GMMG Ch. 78 (Final) was about to host an author conference. As an author Chen Qingyang who had made a significant contribution to the website, deservedly received the invitation to the author conference.

 What made her uncomfortable was that Yidi Juha also received an invitation.

 This was the first time Yidi Juha would see’s author conference. Chen Qingyang wanted her to have an unforgettable experience as a senior.

 Chen Qingyang was very pleased when she found the little dress that she used to attend Li Yan’s wedding. She thought she could only wear this heart-wrenchingly expensive dress once in her life, but she didn’t expect to have the opportunity to wear it again so soon.

After ironing the skirt so that there were no wrinkles, Chen Qingyang went to take a bath happily. Yidi Juha liked posting photos of herself without any PS traces on Weibo very much. This hobby hadn’t stopped even after being stripped of her junior status. While using the shower gel endorsed by her male god, Chen Qingyang thought that tomorrow she must completely crush Yidi Juha’s self-confidence with her appearance!

 “I’m so happy today!” Chen Qingyang exulted in the bathroom alone, then after washing herself, she finally walked out. She picked up the phone still on the bed. There was an unread text message from Yunze on it. Chen Qingyang flattened her mouth and clicked to check it out: “Come over for dinner tomorrow, grandpa wants to see you.”

 Chen Qingyang: “…”

She had been his fake girlfriend for several months, and Xiang Yunze hadn’t shown any intention of breaking up with her. She felt that if things went on like this, she would have to charge according to an actress’ pay.

 “I won’t have time tomorrow. Let’s do it another day.”

 “What’s the matter with you tomorrow?”

 Chen Qingyang sighed, did he really thinking of himself as her boyfriend? “I’m going to attend the author’s conference tomorrow, and Yidi Juha will go too. This is a battle between women, you won’t understand.”

 Xiang Yunze looked at this text message and couldn’t help laughing: “Where is the author conference being held?” 

Chen Qingyang reported the name of the place. The text message to Yunze came again soon: “I’ll send you.”

Chen Qingyang chuckled, “…I know the way.”

 “You can show off in front of Juha that you have an excellent boyfriend like me.”

 Chen Qingyang: “…”

She really wanted to curse at him.

 But after thinking about it, his words still made sense; after all, Juha’s boyfriend had been snatched from her friend.

 So Chen Qingyang happily agreed. It was good to have a boyfriend, even if the boyfriend was fake.

 Speaking of fake boyfriends, she remembered that there were boyfriend sellers on the Taobao homepage. On a whim, she searched for virtual lovers on the homepage.

 The so-called virtual lover meant that the shopkeeper assigned a clerk to pretend to be your boyfriend based on your order. During the service hours, he would chat with you like a lover, listen to your complaints, and say good morning and good night to you. Of course, they did not provide any impure services.

 Ding Dong!

 “My dear, what kind of boyfriend do you want? Our selection is very big and uncle Jiao has everything~” 

Chen Qingyang thought for a while and said, “Give me a warm boy with a sweet voice.”

 “Okay, dear, but because there is a special price of 0.99 yuan, we will not accept returns once the goods are shipped~~The service time is one hour, if you are satisfied with your boyfriend, you can ask me to renew the order for you~”

“Can you talk with him about anything?”

“You can’t do phone play[1]~ Our boyfriends are all decent boys~”

“…Well.” After the payment was made, a person named Xiaobao soon contacted her.

 Verification message: Girlfriend, I miss you~=3=

Chen Qingyang: “…”

After agreeing to the friend request, the person’s avatar immediately jumped up: “Dear, do you miss me? =3=”

Chen Qingyang: ” …”

She pursed her lips and asked, “Are you a robot?”

It was not impossible for the unscrupulous merchant to get an automatic response robot to chat with her.

 “囧, I am a pure human, do you want to touch it [shy]” 

Chen Qingyang thought for a while, then said, “Are you really a man?”

 “…Honey, do you want to hear my voice? I can call you. ^_^”

Uh… “Then you guess if I am a robot?:)”


“Or if I am a man?:)”


Is this person here to create trouble!

 “Hahaha, I won’t tease you anymore. I’m actually an internet writer. I’m looking for inspiration for new novels.”

