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About Xiaoyu.

Xiaoyu was originally a cat in the software that Yu Mo gave to Chi Fang. After Yu Mo went to college, he optimized the software a lot. There were also more kittens who could only go to Chi Fang’s house to make trouble.

However, by the time of his sophomore year, Yu Mo had to close the software temporarily because he had to learn too much and had no time for maintenance.

At first, Chi Fang didn’t feel anything, but slowly Yu Mo spent less time with him. Every time he went back to the apartment alone, he would inevitably feel lonely.

Loneliness… Chi Fang stopped, couldn’t help but shake his head with a smile for a long time. In the previous life, he had lived alone in the Chi family’s villa for so long, but he didn’t feel lonely. Why was it just because Yu Mo was temporarily busy, he found it so difficult?

Sure enough, he was spoiled by Yu Mo.

Chi Fang sighed and continued to walk forward with the things in his hand. After walking a few steps, he heard a slight cry.

Meow… The sound was very small. If there were any cars on this road, Chi Fang wouldn’t have been able to hear it. Chi Fang stopped, hesitated, followed the sound and found a little guy behind the tires of a car.

The kitten looked very small, it was estimated that it had only been born for a month, and the blue film on its eyes had not fallen off. The body was so dirty, that all its fur was entangled together. As if feeling a strange breath, the cat cried with a hint of panic, hid behind the tire, but did not run.

It was estimated that he couldn’t run…

Chi Fang glanced around, but he didn’t see the mother cat. He hesitated and picked up the kitten from behind the tires.

He didn’t know if it was because the temperature on Chi Fang was warmer, but the kitten screamed twice, and finally succumbed to the warm temperature, buried its head in Chi Fang’s clothes, and stopped making a sound.

The corners of Chi Fang’s clothes were covered with a pile of dust.

After sighing, Chi Fang didn’t go back to the apartment, and went to the nearby pet hospital with the kitten. The doctor cleaned the kitten a bit first, and then performed a detailed examination of the kitten. In the middle of the examination, he fed the kitten a little goat’s milk.

The kitten didn’t know how long it had been since he had eaten something, so it would not let go of the syringe.

The cleaned kitten could finally be seen clearly, “Is this… a silver gradient?”

When Chi Fang and Yu Mo first started school, they both thought about raising a cat, but they never met one they liked. Coupled with the fact that two people were more concerned about fate, they had been dragging their feet. But Chi Fang was still fine after reading some common sense about raising cats, and he also had some understanding of the types of cats.

The doctor nodded and didn’t dared to feed the kitten too much. He touched its belly and took the syringe away. This caused the cat to meow tragically, but he didn’t mean to give him another bite.

Chi Fang went a little soft when he was called, and he reached out and touched the kitten’s head. The kitten sniffed on his fingers, and after a long while, he happily got down.

“It’s not a big problem, just needs a bath for deworming, do you want to adopt it?” the doctor asked. This boy didn’t look big, he was probably a college student, and the dormitory of the university basically won’t let any cats be kept as pets.

Chi Fang nodded, “I don’t live in school.”

“Then there is no problem. She is still young. You must pay attention to feeding her goat milk every day, just like I did just now. Try to make her lie on her stomach and face up. It’s easy to choke, and remember to get it vaccinated in a month,” the doctor told.

Chi Fang took note of everything one by one, while the kitten acted like a child. Seeing that the doctor didn’t intend to give it something delicious, he held Chi Fang’s fingers and sucked hard.

By the time Chi Fang walked out of the pet hospital, it was already dark. He guessed that Yu Mo’s work was not finished yet, Chi Fang glanced at his unmoving cell phone, and took the kitten back to the apartment.

The kitten was not afraid of new places. After being placed on the ground, he first raised his head and looked in the direction of Chi Fang. He staggered and walked to Chi Fang again, bowed his head and smelled him. After making sure that Chi Fang was still there, he turned around without hesitation, and then loaded into the cardboard box at the door.

Chi Fang:…

“Puff.” Chi Fang couldn’t help laughing. The cardboard box was empty and there was nothing inside. The kitten was hit by it and moved inside. After being hit, he couldn’t distinguish the north, south, east, and west, and stood dazedly.

It seemed that it still couldn’t let it run around on its own.

Chi Fang found a larger cardboard box, covered it with a spare quilt, and placed a litter box before putting the kitten in the box. The kitten was young and didn’t understand the concept of litter box, so he sniffed it blankly, found a warm place, and settled down.

Yu Mo had been busy until nine o’clock before he came out of the laboratory. He looked down at the phone and saw that he didn’t even have a message from Chi Fang. Yu Mo felt a little lost in his heart. In the past, if he was too late, Chi Fang would send him a message asking him where he was.

