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On the second day, Ji Yan quietly distributed the evidence in hand, and the relevant departments acted quickly, and went to the Tang Corporation for review one after another. As expected during this time, Tang Corporation’s hearts were fluctuating because of this, and after the news leaked to the outside world, the stock price also began to fall as expected.

At this time, Gu Chang’an and Zhuo Ji, the two good brothers who were in collusion, also began to attack Tang’s business. They not only attacked Tang’s business, but also took the opportunity to buy a large number of Tang’s shares in an attempt to shake up Tang’s equity. What’s worse, they also plotted against Tang’s important shareholders.

For a moment, Tang Corporation was thrown off its feet.

Father Tang and Tang Mi, who were guarding at the hospital, were shocked when they received the news. They hurried back to the Tang Corporation to preside over the overall situation, but the situation stirred up by Ji Yan was on the verge of getting out of control. Even Father Tang, who has been in the mall for many years, couldn’t control it for a while, but he could still see that this incident was deliberately done by someone to deal with the Tang Corporation, but he couldn’t figure out who had such a great ability to create this incident.

With the development of the situation, Tang Corporation’s situation became more and more serious. Father Tang and Tang Mi wanted to solve it as soon as possible, so they turned to the Ji family for help. The Ji group under Ji family was currently managed by Ji Shiyue and Yang Lan. Naturally, they would not ignore them, but when they were about to help the Tang family, Grandpa Ji suddenly called and gave an order: Don’t help the Tang family. If anyone helps, get out of the Ji family.

The Ji family was an industry founded by Grandma Ji, and it was the painstaking effort of Grandma Ji’s life. When Grandma Ji passed away, she gave the group to Grandpa Ji, and asked him to pass on the management of the Ji’s consortium to capable descendants in the future, otherwise she would rather he sell it.

Ji Weifeng was pursuing an official career. He was currently the Minister of National Security. Naturally, it was impossible for him to take over the Ji family, and Ji Yan, like Grandpa Ji, would be in the army for the rest of his life, so he couldn’t control the Ji family business. So in desperation, when Ji Weifeng proposed to hand over the Ji family to Ji Shiyue and Yang Lan, Grandpa Ji chose to turn a blind eye and let them go. The Ji family business had been taken care of by the mother and son for so many years, and the old man didn’t say much.

But this did not mean that the Ji family company belonged to Ji Shiyue and Yang Lan. The real master of the Ji family business was Grandpa Ji, who had the right to let anyone go. Therefore, after Grandpa Ji issued such an order, even if Yang Lan and Ji Shiyue disagreed, they had to obey. After all, they were not the head of the group.

The Ji family didn’t help, which made the Tang family even more flustered. Only then did the Tang family discover the clues of the person behind it, and immediately remembered Ji Yan.

Tang Mi’s complexion turned pale, and she looked at Father Tang angrily, “Dad, it must be done by Ji Yan, otherwise Grandpa Ji wouldn’t give an order not to let Shiyue help us, after all Grandpa Ji has always stood by Ji Yan.”

Father Tang also thought of this, but he still asked Ji Shiyue who was silent on the side as if confirming, “Shiyue, did your elder brother do this?”

Ji Shiyue had no expression on his face, and his tone did not reveal any emotions as he said, “Don’t guess, it’s him, others don’t have that much ability, and there’s no need to target us.” Although his big brother didn’t work hard in the mall, his ability in the mall was not weak at all, even he himself dare not say he was his opponent.

Father Tang suddenly became angry, “What the hell is he trying to do! Just because we want Tang Tang to donate a kidney to his mother, he did this? Is there any humanity left!”

Tang Mi also stood up from the chair angrily. “It’s too much! She didn’t want to save her mother, and now she’s harming her own family. Aren’t they afraid of being punished by God for doing this?”

“That wicked daughter! She shouldn’t have been born in the first place!” Father Tang was so angry that his chest heaved up and down. Seeing this, Tang Mi was so scared that she hurried to give him comfort, “Dad, don’t get excited, I’ll go find them to solve it now.”

After appeasing Father Tang, Tang Mi took Ji Shiyue to find Ji Yan and Tang Tang. On the way, Ji Shiyue didn’t say a word, appearing more and more silent.

