WMPLT Ch. 25

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Everyone was stunned.

Because they didn’t expect Pei Xu to be the first one to lie down.

Many people thought that he and Huo Cheng would be 2-1 in the end.

Lin Qingning was surprised.

Because Pei Xu’s sit-ups were really easy so far.

He was helping him stretch his legs, knowing Pei Xu’s situation best. Pei Xu maintained a constant speed from the beginning to the end, without even the slightest sign of slowing down, and there was no sense of effort at all.

It seemed that Pei Xu did it on purpose.

Not only Lin Qingning thought so, but other people also thought so.

Hu Ying said to the program crew, “Pei Xu is down.”

Both Duan Yihua and Wen Nuo glanced at Pei Xu.

Huo Cheng and Yan Zhi also glanced at him.

Pei Xu had already sat up and patted the sand on the back of his neck.

However, Huo Cheng and the others thought that Pei Xu gave up early because he had no intention of competing for the first place.

He was not interested in any of the guests at Red and Blue Cottage.

He was not interested in falling in love.

This was in line with Pei Xu’s style.

Pei Xu was the first to lose, but he didn’t show any frustration or embarrassment. He stood up from the ground and turned to look at Zhai Xingchen next to him.

As soon as Pei Xu fell, Zhai Xingchen’s initial thoughts prevailed.

He would either fall first and give the penultimate place a step, or he would last until the end.

Now that Pei Xu was down, he didn’t want to give Pei Xu the impression that he was not as good as him.

He looked at Yan Zhi and Huo Cheng, pursed his lips and concentrated.

In fact, many people here ignored his ability. He was a person who learned to dance. It was no exaggeration to say that he was the one who trained the most and had the best physical fitness among the eight people. Them dance students were really in high-intensity training every day, especially for the final exam this month. And had hours of hard training almost every day. Sit-ups were part of the basic training for him.

The program team handed Pei Xu a bottle of water. Pei Xu unscrewed the lid and took a sip, then turned to look at Zhai Xingchen again. The white light shone on his sweaty face, messing up his black hair, making him look even fairer and more handsome.

Seeing that Zhai Xingchen showed no signs of stopping, Pei Xu was a little surprised.

The game continued, and after two hundred, Yan Zhi and Huo Cheng slowly slowed down.

“Two hundred and one, two hundred and two…”

Huo Cheng looked at Zhai Xingchen in the distance in amazement while doing it, and grinned.

He didn’t expect Zhai Xingchen to be so strong.

Not only him, but everyone did not expect Zhai Xingchen to be so strong.

In fact, in terms of durability and physical strength, Zhai Xingchen may not be the opponent of Huo Cheng and Yan Zhi. If the three of them played to the limit, he may not be able to win.

But he endured hardship and pain better than anyone else.

Huo Cheng was the first to lie down on the ground. He took a few breaths with a smile, and turned to look at Yan Zhi and Zhai Xingchen.

Yan Zhi was already sweating profusely, his neck and face were all red, and when he looked up, his entire upper body was shaking, obviously he had reached his limit.

Zhai Xingchen looked even worse.

In the end, everyone looked at Yan Zhi and Zhai Xingchen.

Yan Zhi turned his head to look at Zhai Xingchen, and saw that Zhai Xingchen had closed his eyes, and he was gritting his teeth.

This was a posture of not giving up unless you take the first place.

He worked so hard because he wanted to get the first place, and then ask the person he liked to go on a date.

Hu Ying, or Duan Yihua.

They all underestimated Zhai Xingchen, they thought he was a little white flower who needed their care, but in fact he was more resolute than anyone else.

Yan Zhi didn’t want Zhai Xingchen to get what he wanted, but he also didn’t want it to end up in a hostile contest between him and Zhai Xingchen.

Complicated emotions enveloped him, so Yan Zhi lost his strength and collapsed on the beach.

“Two hundred and thirty-nine!” Wen Nuo shouted.

They all turned to look at Zhai Xingchen. Hu Ying pressed Zhai Xingchen’s leg, because he was too pleasantly surprised, even a little moved. His eyes were so bright, and he stared at Zhai Xingchen motionlessly, seeming to have the illusion of affection.

“Two hundred and forty-one, come on, Xingchen, you will win if you do nine more.”

Zhai Xingchen closed his eyes, and pursed his thin lips tightly.

This was a Zhai Xingchen they had never seen before.

Even Zhai Xingchen, never thought he would have such a day.

Duan Yihua, Wen Nuo, and Lin Qingning were all shocked by a Zhai Xingchen like this.

Every movement he made was very difficult. In fact, there were no distracting thoughts in his mind about why he should take the first place. It was completely pure, a man’s competitive fighting spirit, and the passion brought by competitive sports.

“Two hundred and forty-nine!” Hu Ying shouted excitedly.

Zhai Xingchen suddenly opened his eyes, his body trembling and leaning upwards, he finally took a breath, and bent forward all of a sudden.

Hu Ying hugged him: “Two hundred and fifty!”

Zhai Xingchen grinned, lay on Hu Ying’s shoulder, gasped and said, “God damn two hundred and fifty, I want to make another one.”

Hu Ying laughed loudly and said: “You don’t care if it sounds good or not, you win if you win!”

Pei Xu, who had been watching from the side, also smiled softly when he heard the words, but he had been too sensitive and guarded against the camera since he was a child, and realized that the camera was taking close-ups of him, so the smile on his lips faded again.

But the sea breeze could not extinguish the flame in his heart.

He was happier than if he had won the first place.

Zhai Xingchen took the first place, which was unexpected by everyone.

Including the program group.

But it was not easy for him to get the first place. He got it entirely by his own efforts, and everyone was convinced.

