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Huo Cheng was the first to say: “I’m OK.”

After he finished speaking, he turned his head and looked at Yan Zhi.

Yan Zhi took off his coat and said flatly, “I’m OK too.”

Everyone looked at Pei Xu again.

Pei Xu nodded.

Zhai Xingchen lost the excitement just now, he was only nervous now.

In an instant, the three male protagonists were like his own sons, and he couldn’t bear it.

“What about you, Zhai Xingchen?” the director asked.

Just as Zhai Xingchen was about to speak, the director said: “The minority must obey the majority, come on.”

All the staff behind him laughed.

Everyone was excited and everyone was nervous.

This could be called the first Shura field of this season of “Red and Blue Signal”.

“Don’t put too much pressure on the four handsome guys, as long as you can do more than me.” Hu Ying said.

In fact, he didn’t use all his strength today, because he knew that he couldn’t win, and it was useless to die from exhaustion.

So did Wen Nuo and Lin Qingning, both of them were even a little perfunctory.

Four tall and strong men stood side by side in a line. From left to right, they were Huo Cheng, Yan Zhi, Pei Xu, and Zhai Xingchen.

White light shone in front of them, leaving behind the shadow of the row of figures.

It may be that after the four of them stood in a row, they were tied together visually, and the fact that Zhai Xingchen was also 1 seemed to be highlighted all of a sudden.

He stood together with Huo Cheng and the other three peerless men, but he didn’t seem to lose at all.

Zhai Xingchen suddenly felt that he couldn’t lose.

He was the weakest of the four offenses in the minds of all the guests. This ordering made his identity very subtle in the red and blue cottage.

He must either be the strongest in a certain field, or he must be the weakest in a certain field. Ranking in the middle would embarrass the position of those below him.

But today this kind of PK was really a bit too sharp. In love, winning or losing between rivals was really related to a man’s dignity. Only men understood this kind of haggling.

It was matter of course if he was ranked last, and it did not alleviate the embarrassment of being second to last. Because this competition was originally a competition between the three male protagonists and had nothing to do with him.

He was just there to make up the numbers.

But it was different if he ranked first.

The remaining three would become his defeated opponents, but their status was the same.

It was a very delicate balance.

And the red party guests must look for a partner based on comprehensive conditions. Who they liked had long been determined. It was impossible for them to fall in love with him after him winning a game.

Well, if he won the first place, that would be the best result!

Zhai Xingchen suppressed the smile on his face, let out a sigh of relief, and then seriously did a few warm-up moves.

Hu Ying said with a smile beside him: “Xingchen still looks good, come on, Brother Xing, I’ll stand by you, you beat them!”

Zhai Xingchen turned his wrist, took a stance, and looked at Pei Xu next to him.

He was doing a brief warm-up, but he was very restrained, shaking his arms and feet at most.

The calmer you look on the surface, the harder you work in your heart!

One by one, they were all working hard, this was not a battle for dating rights, this was a battle for male dignity!

Guo Bing took a loudspeaker and asked, “What do you each choose, push-ups or sit-ups?”

Although their rule was to choose one at random and count only by the number of times, it was definitely more exciting to play the same one, and it was also a good choice, as it seemed fairer.

The fairer it was, the more exciting it would be!

Guo Bing said, “Do you want to play the same game?”

Huo Cheng remained relaxed, and replied, “I’m OK with anything, let them choose.”

Yan Zhi nodded.

Pei Xu also nodded.

Zhai Xingchen could guess what Guo Bing would choose for them.

Sure enough, Guo Bing said: “Let’s do sit-ups then.”

Men’s waist strength was the most important thing.

Direct this LSP.

“Hu Ying, don’t be idle, come over and help stretch their legs.” The director said.

Naturally, one should make full use of such a good opportunity in the Asura field.

Hu Ying didn’t go to Yan Zhi this time, but rushed directly to Zhai Xingchen, standing in front of him with a smile.

“Come on.” Hu Ying said.

Seeing his malicious smile, it was obvious that he knew he was going to fall first, and deliberately teased him.

Lin Qingning took the initiative to go to Pei Xu.

Wen Nuo hesitated for a moment, then looked back at Duan Yihua.

Duan Yihua smiled and said, “You choose.”

Wen Nuo went to Yan Zhi.

Duan Yihua walked towards Huo Cheng.

Zhai Xingchen let out a long breath, and lay down on the beach. Hu Ying sat on his feet and clasped his legs.

Hu Ying originally thought that Zhai Xingchen was going to give up on himself, but seeing Zhai Xingchen’s expression being so serious, he realized that Zhai Xingchen was taking this matter very seriously, he was taken aback for a moment, and then he became serious himself.

He and Zhai Xingchen were so close that he almost regarded him as a good sister. So he forgot that Zhai Xingchen was actually a man, and that too a 1. In such a PK match, he didn’t want to face too much embarrassment.

