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Su Minhao was incompetent and furious, so he could only curse and leave in the end, but he was very angry.

After calming down, Su Ran calmly arranged his clothes, then his obsidian pupils turned to the other side of the rockery.

“Come out.”

The voice was as light as a cool autumn breeze.

Bai Mohua pulled Nuan Nuan out with a somewhat embarrassed expression.


Nuan Nuan’s big black and white eyes looked eagerly at the red-clothed boy on the opposite side. Under the moonlight, he actually gave her a ghostly feeling, and the well-defined face seemed to have faded away from their familiarity. The immature, slender figure looked somewhat lonely for no reason.

“It’s you.”

Seeing the two, the young man’s tone became warmer, and there was a smile in his narrow eyes.

“Did you hear everything just now?”

The two nodded obediently, and Bai Mohua was even a little angry, “Why is your father like this!”

Not to mention having an illegitimate child before marriage, in the end, he even took his mistress and son home in a grandiose manner. Now he was being even more shameless asking the son of the main wife to help the illegitimate son by arranging work for him in the company, which was just too disgusting.

Nuan Nuan also felt angry, and nodded in agreement with her cousin with a blushing little face.


The soft little girl said those two words fiercely.

Su Ran looked at the corners of the mouths of the two of them. She was obviously younger than Bai Mohua, but she looked more mature and stable than him.

“Brother Su Ran, don’t be sad.”

Nuan Nuan looked at him worriedly, comforting him softly.

“They…it’s fine if they don’t like you, my brother and I like you.”

Bai Mohua: “…”

My feet are a little numb.

The corner of Su Ran’s mouth raised, and he walked up to her and rubbed her head with his hand.

“Do you think I’m sad?”

The boy’s tone was relaxed, “I don’t have any expectations of him since a long time. After he divorced my mother, I just pretended that I didn’t have a father. I was raised by my grandfather since I was a child. My feelings for him are maybe worse than those for a stranger.”

Bai Mohua felt that his buddy was forcing a smile.

Su Ran rubbed his chin and a sly smile flashed in his eyes, “But it’s quite interesting to see him be furious every time he has to look helplessly at me, and his financial power is in the hands of my grandpa and me. With this threat, even though he always catches one target, but he keeps getting defeating and fighting every time, tsk…the spirit is so good.”

Bai Mohua and Nuan Nuan: “…”

It seems that the two of them misunderstood, but was his expression of treating his father like a monkey really good?

“The banquet is coming to an end, are you going now?”

Nuan Nuan and Bai Mohua nodded, and ate everything in their hands on the way back to the banquet hall, and then the two of them hugged their stomachs and were a little bit in need of support.

Su Ran didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “How much did you eat?”

Nuan Nuan shyly pulled her cousin’s clothes, blushing.

When going back again, Nuan Nuan found that her two granduncles had come.

Under her father’s greeting, she stepped on small steps to greet the two granduncles obediently, and then was dragged by the two old people to show her off in their circle of friends quietly.

Many people in this circle didn’t know that they had a grandniece, let alone that the Gu family had a girl.

After this round of introduction, Nuan Nuan was a little shy but did not suffer from stage-fright. She called softly and instantly captured the hearts of the old people present.

As soon as a person gets old, who doesn’t like such a soft and flexible little girl, such that they even cast envious eyes on Nuan Nuan’s granduncles.

Now the two old people were satisfied, and at the end of the banquet, they reluctantly held Nuan Nuan’s hand and asked her to remember to come to their house frequently.

The little girl obediently agreed.

“Uncles, Nuan Nuan will visit you with Mom and Dad tomorrow.”

This was what Dad discussed with her.

“Okay, okay…”

The two old people nodded repeatedly, and finally left reluctantly.

Afterwards, Nuan Nuan and the others also returned to Bai family house. As soon as Little Orange saw them, she ran over with an aggrieved meow, meowing, stickily, walking around under the feet of Nuan Nuan and Bai Mohua, as if accusing them, why did you come back now.

Nuan Nuan squatted down and hugged Little Orange, smiling with beautiful clean eyes, and rubbed against Little Orange’s body with her soft face.

“Little Orange, we’re back.”

“Meow meow~”

Bai Mohua also leaned over to hug the little cousin and Little Orange and they kept rubbing against each other.

“Little Orange must miss us.”


The adults smiled at each other, the huge ginkgo tree covered them under the canopy, and the golden leaves fell with the wind, like golden butterflies. But it couldn’t blow the warmth under the tree.

The next day, Nuan Nuan chose the gifts for the two granduncles and the other elders and went to see them again with her parents. On this day, she basically accompanied the two old people in fishing and reading, or even watched them play chess, and then two old men taught her how to play chess. Unfortunately, it was impossible to teach her Go in one day.

Later, the two old people simply became naive and played backgammon with Nuan Nuan. This was simple. The little girl played with them seriously, and took them for a stroll when she was tired. She didn’t play with her parents after going back to her granduncle’s house.

The little girl called her grandfather and brother who were far away in other cities at night. Gu An was still the same, saying that he didn’t want to, but secretly prodding and eagerly asking her when she would come back.

The big brother still didn’t talk much, but Nuan Nuan liked to talk to him the most, sharing the happy things of her day with him, and Gu Nan was also the most patient, occasionally responding and making the little girl laugh happily.

As for Gu Mingli…

“Come out Nuan Nuan.”

Nuan Nuan “???”

The little expression was blank.

Gu Mingli’s voice was very magnetic, “I’m outside the Bai family’s house.”


The little milk’s voice suddenly rose, fully expressing her shock!

She ran outside wearing her little slippers, until her fluffy short hair flew up.

Sitting cross-legged next to her, Bai Mohua: “???”

“Little cousin, where are you going!”

He quickly followed and ran out, now it’s bedtime, where are you going in your pyjamas? It’s so cold outside.

After following Nuan Nuan and running out to open the door, he saw a young man standing in the night like a black panther lurking in the night, with unruly and wild eyes.

Bai Mohua looked shocked.

“Why are you here!”

Nuan Nuan rushed over like a little butterfly, the corners of Gu Mingli’s mouth were upturned, a smile flashed in his long and narrow eyes, then he opened his arms and squatted down to catch the soft little milk dumpling.

“Fourth brother~”

The tender and milky voice was full of joy and cheers, and the sweet softness made people’s hearts melt.

“Miss me?”

The little girl moaned and chirped, with her little mouth raised, her little arms wrapped around his neck, and her hairy head was arched on her neck for a long time without coming out.

“I missed my fourth brother.”

A soft voice came from the hollow of his neck, and Gu Mingli’s neck was tilted back a little, revealing a warm, milky white and tender face, and his slender fingers were not polite. He pinched the soft cheeks on both sides of her cheeks.

The hand feels so good, “It seems that you are serious about eating, not bad.”

Nuan Nuan’s cheeks were squeezed so that her pink mouth pouted, and her big watery eyes looked pitifully at the boy in front of her.

“Fourth brother.”

“Haha… okay, okay, I won’t bully you anymore.”

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