Tang Mi noticed his strangeness, pulled his hand and asked, “What’s wrong with you, Shiyue? You seem unhappy, is it because grandpa prefers your elder brother to you?”

Ji Shiyue turned to look at her, then turned around and continue driving, and asked her after a while: “Mimi, why do you think grandpa doesn’t let Ji’s help you?”

Tang Mi paused, and looked at him inquisitively, “What else could be the reason, it’s because it’s your elder brother’s idea, your elder brother doesn’t want Tang Tang to save her mother.”

Ji Shiyue frowned slightly because of this answer, “Do you think Grandpa is a person who can’t distinguish between right and wrong? If my elder brother really did something wrong, will he let my elder brother do whatever he wants?”

“You——” Tang Mi’s expression changed, “Shiyue, what do you want to say? Your emotions are not right, what’s the matter?”

“Mimi, don’t you think it’s a bit too much for you to force Tang Tang to do a kidney transplant?”

“What! What are you talking about, Shiyue!” Tang Mi couldn’t believe it. Looking at him with wide eyes, she said, “You say we are going too far? What do you mean! Is it wrong for us to want to save my mother? My mother is also your mother. Don’t you want to save her?”

“Why won’t I? If I didn’t want to save her, I won’t be looking for kidney sources everywhere!” Ji Shiyue’s hand holding the steering wheel gradually turned white, “But donating a kidney is voluntary, how can you force someone if they don’t want it? Is it okay to kneel down in public and force them?”

“But even if she doesn’t want her mother to be saved, how can I watch my mother die? And that is Tang Tang’s own mother, how can she refuse to save her own mother? Don’t you think it’s her who’s being too much?”

Seeing her so excited, Ji Shiyue took a deep breath and tried to communicate with her calmly: “But Mom and Dad treat you very differently from her, everything in the Tang family should belong to her, but in fact it is all yours. In the end, her parents kicked her out of the Tang family because of you. You are the daughter of the Tang family in the true sense. Do you think it is fair to force her to bear the responsibility of the daughter of the Tang family? What would you do if it were you?”

Tang Mi couldn’t say that what he said was wrong, so she bit her lower lip and turned her head away not wanting to look at him. After a while, she said: “It’s her own fault, if she didn’t try to destroy our relationship again and again, would my parents drive her away?”

“Tang Mi, if you did something wrong, would your parents kick you out of the house?” Ji Shiyue really couldn’t stand her deceiving herself like this, “When did your parents punish you for something wrong? At most it’s just scolding you with a few words, this is different treatment, if you were Tang Tang, would you have no grievances?”

Tang Mi was blocked and had nothing to say, so she became furious, “Even if this is the case, she will really let my mother die. Is a human life worth those petty things?”

“But the doctor said that the chance of a successful operation is only half. The body will also be affected, and she will not be able to have children.”

“Then you mean to watch my mother die?” Tang Mi was anxious and lost her temper, “Ji Shiyue, what do you mean now! Do you feel sorry for her? Do you regret not choosing her? Then go find her!”

“Tang Mi!” Ji Shiyue turned the steering wheel and stopped the car on the side of the road, with anger in his eyes, “Don’t make trouble for no reason!”

Looking at him being really angry, Tang Mi moved closer to him and hugged him, “I’m sorry Shiyue, don’t be angry with me, I’m just too anxious, I don’t think so in my heart, I know I’m selfish, but there’s nothing I can do about it, I really don’t want my mother to leave us, even if it’s only three years, I want to fight for her, I know it’s unfair to Tang Tang, but I can compensate her, I can give her a lot of money.”

Ji Shiyue sighed in his heart, Tang Tang had Ji Yan, and the wealth of Ji Yan was no less than that of Tang family, so people didn’t care about Tang’s money at all now, but Tang Mi couldn’t listen to what he said.

It seemed that only after she had really seen the means of Ji Yan would she know how to be afraid.

Ji Shiyue felt tired, restarted the car and started driving without saying a word.

The two of them arrived outside the courtyard of the military family members, but the guard still wouldn’t let them in. The two of them waited from noon to early morning and still didn’t find anyone. Finally, Tang Mi’s body couldn’t take it anymore, and she had to go home.

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