CRA Ch. 96

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This round of aptitude assessment was at the end of this month. After the two parents left, Xie Luan held the Moyu cub in his arms a little higher and looked at the cub who was gently wagging his tail. Then he said warmly: “The little test at the end of the month, the baby will go to participate again, this is the last time.”

After hearing the parents say that the cub was a little bit reluctant to participate in the test, Xie Luan deliberately softened her tone at this time. He also stretched out a finger to tap the cub’s head that was raised to him.

After saying this, Xie Luan saw that the swaying tail of the Moyu cub stopped, but quickly started shaking again.

Hearing the cub’s humming sound, Xie Luan lifted the cub from his arms, and when Xie Luan raised it with both hands, the Moyu cub’s humming sound became clearer. After a little bit, the four short legs were all stroking in the air.

Although he didn’t like to participate in the test, hearing the young person’s comfort and the experience of being lifted up high made the Moyu cub choose to be obedient.

After allowing the cub to kick in the air for a while, Xie Luan took the Moyu cub back in his arms and, as he had promised before, carried the cub and walked back to the indoor pool.

Before putting the Moyu cub he was holding into the pool, Xie Luan lowered his head and said to the cub: “To be able to deal with the test normally, Toto will start walking in the hall tomorrow.”

Xie Luan did not forget the cub. The cub’s walking was a bit unstable, and the balance was a little worse.

Through some arrangements, this small shortcoming could naturally get better as the cub grew up. Originally, Xie Luan didn’t want to rush the other party to correct it, but now he had to put it on the agenda.

The content of the qualification assessment had nothing to do with the cub’s walking stably. The test was about talent, but Xie Luan imagined the scene of the Moyu cub accidentally turning over during the test, and quickly made this decision.

The Moyu cub made a very low hum but didn’t want to do this. Xie Luan touched his back and he settled down.

On the next day, Xie Luan carried the Moyu cub to the hall as he had said, together with the little mermaid nestling in his arms and wagging his tail fin.

Looking for something that could allow the little mermaid to sit on, Xie Luan put down the Moyu cub not far away, and then Xie Luan walked back to the little mermaid.

The other cubs in the hall gradually approached Xie Luan. After a while, Xie Luan was surrounded by a lot of cubs, and the Moyu cub who was put down not far away was still standing there.


The light red cub who flew on Xie Luan’s head looked at the Moyu cub with smoky eyes and made two clear chirps.

Xie Luan stroked the little fat cub who was gently stepping on his hair with two small paws, lowered his head and looked at the little fat cub who was tilting his head, Xie Luan raised his hand and touched the little wings of the cub, “Toto wants to practice walking, just like Pepe used to learn to fly.”

“Tweet!” In response, this downy plump light red little bird fluttered its wings and flew not far away. He came to stand beside the Moyu cub like a round little chicken cub.

Because he thought of being accompanied when he was learning to fly, this kuhti cub now wanted to do it the other way around, and the other two chubby cubs who had a good relationship with this cub also flew towards them in a few seconds.

Watched by so many eyes, the Moyu cub stopped not far away like a tortoise, looking at the closest person present, and wanted to get closer to Xie Luan.

The distance Xie Luan chose for the Moyu cub was not far. He sat down cross-legged and stretched out his hands to the cub, “Baby walk slowly.” It was not a shame to practice walking. It was just that the walking of the Moyu cub was a little bit unstable now, and it was easy to turn over.

Although Xie Luan said slower, the Moyu cub did not slow down. First, he shook the small, pointed tail behind him to the speaking youth, and then he strode over towards him.

The three fluffy little cubs next to him didn’t flap their wings at this moment, but they stepped on the soft blanket in the hall with two small paws, raised their paws and walked forward with the Moyu cub.

Because of the fast walking, this Moyu cub who was very close to Xie Luan suddenly turned around on its shell, and was now kicking its four small, short legs upwards.

“Tweet, twee—”

Seeing the Moyu cub turned on its shell, the three little chubby cubs who were walking next to him tweeted to Xie Luan immediately.

But instead of Xie Luan’s rescue, Xie Luan rubbed the soft blond hair of the mermaid cub next to him, and the little mermaid knew what to do.

“Toto.” Calling the name of the Moyu cub with a clear voice, the little mermaid reached out and turned the Moyu cub back to the front like a turtle with its shell turned over.