 “(⊙o⊙) Novelist! My dear, you’re amazing! What type of novels have you written? Huh?”

 “A novel discussing whether the quality of matter endowed by the strong nuclear power and the part explained by the Higgs field are independent of each other.”

 Xiaobao: “…”

He felt that… they couldn’t talk anymore.

 But the hour was far from over, he could only bite the bullet and continue chatting with this girlfriend. Chen Qingyang while chatting with Xiaobao also learned that the other party was still a junior student and that he was doing this part-time job to earn some living expenses. 

“Xiabao is great, I will give you a five-star rating, but now I am going to take my beauty sleep~”

“Ah, but there are still 20 minutes left.”

 “It’s okay, I’m going offline.” Chen Qingyang said. 

She went offline, but she didn’t expect Xiaobao to call her directly: “Dear, go to sleep, I will sing you a song for 20 minutes.”

 Chen Qingyang: “…”

This guy was too dedicated. Right. _(:3∠)_

After Xiaobao finished speaking, he started singing the song of King Mo Tian. Now Chen Qingyang was reluctant to hang up, not to mention that the other party’s voice was very clear and singing was very pleasant. She thought Xiaobao must be chased by many girls in school.

 Chen Qingyang fell asleep after listening, and didn’t know when he hung up the phone.

 When she woke up the next morning, she first gave Xiaobao a five-star rating, and then went out to get her hair done. Xiang Yunze came on time, but when Chen Qingyang saw his cool silver-gray Lamborghini, the corners of her mouth twitched: “Where is the Mercedes you usually drive?”

 Xiang Yunze smiled and said, “Since you are going to show off, of course we have to take the Lambo, the Benz is too low-key.”

 Chen Qingyang: “…”

She suddenly felt that this action would be too harsh? Hope Yidi Juha can stand it.

 When they arrived at the venue, many authors had already arrived. Because Chen Qingyang was a local, she arrived later than those from other places. Everyone was sitting in the venue chatting, and suddenly she didn’t know which one shouted: “Come and see, there is a Lamborghini parked downstairs!”

 Now the whole venue was boiling. The authors were almost all women. When they saw such a cool Lambo, everyone’s calm was broken: “If my husband also drove me over in this car, I would promise to give him a second child!”

 “Someone come down! What a handsome guy! I don’t want the car anymore. I want him~~=3=”

 “Guess which author he is here to send?”

 “Maybe it’s “The Domineering President Doting on me”?” 

After Chen Qingyang got out of the car, Yidi Juha, who was crowded with everyone by the window, recognized her almost at a glance, and her complexion suddenly became very ugly.

 “Wow! That seems to be boiled lemon[2]!”

 “Wait, let me identify her. Damn it is really boiled lemon! When did she get such a cool boyfriend?” 

“Drink, drink… “

“I have decided I will drink freshly squeezed lemon juice later!”

 “Fuck, kiss!” At this time, everyone almost threw themselves out of the window, as the guy gently holding Chen Qingyang’s waist, lowered his head and kissed her forehead. Chen Qingyang’s face became flushed immediately, and she wanted to bend her knees to attack his vital parts.

 “Calm down, I have to do a full show, my service is appropriate, right?”

 Chen Qingyang: “…”

“Call me when it’s over, and I will come pick you up.” After speaking so Yunze waved to the audience upstairs and drove the Lambo away.

 As soon as Chen Qingyang went upstairs, she found that everyone was staring at her. She smiled awkwardly, searching for her friends in the crowd.

 Tong Jiyou rushed out by herself.

 “Fuck Lemon, are you going to go to the red carpet in such a beautiful dress!” Now everyone’s focus was on Chen Qingyang’s clothes again. Yidi Juha looked at Chen Qingyang who was surrounded by a group of people, and her face turned green.

Chen Qingyang and Yidi Juha were at the same table during dinner. Jiyou took the opportunity to pick on the handsome Lambo guy. Chen Qingyang with an embarrassed smile, said: “In fact, he was the one who spent money to torpedo the votes on my last article.”

