CRA Ch. 95

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On the quiet and deserted planet, there was no beautiful night sky dotted with stars, and the surrounding scenes were not beautiful at all.

The sky was dark, and there were severely damaged ruins all around.

But under such a scene of destruction, the scene of a young human being surrounded by a nox with his tail and cuddled in his arms was still warm.

Human beings had the habit of putting rings on people they liked. After understanding this, Ya Yi made the move just now.

Xie Luan was still a little stunned. The ring that would automatically adjust to the size according to the wearer had been properly fitted on his finger, just like it was tailor-made, for right there.

“Now does A Luan belong to me?” He didn’t know how the human race determined belonging. Ya Yi, who was enclosing the youth with his tail, did not move his eyes at all. There was something in the vertical pupil that was docilely aimed only at a specific object.

The cold-textured voice was low and deep, and the intonation was gentle.

This was an ordinary question, and this Nox simply wanted to confirm the answer to this question.

Xie Luan choked, the ring on his ring finger seemed to have its own heat and seeing the meekness and eagerness under the cold eyebrows of Nox nearby, Xie Luan couldn’t resist and nodded.

Looking down at the ring on the ring finger of his left hand, Xie Luan didn’t know how the Nox could select the right finger so accurately. According to their human tradition, they put the ring on the ring finger of the left hand. The above had an important meaning different from other fingers.

In fact, Ya Yi chose it unintentionally. He only knew that humans had the habit of giving a ring to their partner and did not know the significance of wearing the ring in different positions.

But it just so happened that he chose the most meaningful ring finger.

Seeing the youth nod slightly, Ya Yi unconsciously tightened his silver tail around the former, but at this moment he remembered one more thing and had to loosen the tail temporarily again.

When humans made their partner wear the rings, they would also do a ritual.

According to some known knowledge, the Nox knelt down on one knee to the young man in front of him and caught the young man’s left hand with the ring on it.

Although he also didn’t know the meaning of this ritual, Ya Yi did it anyway, and the silver tail behind him also became slightly drooping at this time. It looked like a dangerous beast had actively suppressed all its aggressiveness and become extraordinarily docile.

Having received the response from the youth, Ya Yi lowered his head and gently pecked and kissed the finger of the young man who was wearing the ring. The thin lips touched the warm fingertips, and a small piece was inserted, leaving a little moisture on the top.

The finger was held, even though it was only a small part of the fingertip, it was enough to make Xie Luan shake his body slightly.

“I belong to you.” Looking at the young man, Ya Yi whispered these words after him.

The tone of the voice had not changed, it was still a cold, low and slow voice, but this sentence was not something that could be said casually in the Nox race.

Xie Luan couldn’t help but be speechless for a while because of the action of Nox kneeling down on one knee.

This order was wrong, right- but anyway, the Nox expressed the same thing to him. Xie Luan touched the ring on his left hand and reached out to touch the long silver hair in response.

If the other party thought that in the human race, being willing to wear the ring was to admit the relationship, Xie Luan was a little curious, then in the Nox race, what was the equivalent action?

He unknowingly said what he was thinking, and when he realized it, there was already a silver tail in front of Xie Luan’s eyes. This tail converged to a dangerous aggressiveness and stopped quietly when he encountered its destination.

“…” Slightly opening his eyes, Xie Luan realized one thing in hindsight.

It had long been felt that the tail of the Nox race should be a part that can only be touched by people close to him, but Xie Luan never thought that the scope of “close relationship” would be limited to his partner— then he had touched it so many times before. Was this considered acting as a hooligan?

After thinking for a few seconds, he chose to give up thinking about this issue. Xie Luan turned his head slightly and coughed, then twisted his head back. This time he reached out and touched the silver tail under the premise of understanding the meaning.

To add a longer-lasting breath mark to the youth, when he had this idea last time, Ya Yi’s desire was relieved in the warm and delicate palm of the youth. Now he had the same idea because of his identity, but the Nox also knew that this was the wrong occasion.

Not in this kind of place.

In the end, he only patiently encircled his treasure, and then Ya Yi lowered his head and gently touched his thin lips on the young man’s cheek.

It was a very happy feeling.

When he touched the young man’s cheek, he narrowed his pupils slightly. After the kiss, the Nox hummed.

When the two returned to the Yunbao Branch, only a few days later, everyone in the branch was vaguely aware that there seemed to be a subtle change in their relationship.

It seemed to have become clearer than before.