Being watched by the onlookers when he fell and turned his shell, the Moyu cub was a little hesitant but there was no ridicule in the gazes around him. After turning back to the front, the Moyu cub approached Xie Luan according to the original route.

The remaining few steps he did not fall, the Moyu cub successfully walked to Xie Luan and shook the pointed tail behind him as if he wanted to be praised by the youth.

Xie Luan picked up the Moyu cub and placed it on his lap, then he placed the palm of his right hand on the cub’s hard back, and said patiently, “Toto will walk slowly. This way you can feel more clearly that you won’t fall when you walk.”

The sense of balance was a feeling, not a physical problem. This cub could always grasp it if he was patient. Xie Luan was not worried about the result.

However, looking around the other cubs who seemed to want to help Toto, especially the three little fat cubs crouching nearby, Xie Luan’s expression couldn’t help but soften.

“You can accompany Toto more these days, it needs your help very much.” Xie Luan said to the other cubs.

“Tweet!” The cubs all reacted, and the three chubby crouching cubs squatted their bodies to Xie Luan in a very consistent manner and yelled twice very clearly.

So, in the following time, not only the caretakers in the branch took turns to accompany the Moyu cub to practice, other cubs also helped. Every time the Moyu cub accidentally turned on its shell, other cubs would come close and turn him back to the front.

When it was the day to participate in the qualification assessment, Xie Luan took the Moyu cub out alone, because this trip could be completed in one day. This time, the nox finally reluctantly stayed in the Yunbao Branch to wait for him to come back.

The planet where the Moyu tribe lived was not far from Gaia. When Xie Luan arrived at the waiting area of the test site with the cub, Xie Luan was a bit surprised by the large number of people present.

The tests were conducted in batches, and there were so many people in a batch.

Xie Luan learned on the Star Network that the Moyu clan was keen on military development, and it seemed to be a matter of course for the cubs of the Moyu clan to be admitted to the military academy after they grew up. This was the influence of the overall atmosphere of the race.

Many cubs didn’t think about when they grow up, even when they were cubs, they wanted to be an excellent fighter in the future. In the waiting area, Xie Luan could see many cubs held in the arms of their parents. Their little tails were wagging, as if they were very happy and looking forward to the qualification assessment.

Xie Luan looked down at the Moyu cub who was not wagging his tail in his arms. He raised his hand to touch the cub’s back shell: “Do you not want to be a powerful warrior in the future?”

In the present peaceful era, being a good warrior did not mean going to the battlefield. Many cubs of the Moyu clan would still be proud of being a warrior even without it.

When asked this question by the youth, the Moyu cub raised his head and grunted to Xie Luan very lowly. The pointy tail behind him shook with the grunt, and quickly stopped moving.

In fact, he still thought about it, but the cub remembered that he had failed the two qualification assessments, so he didn’t want to think about it again.

Qualification assessment was to assess talents. This Xie Luan didn’t have a way to make this Moyu cub pass, but he softly said at this moment: “If you want to, then this is not the last time we are here. There are two more opportunities in the future, and you can wait a few years to come.”

Generally, the cubs of the Moyu tribe completed their qualification assessment within three years of age, but this was not a hard and fast rule.

The cub in Xie Luan’s arms was almost two years old. If it failed this time, it won’t be a violation of the rules to come back when he grew up and his aptitude was stimulated.

“And ……” Seeing the cubs in his arms shake its little tail again, Xie Luan’s eyes hung a smile. “To be a powerful warrior, you don’t have to be a forward shield soldier. There are many other ways.”

The cub’s whine became clear, the Moyu cub buried his head in Xie Luan’s arms, and the small, pointed tail was wagging behind him, just like the other cubs of the same race present.

They waited for their serial number, while Xie Luan got the number plate in the middle.

The time required for qualification assessment was very short, and it didn’t take long for Xie Luan’s number to be called.

“Go.” The adults were not allowed to accompany, Xie Luan gently put down the Moyu cub he was holding at the entrance of the test room.

The frequency of the little tail’s wagging increased slightly, and the Moyu cub waited for Xie Luan to touch its back and walked inside obediently.

Xie Luan detoured to the exit position and waited. No matter what the result was, he would praise the cub when he arrived.

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