“Come on.” He whispered.

He hoped so that Zhai Xingchen could do as many as possible, so as not to lose too badly.

He turned his head and glanced at Pei Xu and the others beside him. All three of them were very serious. Someone who was so strict about cleanliness was even not afraid of getting dirty this time.

A simple PK match turned into a Shura field.

Dozens of people in the program group all fell silent. There was only the sound of wind and waves on the beach, and more than a dozen cameras focused on each of them from different angles.

“We’re all watching. The sit-ups you do must be up to standard. Those that aren’t standard don’t count. Come on, handsome guys, get ready, three, two, one, let’s start!”

Huo Cheng took the lead and started straight away. Seeing a fast and standard sit-up, Duan Yihua, who was opposite him, was stunned.

Yan Zhi and Pei Xu belonged to the more methodical one.

Zhai Xingchen pursed his lips, put his hands behind his neck, and exhaled every time he raised his head.

Hu Ying and the others helped to check the number, and four different male voices intertwined together.

“One, two, three, four…”

The number of times they did it soon surpassed Hu Ying, reaching more than fifty.

Sit-ups mainly relied on the traction of the waist muscles. Ordinary people could usually only do dozens of them. If you want to say a world record, it was possible to do thousands. But to do this exercise, preparation in advance and daily practice was very important. People like them, everyone may not be able to play their best.

It was relatively easy at first, but the muscles in their back started to feel sore soon after, so their speed slowed down.

Huo Cheng turned his head and glanced at Yan Zhi next to him.

Yan Zhi took off his glasses, his brows and eyes looked strange and sharp, his face was slightly red, but his expression was firm.

He went to see Pei Xu again, and Pei Xu had become calmer. He had laid down and was raising his back, with standard movements and even speed, like a robot.

Probably surprised by their stamina, Huo Cheng consciously slowed down a little.

The number of times was of course the criterion for the final evaluation of the results, but he didn’t want to be the first to finish.

After the first one, he was passive. He wanted to see the strength of the others.

On the silent beach, there was only slight panting, breathing and Hu Ying’s voice of counting. While pressing Zhai Xingchen’s leg, Hu Ying turned to look at the other three groups.

The sit-ups they did were very standard, and when they sat up, they almost bumped into those who were in charge of leg pressing. He saw Lin Qingning staring at Pei Xu, his face turning a little red, and he wanted to avoid it.

Wen Nuo was even more shy, keeping his head down all the time, because he found that his eyes always fell on Yan Zhi’s crotch.

Time passed by, but none of them stopped.

Everyone wanted to be first.

As time went by, their numbers quickly broke through hundreds.

Guo Bing couldn’t help saying: “Everyone has done a lot, if you can’t hold on, you can stop.”

But no one stopped.

Sweat dripped down Zhai Xingchen’s cheeks, his panting became heavier and his face became more and more red, and Hu Ying said excitedly: “Zhai Xingchen, you can do it!”

Zhai Xingchen turned his head and took a look at the other three groups on the right, his sit-ups had already broken 110. At that moment, he suddenly wondered if his decision to take the first place was right.

Because now he suddenly felt that none of the three of them were willing to be the first to fall down, so they might not stop, but doing too many sit-ups was actually not good, and they might not be able to get up tomorrow.

For a moment, he didn’t know whether he should continue to persevere or be the first to fall.

There seem to be pros and cons to each.

Pei Xu, who was next to him, turned his head and glanced at him.

The two kept almost the same frequency. They lay down together, and then looked up together. Their eyes were glued together. Pei Xu saw Zhai Xingchen’s flushed face. His face was so small, beads of sweat flowed down his temples. When he looked up for the first time, he could see the blue veins on his neck pushed out from working hard.

He really didn’t expect that Zhai Xingchen could do so much.

Was he also afraid of losing?

Don’t want to be the first man to fall.

So tenaciously guarding his self-esteem.

It seemed that they all agreed that Zhai Xingchen was the weakest, even if he came last, it was only natural. They would all only pity him, no one would laugh at him.

But it was like they all wanted Zhai Xingchen, but Zhai Xingchen only had Hu Ying and the others in his eyes.

Deep down, he was just like them. He didn’t want to be the first man to fall in front of Hu Ying and the others.

Pei Xu’s heart suddenly felt hot.

“It’s over one hundred and thirteen.” A staff member said.

“Huo Cheng and Pei Xu are almost at one hundred and fifty.”

Just when everyone was out of breath, there was a burst of exclamation from the crowd.

Zhai Xingchen turned his head and saw that Pei Xu who was next to him fell down first.

Pei Xu fell on the beach, panting with his mouth slightly open, breathing, thin sweat rivulets streaming down his handsome and distinct side face.

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