MTaFB Ch. 58

MTAFB Chapter 58

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On Sunday morning, Lu Chengyu was woken up by the ringing of his cell phone. He took a look at the cell phone and it showed that he had 20 or 30 missed calls. He had good relations with some people in the company and some people in the entertainment industry. However, there were still only a few friends in his life.

What happened to these people that made them make so many calls? He didn’t even get to return the call yet, and the phone rang again. This time the caller displayed was Zhong Zhenghan, and Lu Chengyu had just pressed the answer button when Zhong Zhenghan’s high-pitched voice came through.

“Lu Chengyu! What are you and Yan Mu doing? I have never heard of it. If you don’t want to die, you won’t die!”

Holding the phone away from his ears, Lu Chengyu yawned and sat up from the bed, “What happened to excite you like this?”

“Give Lao Tzu a treat and see what is going on the internet. You are really popular now. Maybe you are popular even in foreign countries.” Zhong Zhenghan heard that the other party was still half awake and half asleep, and almost laughed in anger, “Where did you go yesterday?”

“Nowhere, just went to pay homage to our parents, and then had a meal and then came home,” Lu Chengyu heard that Zhong Zhenghan’s voice was wrong, and his expression gradually became serious, “Someone put our photos on the Internet?”

“Not only on the Internet, but even in the newspapers,” Zhong Zhenghan flicked the forum, and it was about the scandals between Lu Chengyu and Yan Mu. He sighed, “You did feed a lot of entertainment reporters.”

Lu Chengyu was startled slightly, and slowly calmed down. It was a foregone conclusion. The photos of him and Yan Mu had also been exposed. It was useless for him to be anxious. It was better to think about how to control the situation in a good direction. “It is a good thing for both of us to help many people support their families. “

“You are really big-hearted,” Zhong Zhenghan heard that Lu Chengyu didn’t seem to be very worried when speaking, so, he was gradually relieved, “This matter has become like this now. It can’t be suppressed anymore. You two hurry up. Go and hire a reliable public relations team. Just because I have a good relationship with you, many reporters have started to contact Wang Song, wanting to interview me about the two of you, I am almost annoyed.”

Lu Chengyu was fucked over by him. Zhong Zhenghan’s complaining made him laugh, and then said, “When you fall in love in the future, there will be more reporters coming to ask me, I will not be annoyed.”

“Bah!” Zhong Zhenghan hung up the phone. He didn’t want to talk to Lu Chengyu anymore, because he felt that he was a model of the emperor not worrying while the eunuch was.

After Zhong Zhenghan hung up the phone, Lu Chengyu sighed, changed in a set of home clothes and went out. Just when Yan Mu opened the door and came out, he smiled at Yan Mu, “I have some good and bad news to tell you. Our affairs were exposed by the media.”

Yan Mu did not show any unexpected reaction. Obviously, he knew about it. Seeing that Lu Chengyu didn’t have any disgusting expression on his face, he breathed a sigh of relief from the bottom of his heart, “I have already called and notified the public relations team, don’t worry.”

“What do I have to worry about,” Lu Chengyu smiled. Seeing Yan Mu’s relaxed expression, his expression changed, “Or are you worried?”

Yan Mu shook his head, “After taking the decision, I have not regretted it.” He looked at Lu Chengyu, “No matter what others say about us, we can live a good life on our own. Those people are not qualified to point fingers.” They are together in an upright manner and have no influence on others, let alone worry, it would be just idle panic.

“There is never a lack of gesticulating people in this world,” Lu Chengyu shrugged. “They think they are aloof, standing at the highest point of morality, and they forget about it when they turn around. They don’t know that words are sometimes a weapon that hurts others.”

Lu Chengyu had also heard other people gossip in his previous life, but after that, he had learned not to care what those who defamed him said, only to write down those kind words. Facts have proved that selective memory was very helpful for people’s spiritual happiness.

When Yan Mu heard this, he didn’t know why, but he felt a little uncomfortable. Thinking of the indifference of Lu’s relatives towards Lu Chengyu, his brows frowned, and he said, “I won’t let you face it alone.”

Lu Chengyu smiled, and said, “Brother Mu, has anyone ever told you that you are not good at sweet talk at all.”

Yan Mu looked at Lu Chengyu’s smile, as if he didn’t understand why Lu Chengyu said these kind of words, because he had never said sweet words at all.

“Well, how do I talk about this issue with you,” Lu Chengyu looked at Yan Mu’s innocent little face, waved and said, “Who cares what the people outside say, let’s go downstairs to eat breakfast.”

They were halfway down the stairs, when the housekeeper came up, “Sir, your cousins are visiting.”

“Cousins are here?” Yan Mu frowned. He didn’t know Mu Qihua would be coming in person. He and Lu Chengyu came to the large living room, Mu Qihua and Mu Qirong were sitting on the sofa drinking tea. Mu Qihua was flipping through a stack of newspapers with great interest, and when he saw them coming down, he raised the newspaper in his hand, “You two are up, come and see the news about you two.”

