi made a sound, Xu Yizhi quickly retracted his hand, and turned over and got out of bed pretending that nothing had happened.

Picking up the mobile phone on the table, he made a call to Chi Jingyu.

“The company will be handed over to you today.”

“Ah? Big boss, are you not coming to the company today?”

“Well, except for important documents, you can handle the rest.”

Seeing that he had finished the phone call, she asked, “Why are you not going to the company today?”

Xu Yizhi’s eyes suddenly became deep, “Of course I’m waiting for your—’next time’.”


Ling Xi stared at him dully for a few seconds, then she left after saying only one sentence “I’m going to prepare breakfast” and ran away in a hurry.

Xu Yizhi hooked his lips viciously, thinking it was good to tease this little woman occasionally. Who made her act so restless last night and make him angry.

Ou Mengxue looked at the pregnancy test paper with a smug smile on her face, and said to the mirror: “Ling Xi, you didn’t expect it, I’m pregnant, and I’m pregnant with Brother Jiayang’s child, you don’t mean you don’t love Chi Jiayang anymore. Now I want to take a look…”

Then she took out her mobile phone and called Ling Xi.

When Ling Xi heard that she wanted to invite her out to meet, she hung up the phone without hesitation.

“Baby, what are you doing?”

Xiao Nuo raised his eyes and saw his mother coming out, “Mom, look, I want to learn martial arts!”

Ling Xi only regarded it as Xiao Nuo’s imagination and said with a smile, “Okay, then Xiao Nuo can teach Nian Nian! Let’s go to breakfast first. Dad doesn’t have to go to work today, so we can go to the amusement park together!”

“What is an ‘amusement park’?”

“It’s a… a place with a lot of good toys.” When she was a child, her father would take her to the amusement park every year for her birthday, but after he left, she never went there again.

“Is it a more fun toy than ‘Ultraman’?”

Ling Xi choked, maybe in the eyes of adults, “Ultraman” was a particularly naive toy, but for children, it was their most precious thing.

“You’ll know when we reach the amusement park.”

Xu Yizhi and Ling Xi both wore sunglasses, each made a small disguise, and there was a little Nuo wearing a small hat between them.

It was the first time that his parents took him out to play together. His heart felt sweet. Now he liked his parents more and more. It would be nice if they could be together forever.

The amusement park was crowded with people, and Xiao Nuo’s eyes were full of novelty…

When he first took the roller coaster to the sky, he didn’t scream with fear like the others, but was excited. Was this what it felt like to fly into the sky? Much more fun than sitting in plane the last time.

Ling Xi clutched Xu Yizhi’s arm tightly and screamed recklessly, since she didn’t have to worry that someone would recognize her in this situation.

“Mom, what is written on it?”

“Terror Horror City, baby, do you want to go in and see?”

Xiao Nuo was about to nod when Xu Yizhi said, “Don’t go in, Xiao Nuo will have nightmares at night.”

“Yeah~ That’s right.” Still remembering carefully!

“Dad, Xiao Nuo will not have nightmares. If Dad is afraid, Dad can wait for us here, and Xiao Nuo and mother will just go in.”

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