GMMG Ch. 77

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Although Mo Zhen’s wedding was low-key, there were still many rumours about the wedding. For example, the stylist for the wedding was the goddess An Yian. Or the stars present at the wedding were so many that it looked like a red carpet event, and how the new couple are very affectionate.

After the hearts of the fans had been tested again and again, they felt that they could calmly face any happy Weibo posted by King Mo.

But today King Mo once again challenged their tolerance limit.

Mo Zhen v: Today I accompanied my wife to the hospital for a physical examination. The doctor said that I will be a father soon. Please bless me. 🙂

 “Hahahahahaha bless you, you are about to enter a ten-month period of abstinence! [bye bye]”

 “I wish you a happy time with five girls [bye bye]”

 “I heard that men have a very high rate of cheating during pregnancy. Next, you can publish the divorce certificate [bye bye]”

 “I think it’s pretty hard for an idol like you [bye bye]”

 Mo Zhen patiently read the comments of the fans, and then posted another Weibo.

 Mo Zhen v: Don’t lie to me. The doctor clearly said that it can be done in three months. ╭(╯^╰)╮

The majority of fans: …

Auntie, why do I like this person! Not even leaving pregnant women alone, beast!

 Li Yan also saw Mo Zhen’s Weibo, and her face showed black lines of consternation. King Mo’s style of posting this year had changed drastically! What’s more, he hadn’t lost any followers even like this; it was not scientific at all!


 The lid of the laptop was closed, and Mo Zhen stood behind Li Yan, looking a little dissatisfied: “The doctor said, you should have less contact with electronic products now. By the way, your mobile phone should not be used in the future. “

Li Yan: “…”

Damn, just don’t let the Internet connect with the cell phone, you don’t also have to confiscate it.

Puffed up after lying down on the bed with the quilt, Li Yan turned her back to Mo Zhen. Mo Zhen felt a little helpless, as he bent down and rubbed her hair: “A Yao, we now have a baby, you cannot be stupid any longer, and in particular, you must be very careful when walking.”

 Li Yan: “……”

This auntie wanted a divorce!

 Pregnancy was a very hard thing, for both Li Yan and Mo Zhen. Li Yan had to face a series of pregnancy reactions such as morning sickness and swelling, while what Mo Zhen had to face were the sad days where something could seen but not be eaten.

Recently, Mo Zhen appeared in front of the camera with a dissatisfied face. Fans were very pleased to see it.

Li Yan’s expected delivery date was in March, which was a season of recovery[1]. As soon as March started, Mo Zhen turned down almost all the jobs that could be turned down, staring nervously at Li Yan all day long. Li Yan had been under very strict supervision over the past ten months. Even when the editor-in-chief Zhou said that he wanted to take a set of photos for maternity clothes, Mo Zhen refused with a cold face.

In fact, she had really wanted to take the pictures. She had heard that many pregnant women would spend money to go to photo studios to take art photos. Now someone was giving her money to take her pictures, but this guy refused. The point was, she was really bored staying at home every day.

Now that she had finally entered the due month, she felt that she was finally going to be free.

And this little life was finally born under everyone’s expectations. After King Mo handled everything in the hospital, he immediately posted a Weibo.

Mo Zhen v: I became a father smoothly. He is a son, as handsome as me. 🙂


Although there were many unhappy fans, they did not laugh at him this time. After all, the birth of a little life was a joyful thing. Although unwilling, everyone still said many blessings to him. 

The son’s official name was given by Mo Zhen, named Mo Chenrui, and his nickname was given by Li Yan, named Ruirui.

Many artists in the circle also sent congratulatory messages. Looking at Li Yan who was still sleeping on the hospital bed, King Mo almost melted into a pool of happiness.

When Mo Zhen heard this nickname for the first time, there was a little bit of confusion in his heart. Wouldn’t this name be too perfunctory?

But thinking about his A Yao’s IQ, she could probably only come up with this kind of nickname.

