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Bai Mohua patted her on the shoulder with a smile on his face and coaxed her softly.

“Don’t be afraid.”

Su Ran came over and rubbed her head. Nuan Nuan’s little face was blushing as she slowly raised her head, and found that everyone was still looking at her. Her thin white fingers were grabbing her cousin’s clothes, and her whole body was hidden behind her cousin, only showing a small half of her cute head, like a shy little fluffy hamster.

“Brother Su Ran.”

Softly calling out to the young man in front of her, Bai Mohua handed over the small cake she hadn’t finished eating.

The little girl subconsciously opened her mouth and took a small bite and began to eat. She was not so shy after eating, sitting between her cousin and Su Ran, her eyes were shining specially from the sincere praise.

“Brother Su Ran was so good just now, the music you play is beautiful, everyone was praising you.”

Su Ran suddenly approached her: “Do you want to learn Guqin?”

Nuan Nuan blinked her eyes, looking at him with a little surprised expression.

“I…can I learn too?”

Su Ran couldn’t help pinching her face, his tone sounding clear and pleasant, “Yes, as long as you like it, I will teach you.”

Nuan Nuan was a little moved, she still liked the sound of that guqin: Yes, but…

“But Nuan Nuan will be going back soon.”

Hearing this, Bai Mohua felt that the things in his hand suddenly became stale. That’s right, his little cousin was going back to Lincheng soon. He wouldn’t be able to play with his little cousin everyday!

“It’s easy.”

Su Ran didn’t have that trouble, “We’ll just do it on video call, and I’ll teach you Guqin at a certain time. If you want to learn other instruments, I also know a little bit about it.”

Nuan Nuan’s eyes lit up immediately, she picked up her small mobile phone and looked at him eagerly.

“Brother Su Ran, let’s add each other on WeChat.”

Then the two successfully added friends, looking at the note Nuan Nuan thought about it.

“Then let’s put Brother Su Ran Nuan Nuan’s teacher?”

Su Ran murmured, his pretty eyebrows raised slightly, “If you think so.”


Nuan Nuan immediately frowned, she softly called out teacher.

Looking at the beautiful milky white dumpling in front of him, Su Ran felt his heart soften. He rubbed her cute head with his white jade green fingers, and the little girl tilted her head and arched into his palm.

You’re so good…

“Since you’ve called me teacher, I’ll give you a gift when we get back.”

Nuan Nuan said softly, a little embarrassed.

“I didn’t even give the teacher a gift.”

Su Ran: “You don’t need to give it.”

Bai Mohua was a little dazed, how could it become a teacher-student relationship while just talking casually?

But Nuan Nuan liked to learn this, so it was not a loss for Su Ran to teach her.

Su Ran was very busy today, so he just came over to say hello to Nuan Nuan and Bai Mohua, and said something briefly before leaving.

The little girl happily changed Su Ran’s note to teacher, and was surrounded by a group of girls.

They were too…too enthusiastic.

In the end, she really couldn’t bear the enthusiasm of the ladies and sisters, so Nuan Nuan quietly dragged her cousin away, and before leaving, they were worried that the adults would be worried so they even sent a text message to their parents.

Bai Mohua took a deep breath, “Phew…it’s much better here, I felt a little bored with so many people in the lobby.”

The two cousins slipped to sit by the fountain pool in the garden outside, and Bai Mohua took out all kinds of snacks from his suit pocket mysteriously, including sugar and some convenient snacks.

Nuan Nuan instantly opened her eyes and let out a wow.

“Cousin, you are so good!”

Bai Mohua was extremely satisfied, then picking up a grape, he fed it to his little cousin, because he knew that this was the little girl’s favourite food.

“Thank you, cousin, you are so kind.”

Nuan Nuan thanked him with a sweet mouth and round cheeks, and gave him a soft hug.

Bai Mohua smiled even more happily.

There was no one to disturb them and it was very quiet here. The two foodies stuffed their mouths full, and then they heard the sound of talking.

Nuan Nuan and Bai Mohua: “…”

Why did people come here, and it seemed bad to eavesdrop on what other people were saying, although they didn’t do intentionally.

Both brother and sister looked at each other, grabbing some snacks in their hands and planning to leave quietly, Nuan Nuan’s ears moved, the voice… seemed to belong to Brother Su Ran.

“It’s Brother Su Ran.”

The little girl nervously tugged at the hem of her cousin’s clothes, reminding her softly.

“Go and have a look.”

Because the other voice was not polite at all, the two of them were worried that Su Ran would suffer.

“I’m your father!”

As soon as they walked towards them, they heard a middle-aged man’s voice yelling a little violently.

“Isn’t it just a matter of arranging a job for your brother? God sent him as your brother, after all, he is related to you by blood. In the future, this family will need you brothers to support each other to be stronger. Outsiders can’t compare with your brother. Isn’t it? You can arrange a position of general manager for your brother.”

Ah… how thick-skinned was he to say such a shameless thing?

Bai Mohua looked shocked, feeling that he still knew too little.

After the middle-aged man’s voice fell, Su Ran’s voice sounded.


Su Minhao: “Even if you can’t do it, you have to do it. I have the final say on this matter!”

Su Ran: “Then I’ll tell grandpa right now.”


Su Minhao said angrily looking at his son who was not good at anything, “Such a trivial matter can be made so serious. Why bother your grandpa, you don’t know how to be considerate of him when he is old.”

Su Ran looked at the man in front of him lightly with dark eyes.

“You as the son don’t consider the old man, and you want me to consider as your son?”

Su Minhao was choked, and he simply cheated, “Anyway, you have to arrange a position for your brother in the company, and it can’t be lower than the general manager, otherwise what if he gets bullied?”

Su Ran seriously emphasized, “My mother only gave birth to me.”

Su Minhao looked at him with guilty conscience, but it contained more of annoyance.

“In any case, he is your brother! I am your father, and my son is not in charge of my affairs. You both have the blood of my Su family in your body. How can there be so much difference? You are still young, how can you take care of so many things, wouldn’t it be better to ask your brother to help you? He is a university graduate, so he can always help you deal with some company problems.”

Su Ran’s eyes flashed ironically, but he still couldn’t help hurry up and go back.

“As for Su Tianci’s achievement of needing you to donate a building to go to university, you are not ashamed to show it off. How dare you ask for the position of general manager, do you think I am too stupid, and don’t understand anything? At least the subordinates can do it if they are paid. I will take care of my own work, what do I need to arrange for Su Tianci to join the company? Is he capable? Is he not going to cause trouble for me? Or is he trying to rob me of the family property? Tell me, which family’s illegitimate son and the son of the real wife’s family can live in peace? I don’t bother you, you just have fun secretly, but if you trouble me next time, I’ll find someone to beat Su Tianci up in a sack. Believe it or not.”

“You, you…you bastard!” Su Minhao was so angry that he raised his hand and wanted to hit someone.

Su Ran looked at him calmly, “Slap me once, and I’ll let someone beat Su Tianci ten times and won’t give him any future living expenses, and I’ll even withdraw your Nanshan project from you, so calculate the loss of this slap before you strike.”

“How much is it?”

Su Minhao: “…”

He couldn’t fight anymore…

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