They didn’t know if the Nox has eaten their president or not. The people who noticed did not speak, but he couldn’t help but think about this question with curiosity.

The human race and Nox…

They thought the youth would have it very hard no matter how you thought about it.

The weekend was the day when parents come to the club to visit the cub or take the cub home. On this weekend, the parents of a cub came to the Yunbao branch.

They were the parents of the Moyu cub.

The Moyu tribe was a race in humanoid form. Both men and women generally had a burlier body shape than other races. The minimum height was 2.3 meters. At this time, Xie Luan was in front of two very tall people.

Hearing Xia Qi say that the parents of the Moyu cub were here, Xie Luan went to the indoor pool and picked up the small tortoise-like Moyu cub from the pool.

“Baby will come back to play with Gale again later, your parents are here today.” Xie Luan wrapped the Moyu cub in a soft towel to dry the water on his body and said this warmly.

This Moyu cub was chasing and playing with the little mermaid in the pool just now, and they were judging who was swimming faster in the game, but the little game was interrupted by Xie Luan.

“Papa~” in a slight tone of voice, he called out the young man in front of his eyes. The little mermaid with short light gold hair turned his gaze slightly to look at the Moyu cub who was held in his arms by the young man, and then said two repeated monophonic sounds, “Toto.”

Because they didn’t like walking on land and were a race that preferred water, this Moyu cub spent most of the day in indoor pools or ocean simulation hall with the mermaid cub. Of course, the cubs would spend more time with each other.

Thus, the relationship between the two cubs was better, and the little mermaid could now call out the name of the Moyu cub.

Except for Xie Luan, this was a rare name this little mermaid could say.

Xie Luan knelt down and touched the soft blond hair of the little mermaid. He quickly saw that the little mermaid cub swayed its small fish tail under the water a few times. The little mermaid had originally grabbed his trouser legs. After he touched his head, he let go of it obediently.

“I’ll come back later.” Speaking slowly, Xie Luan waited until the little mermaid shook his tail fin twice before holding the Moyu cub and walked to the living room.

Being hugged by Xie Luan, the little tortoise-like Moyu cub groaned as soon as he saw his parents, and the pointed tail behind him began to waver.

When Xie Luan saw the cub’s appearance, he couldn’t help but bend his eyes slightly. He carried the cub into the arms of one of the parents in front.

Seeing the cub at home, the expressions of the two parents were obviously softened, and the Moyu cub was held in the arms of his mother, and the pointed tail behind him was shaking so hard that he could not ignore it.

Obviously, what the Moyu cub was expressing was a kind of happy emotion. The cub was so happy to see the parents. The parents obviously loved the cub.

The expressions of the two parents facing the cub were very soft. When they raised their heads and talked about business with Xie Luan, the expressions on their faces showed some worries.

Because the Moyu race was known for its strong defensive power, and the race itself was proud of it, cubs would, without exception, learn training related to becoming forward shield soldiers if they were to be admitted into the military academy after they reach adulthood.

But before reaching adulthood, the Moyu race would give the cubs a corresponding qualification assessment to determine whether the cub would be eligible for the military academy in the future.

There were five opportunities for qualification assessment, and you could pass it just once.

But the cub in their family had tried twice and failed. It could be seen that the cub seemed to be somewhat resistant to the assessment, so the two parents hesitated whether to let the cub take part in the test of the most recent month.

Unable to make up their minds, the two told Xie Luan about this matter, wanting to listen to suggestions.

“Actually, it doesn’t matter if we don’t think it can pass, it’s just…” The Moyu woman holding the cub first said their thoughts, but at the end of the sentence, she hesitated and stopped.

Even if the cub did not have excellent aptitude and the talent was ordinary, they still loved this cub.

It was just that many cubs in the race grow up proud of being an excellent forward shield soldier. The two parents didn’t know if the cub in their family would have this idea when it grew up. They were afraid that it would blame them for not letting him try harder.

The two parents organized a few words to express the above thoughts. After listening to the two of them, Xie Luan looked down at the Moyu cub who was put in his arms by the parents again, and said, “You can try again. “

Touching the hard back shell, Xie Luan saw the Moyu cub raising his head and wagging his tail at him, and grunting.

Try again this time, Xie Luan was not concerned about the result.

This cub was loved even if it had no outstanding talents.

If there were cubs with excellent qualifications, then there will also be cubs with ordinary qualifications. No matter which type they were, they were worthy of care.

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