Probably, it was because Mu Qihua’s expression was too calm, that it made Lu Chengyu feel a little uncomfortable. He walked up to Mu Qihua’s side, picked up the newspapers and flipped through them, and he saw some articles.

In these newspapers, some media seemed to imply that he was Yan Mu’s little lover, but more newspapers published photos of Yan Mu kneeling in front of his parents’ tombstones. The entire headline to the content were all saying two things. They were saying it was true love, and even faintly said that they both were rare talents. Although, they were the same gender, they were also a rare match together.

“Big cousin, second cousin,” Yan Mu walked up to the two of them to say hello, then picked up some other newspapers from the table, and after a few glances, he put them down, and said to Mu Qihua, “Big Cousin, the two forces behind this are fighting a battle of public opinion?”

Mu Qihua nodded, “Behind these entertainment reports, it is obvious that someone is biased towards Xiao Lu, and even has an advantage in Weibo and major forums. From the current situation, I believe that true love accounts for more than half of the rest. Then there are the ones who want to watch the excitement or feel that Xiao Lu has a golden master.”

Lu Chengyu put down the newspaper in his hand, asked the butler to help him bring the laptop, and quickly logged on to his Weibo, and he saw that comments and forwarding had reached a record high. This battle was even more exaggerated than when he was taken into the police station by the Liang family.

He found a lot of people’s Weibo about their being together. After blocking all of them, he turned to Mu Qihua and said, “It seems that this matter has become a big issue, and everyone on Weibo has gone crazy. “

Mu Qihua smiled and stroked his chin, “Interesting things spread really quickly.” He raised his eyebrows, “Xiao Lu, do you think that the force behind you, seems to be telling you one thing about Xiao Yan in our family is that if he dares to make you sorry, they will clean up Xiao Yan?”

“Really?” Lu Chengyu looked at Mu Qihua in surprise, and then shook his head with a smile, “This must be your illusion, big cousin. If there is a powerful force behind me defending me, I should have entered your circle long ago and then became familiar with you.” Not to mention that he was so sad in his previous life.

“Is it right? I’ll see it soon,” Mu Qihua smiled, and then said, “Yes, the public relations team has already arranged it, and I have asked them to start public opinion orientation on the internet. Do you have any comments? “

Yan Mu knew that his eldest cousin was asking him if he was willing to announce his relationship or conceal it, saying that they were just good buddies. He glanced at Lu Chengyu next to him, “Let’s tell the truth, I don’t think there is anything wrong with this.”

Lu Chengyu tilted his head and glanced at Yan Mu, then smiled and nodded, “There is nothing wrong with it.”

Mu Qihua couldn’t help but look at Lu Chengyu more and curled his mouth, “Okay, in this case, I know what to do. I will arrange a small press conference for you in the afternoon. The reporters I invited are all from the industry. Honestly, you guys be ready to speak in the afternoon.”

Lu Chengyu knew that this matter should not last too long. After all, he and Yan Mu were not artists who relied on romance to increase exposure, so, it was better to resolve this matter sooner. He was not afraid of exposing his feelings, but he did not want others to use his feelings as a means to talk about Yan Mu, “Brother Hua sorry to trouble you.”

Yan Mu nodded, “Thank you.”

“Okay, you guys don’t have to perform the husband sings and the wife follows …” As soon as he said this, Mu Qihua felt that something was wrong. After he stopped, he froze for a while and said, “Don’t worry, no matter what, as long as the two of you feel suitable.”

Mu Qirong, who had been reading the newspaper next to him, looked up and glanced at Mu Qihua. Who was the husband and the wife of the two?

“Oh,” Mu Qihua noticed his younger brother’s eyes and coughed dryly. “I didn’t agree with you two men being together, but if you think it is appropriate, I’m in no position to oppose it. I hope you two can do well for a lifetime and have the courage to face the media today.”

Lu Chengyu gave Mu Qihua a surprised look. In his mind, Mu Qihua was more like a smiling fox, able to face him and Yan Mu. Having said this, it was too unexpected for him, “I understand, Brother Hua.”

Yan Mu looked at Lu Chengyu, then at Mu Qihua, “Cousin, if it wasn’t for worrying that someone would talk about Xiao Lu, I won’t care what the media reports.”

“But you’re worried about them talking about Xiao Lu,” Mu Qihua smiled, “So, you have to face the media honestly.”

He stood up from the sofa, smiled and said, “My descendants of the Mu family should be like you.” He was very fortunate that he had such a cousin, even though he was not named Mu, even though someone was instigating discord in front of him saying that Yan Mu would threaten his position in grandpa’s mind.

Those people would never understand that the most important thing in the Mu family was feelings.

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