 The words were deliberately spoken in front of Yidi Juha. When she saw Chen Qingyang rush to the top of the Bawang monthly voting list with godly speed last month, she had wanted to hang herself.

 Tong Jiyou knew what Chen Qingyang meant to do, and exclaimed exaggeratedly: “Your boyfriend is so good, he is rich and willing to spend on you, and he also knows how to cast votes. My boyfriend does not even know my pseudonym!”

She saw with satisfaction that Yidi Juha’s face looked constipated, and Chen Qingyang had a good appetite.

The author conference was not over yet, and the photos of the authors were uploaded on Weibo. The photos of Chen Qingyang when she signed in and when she came on the stage to receive the award were posted on Weibo. Readers saw it and left a message on her Weibo: “Goddess Lemon, marry me!”

 Chen Qingyang’s vanity was exceptionally satisfied, and this four-digit dress finally realised its value qaq.

 In this round, Chen Qingyang won a complete victory, especially when Xiang Yunze came to pick her up, she felt like she was a princess hahaha!

 “So happy?” Xiang Yunze looked at the smirking person beside him, and the corners of his mouth couldn’t help being raised into a smile.

 “Of course! You didn’t see Juha’s expression today, even the face changing in Sichuan Opera[3] is not so exciting!” Chen Qingyang was a little sad after speaking, “but I think she might break up with her boyfriend when she goes back.”

She was sad for two seconds. And then laughed wildly again.

 Xiang Yunze: “…”

He really didn’t understand women’s fight.

 Chen Qingyang surfed Weibo in a very good mood, and then she saw it——

Mo Zhen v : Today I accompanied my wife to the hospital for a physical examination. The doctor said that I will be a father soon. Please bless me. 🙂

 Chen Qingyang: “…”

“Damn it! Go to the bar!”

 Xiang Yunze grew up to be so old, and hadn’t gone to the bar except for the one time when Li Yan refused him. He really didn’t drink much. Seeing that Chen Qingyang kept pouring drinks for herself, he finally couldn’t help but take the wine bottle in her hand away and walked out holding her. He didn’t like bars, and he didn’t like her staying here.

 Chen Qingyang was in a drunken daze, but fortunately she didn’t vomit on him like last time. She just sang along the way: “I just want to have one heart, and the white head does not distinguish the pears and pairs~~~~”

Xiang Yunze: ” …”

 He couldn’t take her home this way, so he drove the car to a hotel as usual.

 As soon as he helped her walk to the bed, Chen Qingyang’s cell phone rang. Xiang Yunze took out her mobile phone from her bag, and it was someone called Xiaobao.

 He raised his eyebrows and picked up the call. Before he had time to speak, the other party’s energetic voice came over: “Girlfriend~ Did you miss me today!”

 Xiang Yunze: “……”

He glanced at the person next to him who was weighing heavily on him and said quietly, “Who are you?”

 The other side was obviously stunned for a moment, then asked: “Who are you?”

 “I am the boyfriend of the owner of this phone.”

 Xiaobao: “…” 

“Haha, I am a smart boyfriend software bought online on Taobao. I will call her regularly every day to say hello and good night!”

Xiang Yunze: “…”

He threw the phone on the bed, and looked down at Qingyang. The other side squinted like a kitten, and lay on him softly, while her skirt was a bit messy because of pulling her along the way, and the scenery on her chest was looming in front of him.

Xiang Yunze’s eyes darkened. He had already stayed in a hotel room with this little girl three times. If nothing happened again, he would feel sorry to the hotel room.

 Although he didn’t want to take advantage of the situation, but this little girl dared to find a boyfriend behind his back on the Internet? It seems that she won’t be obedient without a proper lesson.

 He helped the person to lie down on the bed, then leaned over and pressed her down.

Afterwards. 🙂

When Chen Qingyang woke up, she found that she and Xiang Yunze were lying on the same bed, and they were both unclothed and screamed silently while covering her mouth.

 She only had one thought in her heart, that they finally made the fake come true… It seems that their hands cannot be separated.[4]

 She wanted to get up from the bed, but when she moved, she was hugged tightly: “Where are you going?”

 “…to have a bath.”

 Xiang Yunze did not open his eyes, but smiled: “I also want to.”

