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Two hours later, the three men passed out drunk in the private room and were completely unable to drive back by themselves. The bar manager had to help them contact their families to pick them up.

Gu Chang’an pushed away the manager’s hand drunkenly and said with his swollen tongue: “Don’t look for people randomly, I want to find my wife, I want my family’s Ji Yue to pick me up.”

The manager responded with good temper and helped him dial Ji Yue’s number on the mobile phone, seeing that Gu Chang’an was unable to speak, he explained the situation to Ji Yue on the other side, Ji Yue on the phone was silent for a few seconds after listening, then the next moment, she suddenly roared like a lion, “Gu Chang’an, go to hell! Do you know how far you are from me now? Do you know that it’s almost dawn and you want me to come now? You can just sleep on the road!”

After finishing speaking, “crack” the phone was hung up.

Gu Chang’an was taken aback by the yelling, snorted for a second, looked at the hung up phone pitifully, and silently walked to Zhuo Ji’s side to lean on him, “Brother, I married a tigress, I can’t go back tonight. Now, you can’t leave me.”

Zhuo Ji, who was barely awake, patted his dog’s head, “It is all on Ji Yan now, I also have no one to pick me up, so we all have to rely on Ji Yan.”

As soon as Gu Chang’an heard this, he immediately moved to Ji Yan, hugged him and did not let go, “Yanyan, the two elder brothers will be taken in by you tonight.”

Even though Ji Yan was dizzy, he was disgusted by him, and pushed his dog’s head away. Only then did he take out his mobile phone, and after struggling to find Tang Tang’s number, he called her.

Tang Tang was anxiously waiting for him to come back at home. As soon as she received his call, she immediately picked up, “Husband, why haven’t you come back yet? Did you have dinner at night? Where are you?”

Ji Yan laughed, his voice was very sweet as he said, “Tang Tang, I drank too much, can you come and pick me up?”

Hearing that he drank too much, Tang Tang became even more anxious, “How are you, husband? Are you uncomfortable? Don’t be afraid, I’ll come to pick you up right away, tell me where you are.”

“Okay, let Dong Li bring you here, you can’t come alone, be careful, don’t worry.”

The bar manager was close, and he listened to the conversation between Tang Tang and Ji Yan completely. He felt envious in his heart, God, why was the wife married by this man so good, the voice was so worried and gentle, and she even asked the drunk man not to be afraid, how much must she love her husband, could God let him find another woman like this.

The three men sat in the private box as they waited for someone to pick them up. Then they got bored waiting and finished a few more bottles of wine. So, when Tang Tang came to pick them up, what she saw were three men who could not even move.

Tang Tang was worried. Fortunately, when she came, she not only called Dong Li, but also called Zhang Cheng. Otherwise, how could she be able to move three men with just her alone.

After paying the bill, Dong Li went to help Gu Chang’an, Zhang Cheng went to help Zhuo Ji, while Tang Tang helped Ji Yan, and the three of them got the three drunks into the car.

Ji Yan could still recognize Tang Tang, so he smiled and hugged her into his arms, his lips kept rubbing on her cheeks and forehead, and he murmured while rubbing, “wife, daughter-in-law, baby” in front of so many people in the car.

Tang Tang’s face was so red that it was about to bleed, and she covered his mouth and coaxed: “I’m here, stop screaming, we’re almost home, can you sleep for a while?”

Having his mouth covered by her, he was not in a hurry, but stuck out his tongue and licked her palm, making her feel numb all over, and subconsciously let him go.

The mouth was released, and Ji Yan came up again, buried his face in her neck, and sprayed his breath on her skin, making her whole body feel hot.

Tang Tang really saw what it was like for Ji Yan to be drunk. She used to think that he would be very honest when he was drunk, but now she knew that he hadn’t drunk enough in front of her.

She brought the three people back, the rooms at home were not enough, so Tang Tang had to go to the guest house to open a standard room and let Gu Chang’an and Zhuo Ji live there, but she was afraid that something would happen to them, so she asked Dong Li to accompany them here, Dong Li agreed without saying a word.

Zhang Cheng helped Tang Tang get Ji Yan back home and did not leave until Ji Yan was laid down safely.

Tang Tang sent Zhang Cheng out of the door, turned around and went to the bathroom to get a basin of warm water and came out to scrub Ji Yan. Ji Yan felt too hot, so he took off his clothes in the process of wiping, and let her wipe it carelessly, making her whole body become flushed during the process, while the part under his body was standing especially upright, so she didn’t know how to deal with it.

After finally cleaning up the drunk man, Tang Tang was dragged onto the bed by Ji Yan before Tang Tang had time to clean herself up and made to lay in his arms all at once.

“Husband, what are you doing? Be good, let me go, okay? I haven’t cleaned up yet.” Tang Tang pushed him carefully, but she was not as strong as him, and she couldn’t push him away. Instead, she was sweating and tired, it was too bad.

Ji Yan began to kiss her neck carefully, whispering softly while kissing, “Tang Tang, wife, don’t worry, no one can bully you, I will protect you, you are nothing in the eyes of others, but you are the treasure in my heart, a priceless treasure!”

Tang Tang stopped suddenly, and her heart seemed to have fallen into a honeypot, so sweet that she wanted to cry, this was the first time she heard someone say that to her, even her nanny didn’t say that. Although she loved her very much, she was not a person who liked to express her feelings. So, she had never expressed these words before.

She was his baby, a priceless treasure.

Tang Tang’s eyes turned red.

“Baby don’t cry.” Ji Yan kissed her eyes, “Don’t be afraid, the Tang family can’t hurt you, no one can hurt you, I will solve it.”

Tang Tang nodded, “Well! Husband, I know you will protect me, I’m not afraid at all.”

Ji Yan smiled, kissed her forehead, and fell asleep peacefully.

Seeing this, Tang Tang also imitated him and kissed his forehead like that, and whispered in his ear: “Husband, you and the baby are also priceless treasures in my heart.”

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