Mo Chenrui looked very good. He was very beautiful even when he was just three years old. Especially his eyes, which were as bright as the stars in the sky. Li Yan was very worried that he would harm countless girls like his father when he grew up.

However, Mo Zhen mentioned it intentionally or unintentionally, that he did not intend to let his son take the path of the entertainment industry. After all, he knew how hard this road was. He still hoped that his children could enjoy ordinary childhoods.

Therefore, until Mo Chenrui was three years old, none of the media had ever photographed him. There were only pictures which King Mo had posted on Weibo, all of which were before he was one year old.

But how could the media give up on the son of King Mo, they didn’t even need any news; just publishing his photo would be enough to make headlines! Thinking about how good his parents’ genes were, they knew that the kid Mo Chenrui must be very good-looking!

Not only the media, but also many celebrity directors and advertisers wanted to look for Ruirui to audition, but they were all rejected by King Mo. If his son wanted to enter the entertainment industry in the future, he would not firmly oppose it, but at least he did not want his childhood to be spent living under the spotlight.

Because King Mo was busy with work, Ruirui basically spent all his time with Li Yan, so he was very attached to his mother. Even when he wore clothes, she must make him wear them for him to feel comfortable.

“Mom, mom, are you up! Li Yan, are you up!” Early in the morning, Mo Chenrui grabbed his little clothes and knocked on Li Yan’s door desperately. Li Yan was woken up and wanted to push someone beside her to go and open the door, but after pushing for a moment, she remembered that her family Zhenzhen had gone abroad to film and would not be back until next week.

There was no other way, she had to get up in a daze and open the door for him.

“Mom, help me dress.” Mo Chenrui ran into the room, holding a small coat and looking at her eagerly. She wanted to educate him to wear his own clothes, but her heart softened when she saw him, so she picked up the clothes and put them on for him.

“Mom, you made me wear it upside down!” The kid Mo Chenrui saved himself from the clothes, and put on the clothes by himself. After getting dressed, Li Yan glanced at him with satisfaction and squatted down. After that, she kissed him on his face, “Ruirui is so handsome!”

Mo Chenrui also kissed his mother’s face. One kiss: “Mom is so beautiful too!” He said, after which he gave another kiss on the other side of her face. Normally, his father would not let him kiss his mother when he was there. Now he must kiss a few more times while his father was away.

After washing, the two went downstairs to have breakfast. Thinking of going to Grandpa Zeng’s house today, Mo Chenrui ate very fast. Every time he went to Grandpa Zeng’s house, he got to spend the afternoon in the martial arts gym.

 “Mom, I’ve finished eating.” Mo Chenrui raised his cup and gulped it down, indicating to his mother that he didn’t even have a drop of milk in his cup left.

“Hmm.” Seeing that his plate was empty, Li Yan also finished her own food in two or three bites, “Ruirui, go and see if the car has come. I will clean up here and then we can leave.”

 “Okay.” Mo Chenrui slid off his chair, and saw that the taxi had just stopped at the door when he opened the door. Although they were married and had children, Mo Zhen still refused to let Li Yan drive.

 “Mom, hurry up.” Mo Chenrui stood at the door and urged. Li Yan was too lazy to wash the dishes, so she came out after wiping her hands.

 “Mom, I am going to learn how to fight with Big Brother today.” Mo Chenrui sat on Li Yan’s lap and looked at her with his head up.

 Li Yan’s mouth twitched, thinking about how he would fight with his small body, when others could throw him out with just the collar. Seeing that his mother didn’t speak, Mo Chenrui became unhappy: “The big brother said that he wants to teach me.”

 The big brother in his mouth was actually Li Yan’s big brother, but he always yelled at her.

 “Well, big brother is amazing, let him teach you.” Li Yan adjusted his collar, and Mo Chenrui laughed.