 Chen Qingyang “…”

“If you also want to, then you go first.”

“Together.” He said to Qingyang and hugged her, while Chen Qingyang started screaming.

 The scenery in the bathroom was so good; Xiang Yunze felt that he couldn’t control himself again. Pushing Chen Qingyang against the frosted window, he kissed the tip of her nose: “Let’s get married.”

 Chen Qingyang: “…”

Although she was still somewhat impressed by what happened just now, and did not really resist it, but getting married… Wasn’t it too soon?

 “The countdown of 3, 2, 1 is over. I take it as you have acquiesced to it.”

 Chen Qingyang: “…”

She looked at Xiang Yunze incredulously. Can this person be any more shameless?

 As a result, they got married and soon had a daughter named Xiang Qing.

 When she was very young, the doctor gave her an IQ test, and found that she had a very high IQ. Chen Qingyang also saw it now. She seemed to have an extraordinary talent in mathematics.

 “Mom, I’ve finished my homework.” The five-year-old Xiang Qing ran to the living room and told her mother. Chen Qingyang took a look at the homework book in her hand and frowned, “This is the homework assigned by your teacher?”

 “No, the homework assigned by the teacher is too simple. I did the sixth grade homework.”

 Chen Qingyang: “…”

“But I have finished my sixth grade homework. Let’s start doing junior high school next week.”

 Chen Qingyang: “…”

“Mom, let’s play Sudoku!”

 Chen Qingyang’s mouth twitched. “Go find your father.”

 “But Dad is still at school.”

 “Then…you go and recite Pi first.”

 “I’ve recited the Pi more than one hundred times!”

 Chen Qingyang: “…”

Help! How could this monster be her daughter!

 Xiang Qing was one year younger than Mo Chenrui, but after finishing the first grade, she skipped to the third grade. So she was in the same class with Mo Chenrui and became his deskmate. Of course, this was what Xiang Yunze specifically told the head teacher to do when he sent Xiang Qing there, because his daughter knew Mo Chenrui, so he wanted him to take care of her.

 Being Mo Chenrui’s tablemate was a sweet temptation. How many girls in the class wanted to sit at the same table with him, but they didn’t expect it to be snatched away by a little girl who suddenly appeared.

 Xiang Qing was only 7 years old this year, the youngest in the class. Although she was just in the third grade, she already had a pair of thick glasses on her face. When the female classmates in the class saw that she looked like this, and could still sit at the same table with Mo Chenrui they were very unconvinced, so they were not very friendly to Xiang Qing. But Xiang Qing didn’t mind, she took her pen to write and calculate in the notebook every day, living in her own small world.

 Xiang Qing’s grades were very good, she was the first to finish each test, and she scored 100 points every time. Mo Chenrui’s grades were not so good. Although he didn’t fail, he didn’t score more than 80 points.

 But he did not really want to score high marks, anyway, his talent was looking handsome. He glanced at Xiang Qing, sitting with two small pigtails beside him, whose eyes were completely blocked by lenses, and felt that God was fair.

 “What are you looking at?” Xiang Qing who had been drawing pictures, suddenly asked. She usually didn’t like to talk to other classmates-although Mo Chenrui thought that mainly nobody wants to talk to her, but now she had taken the initiative to talk to him, so Mo Chenrui was still a little surprised: “Nothing.”

 He turned his head away after speaking. At this time, the flower of their class ran over: “Mo Chenrui, let’s go outside and play, OK.”

 “No.” Even with the class flower, Mo Chenrui was equally cold.

 Xiao Banhua (the class flower) seemed to have been hit, and she started to pull on his arm like a spoiled child: “Come, they are all outside, it’s fun.”

 Mo Chenrui was entangled helplessly, so he pulled back his hand and pointed to Xiang Qing’s workbook: “If you can understand what she’s writing, I’ll go out with you.”

 “Really?” Xiao Banhua’s eyes flashed and she pulled Xiang Qing’s notebook from under Xiang Qing’s still writing hand. After a pause, she said nothing.

