ARIETT Ch. 81.1

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Chi Fang didn’t notice Yu Mo’s entanglement. His eyes were a little swollen because of crying too fiercely. Although it could be hidden with makeup, it would definitely be discovered by those people. Then, the news the next day would be that the youngest son of the Chi family was in tears because of being left out in the cold by the family.

He took a towel, took some cold water, and pressed it on his eyes. After coming out of the bathroom, Chi Fang saw Yu Mo standing in the corner of the bedroom, facing the wall, motionless. He was puzzled: “What are you doing while standing?”

Yu Mo: “I’m being punished.”

“???” Chi Fang changed his eyes, “Why the punishment?”

“You cried.” Yu Mo turned his head slightly to look at Chi Fang, “I did something wrong.”

So did you think about it by facing the wall…

Chi Fang was speechless. “…That’s a dream.”

Yu Mo shook his head. “They say, if you think about it day and night, it’s because I didn’t give you a sense of security, and therefore you had this kind of dream.”

Chi Fang snapped his mouth shut and expressed admiration for Yu Mo’s ability to think, and then seriously asked, “Who are they…?”

Yu Mo paused, his eyes erratic. When Chi Fang saw this, he became curious. Yu Mo had always told him everything. This was the first time he hesitated.

Didn’t even dare to let him know?

“Huh?” Chi Fang knew that he should change the subject, but he was really curious, and finally couldn’t help asking.

Yu Mo had to silently flip out his phone, open his forum, and hand it to Chi Fang.

Chi Fang took it curiously and found that this seemed to be a forum that had become popular in recent years. What Yu Mo showed him was the account information. The first thing Chi Fang saw was the first post posted by this account.

Chi Fang: …

Chi Fang didn’t open the post, but flipped it down, and then planned to return the phone to Yu Mo. When the result returned, he accidentally touched the button for the main page, and the phone instantly returned to the main page. Seeing the wallpaper on the phone, Chi Fang was stunned, and the phone’s movements paused slightly.

When Yu Mo saw that his face was wrong, he was a little worried, “Are you angry?”

Chi Fang shook his head, just reached out and hugged Yu Mo. He just felt a little bit emotional, sighing that Yu Mo was so insensitive to feelings, he even could be called indifferent, but he was trying so hard to get close to him.

“I just think I’m too lucky.” Chi Fang smiled.

Yu Mo hugged Chi Fang but thought in his heart that the lucky person was obviously him, as Chi Fang pulled him out of the black and white world bit by bit.

“But should you explain it?” Chi Fang suddenly put Yu Mo’s phone in front of him and said with a smile: “Where did this photo come from?”

Chi Fang in the photo didn’t look big, and he was wearing a school uniform. He was laughing and talking to the people around him. Although Chi Fang didn’t remember the background, he recognized the dress. That was his school uniform when he was in junior high school, but he didn’t know Yu Mo when he was in junior high school!

Yu Mo quietly turned red and tried to steal his mobile phone back.

Chi Fang took a step back, avoided Yu Mo’s hand, and looked down at the photo carefully. He was still well-behaved when he was in junior high school, but he usually didn’t talk to people. The person next to him must be Pang Zifei, but he didn’t quite understand this background… There were trees and people, it looked like…

“Beishan Park? “Chi Fang suddenly thought of a place.

Yu Mo’s body stiffened.

Chi Fang still tried hard to recall in his memory, and suddenly thought of a person, “Could you be…”

“I am not!” Yu Mo flatly denied.

“…” Chi Fang couldn’t help but smile and bend his eyes when he looked at him in such a nonchalant manner. “I haven’t said anything yet.”

Yu Mo did not want to admit it, so Chi Fang didn’t say anything. He always felt that if he continued speaking, it was estimated that Yu Mo would go home angrily, and then would not dare to see him for several days.

However, Chi Fang really didn’t expect that he would have met Yu Mo when he was a child.

At that time, Chi Fang was still small. It was about the second year of the junior high school. The school organized an autumn trip to Beishan Park. The Park was a little bigger, but there were a lot of people in it, and there were no lakes. It was relatively safe. Chi Fang was not familiar with the classmates, he only knew Pang Zifei, so naturally he ran around with Pang Zifei.

He didn’t know how Pang Zifei found the path. Anyway, Chi Fang followed him. After walking not far, the two people saw a child sitting on a chair, looking blankly at a tree opposite him.

There were not many people on the trail, and suddenly a beautiful child appeared, and both of them were a little bit embarrassed. Pang Zifei was bold, jumped a few steps and walked over, and asked the child, “Hey, what are you doing?” The child looked at the tree expressionlessly, without any reaction at all.

Chi Fang couldn’t help but tug at Pang Zifei, “He’s not lost, right?”

Pang Zifei pondered it and felt that it was really uncertain. At that time, Pang Zifei protected Chi Fang every day and developed an inexplicable desire to protect people. He watched the child alone, thinking about helping the child find his parents. He stretched out his hand to hold the child, and said: “Let’s go, I will take you to find Mom and Dad.”

However, Pang Zifei was thrown to the ground in the next second.

The child looked thin and small, but Pang Zifei could not beat him unexpectedly. When Chi Fang saw that Pang Zifei had been beaten, his brain became hot, he stepped forward and cried while grabbing the child’s arm.

The child was probably embarrassed by him crying and didn’t get away from him for a while.

Chi Fang’s crying caught the attention of nearby teachers. Chi Fang had a good personality and was a well-behaved person. Although he didn’t like talking, he never made trouble. When the teachers heard him crying, their first reaction was that Pang Zifei bullied him.

The child realized that someone was coming, and subconsciously wanted to run, but Chi Fang grabbed his wrist. If in normal times, he could throw people away, but he didn’t know why that day, the child was suddenly unable to do it.

Seeing the figure approaching, the child felt anxious and lowered his head…

Chi Fang cried and felt a sudden pain in his wrist. He subconsciously let go of his hand, and the child who was grabbed by him took the opportunity to slip away. After that, only Chi Fang stood there blankly, looking down at his slightly tingling wrist.

There was also a neat tooth print on it.

“So, you secretly photographed me later?” Chi Fang looked at the photo, and Chi Fang looked childish at that time.

Yu Mo nodded silently.

After he ran away, but didn’t know why, he walked back inexplicably, and saw that Chi Fang was coaxed by Pang Zifei with a few words, and he smiled so happily at Pang Zifei, Yu Mo felt a little bored.

Chi Fang twitched his mouth, no wonder that after entering high school, Yu Mo was so cold to the people around him, but he was so hostile to Pang Zifei. They still had a love feud from years ago.

Thinking that Pang Zifei was still confused about when he provoked Yu Mo before going to the imperial capital, Chi Fang decided not to tell him the truth.

“Does it count as love at first sight?” Chi Fang smiled.

Yu Mo recalled, but shook his head. Although he was very curious about Chi Fang at that time, he really began to be tempted by Chi Fang after he really got acquainted with Chi Fang.

Although Chi Fang cried a little bit fiercely, he only cried for an hour. By the afternoon, his eyes were not swollen anymore. The banquet was set for the evening, and Yu Mo saw that he was all right before returning to the villa. Chi Fang sent him out the door, and when he turned his head, he saw his second brother standing on the stairs on the second floor with an unhappy expression.

“Ah, brother.”

Chi Zheng curled his mouth, walked to Chi Fang, stretched out his hand to rub his hair, and handed his clothes to Chi Fang: “Go try and see if you like it.”

Chi Fang smiled at Chi Zheng, “Okay.”

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