Wen Nuo was happier than anyone else, he wanted to get close to Zhai Xingchen, but felt that he couldn’t get close, so he stood beside him and clapped his hands lightly.

Everyone applauded together.

Hu Ying pulled Zhai Xingchen up, patted him on the shoulder, and said, “Your abdominal muscles must be exhausted.”

Zhai Xingchen rolled up his T-shirt when he heard this, and everyone looked at his lower abdomen, and they saw his thin and red belly, which had obvious muscle lines and which were glowing with sweat, looking very beautiful.

Zhai Xingchen hadn’t recovered from the excitement of the exercise, so he raised his eyebrows triumphantly.

Very cool, very aggressive.

Lin Qingning also let out a soft “wow”. Neither Duan Yihua nor Wen Nuo dared to look directly in front of the camera, so they dodged and glanced again.

“Today everyone will look at Xingchen with admiration.”

“Big flip!”

“Did you take pictures of everyone’s facial expressions just now?”

Guo Bing said, “I want to cut out everyone’s facial expressions!”

In the program team, after delivering towels and water, Hu Ying went to wipe the sweat for Zhai Xingchen himself.

Zhai Xingchen drank two sips of water and slowed down for a while.

“You can find some masseuses for us.” Pei Xu said to the program group, “Everyone is sick today.”

Suddenly doing so many sit-ups, regardless of their usual physical fitness, was enough for them. When he went back, Zhai Xingchen kept supporting his waist.

Hu Ying kept surrounding him, chatting endlessly.

Because he sweated a lot, the sea breeze blew on his body and it was a little cold. Everyone walked to the red and blue cottage, Yan Zhi looked at Zhai Xingchen’s back, and then at the cheerful Hu Ying beside him and suddenly felt a great sense of loss. He felt someone tap his shoulder, and when he looked back, it turned out to be Huo Cheng.

Lin Qingning turned his head and glanced at Pei Xu beside him, and said, “I thought you would take the first place.”

Pei Xu said, “Brother Zhai is here, so I can’t take it.”

Lin Qingning said sincerely, “Xingchen was really strong today.”

Hearing that, Hu Ying turned around and smiled, and then said loudly: “Xingchen was really awesome today, he was on fire, if I could send a heart-warming text message today, I would definitely send it to him!”

Zhai Xingchen said: “You keep it for last. It’s not too late to send me another day.”

Hu Ying walked backwards and said, “Then ask me out on a date tomorrow.”

Winning the first place meant winning the right to go on a date tomorrow night.

The program team let him choose by himself.

“Don’t worry, just tell us your answer before you go to bed.”

“Are any of you having back pain?”

When they were about to arrive at the Red and Blue Cottage, the director asked, “Do you need us to find some masseuses for you?”

The waist was very important. They didn’t expect that today’s game would be so fierce, so they couldn’t help but get tired.

Zhai Xingchen raised his hand: “I think I might need it. My waist is almost broken from taking the first place.”

It was time to show weakness and set off the male protagonists with straight waists.

“What masseuse are you looking for?” Huo Cheng suddenly said, “Your back hurts? I’ll massage it for you.”

Guo Bing was stunned for a moment: “You massage?”

“In the past, my parents were often unwell, so I went to learn massage from an old Chinese doctor.”

Huo Cheng said, “You can take a look if you don’t believe me.”

“That’s fine.” Guo Bing said to Zhai Xingchen with a smile, “Give Huo Cheng a chance to show it off.”

They were happy to see this scene.

Yan Zhi pursed his lips, and said, “I also have a back pain. Brother Huo, can you also give me a massage?”

Huo Cheng looked at Yan Zhi, wondering whether to smile or not, but the feeling of sympathy just now disappeared.

At this moment, Pei Xu suddenly said, “Let’s find a few professional masseurs, and everyone will get a massage. The program crew can’t be so picky.”

Yan Zhi and Huo Cheng both looked at Pei Xu after hearing the words.

When Pei Xu spoke at this time, both of them were very surprised.

Of course Pei Xu didn’t do it to support Yan Zhi.

He knew what Huo Cheng was thinking.

But Huo Cheng really didn’t want to take advantage of the opportunity. The camera was shooting, there were so many people, no matter how he wanted to, he would never do such a thing.

He just wanted to have more chances to get in touch with Zhai Xingchen.

He really knew how to massage, and the hand strength of ordinary masseuses was not as good as his.

Guo Bing couldn’t make a decision for a while, so he threw the problem to Zhai Xingchen: “What do you think?”

Zhai Xingchen said, “Then let’s call masseuses from outside.”

Huo Cheng couldn’t give massage to everyone at once.

Huo Cheng stuffed his hands into his trouser pockets and didn’t speak again. He turned his head to look at Pei Xu, thinking that Pei Xu had said before that he knew a little about the emotional state of the red and blue cabin, what the hell did he know

He didn’t know how to assist Big Brother.

The program team really found a few masseuses for them, three men and one woman.

This time, the three of them were in perfect harmony.

Each of them chose a male master.

Leaving the female master to Zhai Xingchen.

Screenwriter Liu commented: “Men are really virtuous, with super weird possessiveness.”

But they didn’t expect that among the four professional masters, the female master had the strongest hands.

Zhai Xingchen hummed when he was being massaged.

That’s how the massage felt, it was painful, but refreshing and a little itchy at the same time.

The feeling of humming was also natural.

Hearing his humming, the ears of the three men next to him turned red, none of them dared to say anything, and they all lay there obediently.

“Turn over.” The master said, “I need to massage the front side.”

“…No need.” Huo Cheng said softly, it was the first time that such a ruffian had let out such a gentle voice.

He didn’t need it, and neither did Pei Xu and Yan Zhi.

Guo Bing and the others looked at the few people in the camera, and laughed sullenly.

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