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Tang Tang woke up the next day and was driven by Ji Yan to the hospital for a comprehensive examination, and the results of the examination were exactly the same as the report brought by Tang Mi, that was to say, the report in Tang Mi’s hand was real.

Looking at the inspection report, Tang Tang couldn’t help panicking, and grab the sleeve of Ji Yan nervously, “Husband, it seems that Tang Mi’s report is true, but where did it come from? I haven’t even been to the hospital for an examination.” Who on earth was so terrifying, who could obtain her body data without anyone noticing?

“Don’t be afraid, I’m here.” Ji Yan patted her on the head and said softly: “It’s true that you haven’t gone to the hospital for this kind of examination, but maybe you have done other examinations.”

“Huh? But I have not done other examinations as well, and I have never felt sick, except that time when I–” Tang Tang stopped suddenly when she said this, and suddenly remembered her car accident some time ago, which was the only time she was admitted to the hospital and had a physical examination, could it be that…?

Tang Tang’s face changed, “Husband, I remembered that I had a car accident with Ji Yue last time and went to the hospital for an examination. When I woke up, the examination was over, I I don’t know what tests the doctor did, do you think it will be that time?”

Ji Yan was not surprised at what Tang Tang said, because he had thought of it before her. Pressing her head and putting it on his shoulder, he didn’t let her see his gloomy expression at the moment, “It’s okay, I’ll investigate this matter, don’t take it to heart, whether you have this report or not, nothing will happen to you, I promise.”

Tang Tang knew that she couldn’t help, so she had no other choice but to not hold him back, and gave a low “um”, barely suppressing the panic in her heart.

After this day, Ji Yan ended the leisure days of recuperating at home all day, and began to get busy, going out at dawn every day, and coming back after dark, making the two children always follow Tang Tang to ask her where he had gone.

Tang Tang had no choice but to say that he was going to work. In fact, she knew in her heart that he must be going to investigate the report and solve the Tang family’s affairs.

Ji Yan was indeed investigating the report. He started with the doctors and nurses who checked Tang Tang that day, and secretly investigated all the medical staff who had been in contact with Tang Tang’s treatment, but nothing was found. Everyone seemed to have nothing to do with it and no motive at all. But Ji Yan didn’t believe in such a result, he believed that the answer was definitely here, there must be something he hadn’t investigated yet.

So, Ji Yan had to find a brother who used to be a soldier and later transferred to the private security business. This person was best at investigation and tracking, and his hacking skills were also very good. Everyone said that even if he was not a soldier, if he went out to be a private detective, he could get rich by catching mistresses for rich ladies. Of course, this was just a joke, but there was no doubt that his investigative skills were indeed very high.

This good brother agreed without saying a word and let Ji Yan wait for his news with peace of mind.

Ji Yan believed in his ability, and that sooner or later there would be a result after this matter was entrusted to him, so then there was only one thing left to solve.

Ji Yan invited Gu Chang’an and Zhuo Ji out, and the three men sat in the private room of the bar and clinked glasses.

Gu Chang’an took a sip of his wine, looked at the crazy dance floor downstairs, and suddenly felt infinitely emotional, “We haven’t drunk together alone like this for many years, right? Suddenly it seems that we have returned to our student days.”

Zhuo Ji smiled while pointing at him, “Is it not because of you, you who has harmed Ji Yue since you were in high school, after that when did you go out to play without Ji Yue? Since then, there have been women in our brothers’ gatherings.”

Gu Chang’an chuckled without feeling guilty at all. On the contrary, he was very proud, “Who made me have a wife? Single people can’t understand my mood.”

Gu Chang’an pointed to Ji Yan, who was drinking silently, “Isn’t Ji Yan now the same? Look at him and his baby Tang Tang, besides training for tasks, he always takes her with him wherever he goes.”

Ji Yan took a sip of wine and said, “Because I’m a good man.”

“Damn, you’re even more shameless than me! Submit!” Gu Chang’an held the wine glass and drank a glass with Ji Yan to express his admiration.

The three of them had a good drink and waited until they had had enough before talking about business.

Gu Chang’an was the first to ask: “Yan, did you have something to do with us today? Just tell us.”

Ji Yan was not the kind of person who would be polite to them. He took out his mobile phone and opened the mailbox of his mobile phone. There was an email in it, which was the information sent to him by Sun Yi not long ago. This was exactly the tax and financial loopholes of the Tang Group that he had asked him to investigate.

Tang Group was huge in scale, with tens of thousands of employees. For such a large enterprise, financial problems would naturally be a big problem. The capital chain was huge and complicated, and a single move could affect the whole body. It was impossible for such a huge group to have no problems at all. On the contrary, the problems would not be small either. Because of how deep the water was, the problems would be big, and knowing that Tang Group’s water couldn’t be shallow, it all depended on whether one had the ability to find the problem out.

Gu Chang’an and Zhuo Ji looked at the data inside, then they both looked at Ji Yan in surprise, while Gu Chang’an patted the shoulder of Ji Yan directly, “Okay you, this can also be found by you, what do you think of our boy? Isn’t he so awesome? Fortunately, we have a good relationship, otherwise we might be investigated by this kid at any time.”

Zhuo Ji took a sip of wine, pointed at Ji Yan and said with a smile: “When it comes to cheating people behind the scenes, Ji Yan and Yuen Long are definitely the boss, the two of them usually wear military uniforms and look very upright, but when they want to cheat others, the other party will definitely not be able to run away.”