Was he angry…?

Yu Mo didn’t care about anything else, so he called Chi Fang first. The phone rang, and Chi Fang picked it up. His voice sounded lifeless, but it also seemed to have a hint of eagerness.

“What’s the matter?” Chi Fang asked.

Yu Mo choked and said in a low voice: “I…I have finished class.”

Chi Fang was taken aback for a moment, and looked up at the time, only to realize that it was already past nine o’clock. He sat up all of a sudden, rubbed his forehead, “This…I didn’t cook, should we go out to eat tonight?”

Yu Mo replied dully, and then he heard Chi Fang suddenly scream.

“Xiaoyu, let go.”

“??” Yu Mo’s face turned dark, “…who?”

Chi Fang didn’t notice Yu Mo’s tone. He just inadvertently dropped the headphone cable into the box. As a result, it was bitten by the little milk cat. Obviously, there were not many teeth, but the strength to bite something was not small, and Chi Fang was afraid of hurting it, so he didn’t dare to use any strength.

“Little fish…” Chi Fang replied casually, “You go there first, and I’ll be there soon.”

“No.” Yu Mo categorically said, “I’m coming home.”

Chi Fang was at a loss for a moment as he looked at the hung-up call, but soon his attention was drawn towards the cat. After Chi Fang coaxed softly for a long time, Little Milk Cat reluctantly let go, and Chi Fang took the opportunity to pull the earphones back.

“Not good at all.” Chi Fang rubbed the kitten’s head helplessly and looked up at the time. It took more than ten minutes to walk from Beijing University to the apartment, and Chi Fang wondered whether he should change his clothes.

His clothes were rubbed by the kitten, and there was dirt on him.

After teasing the kitten again, Chi Fang thought that there was no one at home anyway, so he stood up and took off his upper body clothes and threw it on the sofa. Turning around, he planned to go to the bedroom to change his clothes, when he heard someone open the door.

He looked up at the time, less than five minutes had passed since Yu Mo hung up the phone.

Chi Fang: …

Was this flying back?

Yu Mo opened the door with a cold face, and directly ran into Chi Fang with a slightly surprised look, and…

“You…” Yu Mo didn’t know what to say for a while.

Chi Fang lowered his head and glanced at himself, although they were already an old husband and wife pair, but… he still felt a little embarrassed. Yu Mo felt a little flustered, but on the surface, he was still very calm. He glanced at the living room to make sure that no one else was there, and he was a little relieved.

As for the inexplicable cardboard box at Chi Fang’s feet, it was directly ignored by Yu Mo.

“Why are you so fast?” Chi Fang didn’t notice what was wrong with Yu Mo and continued to plan to go to the bedroom to change clothes.

Yu Mo was flustered, and just about to ask about that Xiaoyu, when he heard a faint meow in the living room.

Yu Mo: ?

He lowered his head slightly, his gaze swept around, and landed on the cardboard box at Chi Fang’s foot. Chi Fang also lowered his head and didn’t know how the kitten jumped. Half of it was stuck on the edge of the carton. His short legs were pushing hard, and he was about to turn out of the carton.

Chi Fang hurriedly bent over and reached out to catch the kitten.

“Not obedient.” Chi Fang murmured, rubbing the kitten’s head. Seeing Yu Mo staring at the kitten in his hand, Chi Fang leaned over and put the kitten in his arms. “Look at Xiaoyu, I’ll change my clothes.”

Xiaoyu…? Yu Mo and the little kitten in his arms looked at each other for a long while, only to realize that Yu Mo had been eating its vinegar for a long time. In fact, it was just a little cat that hadn’t been weaned.

The kitten suddenly felt an unfamiliar breath and was a little uneasy, so he circled Yu Mo’s arms twice. Seeing that he was scared, Yu Mo hesitated like Chi Fang, and reached out to rub its head.

As a result…

Chi Fang changed his clothes and came out, and he saw Yu Mo’s expressionless face… No, he was talking to the kitten in his arms with gnashing teeth, “Let go!” The kitten had bit onto his finger and was calling vaguely. There was a second sound, and it did not sound at all afraid.

No one in the school dared to mess with the school grass, and now he was helpless against a little milk cat that was only one month old. This scene was so funny, Chi Fang couldn’t help but watch it quietly for a while before he walked out and took the kitten back from Yu Mo’s arms.

Smelling the familiar aura, the kitten lost its high attack power, and he squatted in Chi Fang’s arms.

When Yu Mo watched Chi Fang teasing the kitten, he suddenly felt a sense of crisis in his heart. Although this little fish was not a human, but… it seemed to be more threatening than humans?

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