 “Well, what were you writing?” Xiao Banhua made no secret of the disgust in her eyes, and directly threw the notebook back in front of Xiang Qing. Xiang Qing pushed the glasses on her face, straightened the book and continued to write: “Synopsis function, based on your IQ, you won’t understand it even after high school.”

 Although Xiao Banhua didn’t understand her words, but she understood that she was being scolded. So she started crying, and Mo Chenrui frowned in speechlessness. Her crying drew the teacher. The teacher touched her head comfortably, and asked, “Huahua, why are you crying?”

 “Xiang Qing scolded me!” Huahua pointed at Xiang Qing as if pointing at a heinous sinner.

 “I didn’t, I was just stating the facts.” Xiang Qing continued to write in the notebook, without lifting her eyes. The teacher also knew about this genius girl. She glanced at her notebook, and she was a little dumbfounded. It was all high school functions. It was definitely a nightmare for many high school students, but this seven-year-old girl was doing them as if just playing.

 She knew that Xiang Qing was isolated by her classmates. She thought this was probably the genius that was destined to be lonely. _(:3∠)_

Seeing that the teacher did not criticize Xiang Qing, Huahua cried harder. The teacher had no choice but to ask Mo Chenrui , “Mo Chenrui, did Xiang Qing scold Huahua?”

 “I didn’t hear it.”

 Teacher “…”

This was also a little ancestor, and he was a fan of King Mo at the age of eight.

 When Huahua saw Mo Chenrui speak for Xiang Qing, she cried even more uncontrollably. The teacher took her out with a headache, and Mo Chenrui breathed a sigh of relief until the voice disappeared outside the corridor. He glanced at Xiang Qing with her head down, and couldn’t help but frown again: “What’s the point of writing this all day long?”

 Xiang Qing finally stopped writing and glanced at Mo Chenrui’s 83-point maths test paper: “People like you who spend all their nutrition on their faces, of course won’t understand.”

 Mo Chenrui: “…”

He pulled a corner of his mouth and smiled: “It’s better than being an ugly monster who can’t be married..”

Xiang Qing started crying with tears falling on her face, without warning.

Mo Chenrui was taken aback. This speed of tears could not even be matched by his father.

 “Why are you crying?” Mo Chenrui was flustered by her crying. Could it be that crying was contagious? How come these little girls started crying at the drop of a hat!

 Xiang Qing didn’t know why she was crying. Some naughty boys in the class often said that she was ugly. She never took it to heart. But now that Mo Chenrui said that, she was so sad that she wanted to cry.

 “Well, don’t cry, it’s my fault.” Mo Chenrui apologized, but Xiang Qing couldn’t stop crying.

 “What’s the big deal, if you can’t marry anybody; I’ll marry you, OK?”

 Xiang Qing choked for a few times, and finally stopped crying. Mo Chenrui impatiently took out a tissue and took off the glasses on her face.

 “What happened?” Xiang Qing looked at him with red eyes.

 “It’s nothing.” Mo Chenrui took a tissue and wiped her face. He didn’t expect this little girl to look pretty with her glasses off.

 After this episode, Xiang Qing continued to write her calculations. Mo Chenrui supported his chin and looked at her for a long time, and finally said, “You look good without glasses.”

 Xiang Qing’s pen nib stopped, and it took a long time to say, “I can’t see clearly without glasses.”

Mo Chenrui looked at her slightly red ears, and couldn’t help but smile: “You can wear contact lenses when you grow up. Wear glasses for now.”

 “Oh.” Xiang Qing replied. , she continued to draw on the notebook, but this time, the beautiful eyes of Mo Chenrui were drawn.

With this, we come to the end of the book. I know, pretty short, for me at least, I just translated 2 chapters but I enjoyed them a lot. Hope you enjoyed them too….

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[1] Indecent conversation or phone sex, I guess.

[2] Chen Qingyang’s pen name.

[3] Bian Lian or face-changingis an ancient Chinese dramatic art that is part of the more general Sichuan opera. Performers wear brightly colored costumes and move to quick, dramatic music. They also wear vividly colored masks, typically depicting well known characters from the opera, which they change from one face to another almost instantaneously with the swipe of a fan, a movement of the head, or wave of the hand.

[4] They are bound together by fate.

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