Gu Chang’an agreed with this very much, “Yes, yes! These two of them are typical beasts, do you still remember, when we were in school, if we got into any trouble, the adults and teachers always thought we must have done it, my old man even chased me and beat me every day, in fact, when Ji Yan and Yuen Long, who were seen as better were much worse than us? I don’t even know how much blame I’ve borne for them!”

Ji Yan also remembered the time when they were young and couldn’t help laughing. At that time, because he and Yuen Long had good grades, and they seemed like good students, the teachers never expected them to fight and do bad things. Gu Chang’an did bear the blame for them a lot.

“Come on, I apologize for what I have done.” Ji Yan touched Gu Chang’an’s glass.

Gu Chang’an raised his head, took a sip, and said with a smile, “Tell us, why do you want to attack the Tang family? How did they offend you?”

Ji Yan did not hide it and told them about the Tang family’s repeated visits to Tang Tang. Both Gu Chang’an and Zhuo Ji already knew of Tang Tang’s earlier experience, so they frowned after listening.

Gu Chang’an was indignant, “Although Tang Tang was quite a mess before, I have to say that she is indeed quite pitiful. After eighteen years of suffering, she finally found her biological parents. But the Tang family still treated her like that. Then they didn’t give her a dime of the property, and even drove her out of the house and ignored her from then on. Now that they need her, they came to ask. The key is that are they sincerely asking for help? They are too thick-skinned, if Ji Yue had encountered such a thing, I would be so angry.”

“If you are eager to save your relatives, you will grasp at all straws, and I understand that.” Zhuo Ji understood that the Tang family was eager to save people, but he still stood on Ji Yan’s side, “Although, it is said that a person can live with one kidney, but the burden on the body in the future would be great, and the chance of problems happening will also increase greatly. No one can guarantee 100% health. The life expectancy of people with poor physique would also be affected, especially women. With one kidney, she can’t get pregnant again as well, otherwise the risk is very high.” With the Tang family’s attitude towards Tang Tang, it was not worth her taking such a risk.

Gu Chang’an gritted his teeth, “The key is that the success rate of the operation is only 50%, and even if it succeeds, she will not survive more than three years. Is it really worth letting their healthy daughter take this risk under such circumstances? If you are not vicious, you may not be able to live for three years after surgery with such a disease, but you may be able to live for a period of time without surgery and rely on medical means to maintain it, so why sacrifice a healthy person? This family doesn’t think about Tang Tang at all.”

Ji Yan took out a cigarette and lit it, silently exhaling a smoke ring.

Both Gu Chang’an and Zhuo Ji understood why Ji Yan made such a move, it was his wife so he felt sorry for her, if they were in his place, they would have also dealt with the Tang family.

Zhuo Ji immediately understood the real purpose behind the series of actions done by Ji Yan, “So you want to use what you have in hand to cause trouble for the Tang family, and let them choose between Tang Group and their relative?”

“Yes.” Ji Yan responded, then he said, “I want to see if Mother Tang is really that important in their hearts. I don’t know if they will choose their relative in front of Tang Group. If they insist, then I will give them this kidney for free. It’s up to them to decide.”

Gu Chang’an and Zhuo Ji looked at each other, the soles of their feet feeling cold, what the hell, Ji Yan was really cruel, such a choice was really embarrassing.

However, as good brothers who would definitely come forward to hand over the knife for a fight, they unconditionally supported him. Both Gu Chang’an and Zhuo Ji said: “Tell me, what can we do for you?”

Ji Yan was also not polite, “I need you to add a few fires when Tang Shi’s stocks are in turmoil, so that Tang Shi’s troubles will be a little hotter.”

The two agreed without hesitation, “Okay, we guarantee you will be satisfied.”

Ji Yan opened another bottle of wine, served the two of them, and toasted them, “Brother, thank you.”

Gu Chang’an was happy, and slapped his thigh, “Hey, it’s rare to hear you call me brother, so I’ll call you brother, the three of us will drink together today. You can’t go home until you’re drunk!”

Zhuo Ji asked with a smile: “If you’re drunk, aren’t you afraid that Ji Yue will punish you to kneel on the washboard?”

“Do you think I’m afraid!” Gu Chang’an raised his head and drank a glass, looking unconvinced, “I’ve knelt on the washboard a lot, so I’m not afraid at all, okay?”

Ji Yan and Zhuo Ji laughed.

“How is it? Coming or not? Ji Yan, don’t tell me that you are also afraid of your wife?” Gu Chang’an deliberately provoked.

Ji Yan smiled very awkwardly, “Do you think if I get drunk, Tang Tang will punish me?”

Gu Chang’an thought of Tang Tang’s behavior towards her husband, and instantly became jealous. If Ji Yan was drunk, don’t talk about punishing, Tang Tang would absolutely be distressed like something had happened to her beloved husband. Why couldn’t his Ji Yue be a little gentler to him like Tang Tang? He felt jealous.

It was really heart-wrenching, so Gu Chang’an simply ordered another dozen bottles of wines to be brought in, “Drink, drink, I’m not afraid anyway, and I won’t return if I’m not drunk.”

Ji Yan and Zhuo Ji didn’t bother with him, they picked up the wine and drank it up.

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