 When he arrived at the martial arts gym, Mo Chenrui rushed in. Although Li Yan is still working as Mo Zhen’s assistant, because she still needed to take care of this little guy, she couldn’t follow him 24 hours a day like before. She didn’t even accompany him to film abroad this time.

 However, in her free time, she came to the martial arts gym to serve as a self-defence coach, and sometimes she would take a few photos for the magazine. Although she had given birth to a child, Li Yan’s figure had completely recovered, and she was only 26 years old this year, still very young.

 Because they had heard that Mo Chenrui was coming today, several little girls nearby all ran to the martial arts gym to play. When they saw Mo Chenrui, their faces turned red.

 Although Mo Chenrui liked to act coquettishly and talked a lot in front of Li Yan, he was very quiet and cold outside.

 It’s exactly like his father.

 Li Yan was teaching female students in the martial arts gym, and she did not notice when Mo Chenrui ran out. When he ran into the yard, he saw a little girl was crying. He frowned and walked over and asked her, “Why are you crying?”

The tone was cool, but when the little girl raised her head and saw him, her tears stopped immediately: “I’m lost, I can’t find where my house is.”

 Mo Chenrui’s eyebrows became furrowed again, so stupid, just like his mother: “Don’t cry, I’ll take you to find your house.” She followed Mo Chenrui. The big brother who followed him out saw him pulling a crying little girl out, and couldn’t help but snort in his heart, this little devil is even more of a thief than his father, and had started chasing little girls at such a young age.

 But thinking that the security in this area was very good, and the little girl also lived nearby, he didn’t catch up to them.

 Along the way, Mo Chenrui listened to the description of the little girl next to him. It was the first time she had come to the martial arts gym, and she was dragged here by other children. He asked her what they were doing here, and the little girl honestly said to see a boy named Mo Chenrui.

 Mo Chenrui curled his lips, speechless. There were also little girls in the kindergarten who always liked to stare at him. In fact, he was quite worried about this.

 After going round and round, he finally sent the little girl home. The little girl was still unwilling to leave the corner of his clothes when leaving, making her mother embarrassed. Mo Chenrui withdrew the corner of his clothes and walked away smartly, but after two steps he found that he seemed to be lost now.

 When he walked to the intersection ahead, he looked around, thinking this wasn’t the way he and his mother came. Just as the child Mo Chenrui was in distress, his eyes suddenly lit up: “Dad?”

 He walked to the platform and shouted at Mo Zhen on the signboard: “Dad.”

 Of course, Mo Zhen ignored him.

 Mo Chenrui was not happy anymore, usually his father didn’t get close to him very much when he was at home. Now he was lost and he was ignoring him again. The little child Mo Chenrui stretched out his hand to pat on the signboard, and yelled again: “Dad!”

It didn’t make Mo Zhen pay attention, but it did attract the attention of a passerby. He came over and saw that this kid was very pretty, so he subconsciously wanted to get close to him: “Kid, what’s the matter with you?”

 Mo Chenrui glanced at him, ignored him, and continued to call Dad to the signboard. There was a trace of regret in the eyes of passers-by. It was a pity that this kid was so good-looking, but he was a fool.

 He smiled, trying to make himself look amiable: “Kid, are you looking for your dad? What’s your dad’s name, maybe uncle can help you find him?”

 Mo Chenrui turned around and finally talked to him. And said: “My father’s name is Mo Zhen.”

The passerby: “…”

He thought King Mo was really attractive, even such a small child was his fan.

 He slowed down and stretched out his hand to pull Mo Chenrui: “Uncle will take you to find Dad, okay?”

 “No.” Mo Chenrui withdrew his hand, “Mom said you can’t go with strangers.”

 Passerby thought, although this child is a little stupid, his parents have educated him quite well: “The uncle will take you to the police officer, okay?”

 He went to take Mo Chenrui again as he said. Just then a patrolling traffic police happened to pass by there. He saw this scene and immediately stopped in front of the platform: “Who are you? What do you want to do?” The passerby was suddenly asked.

 Comrade traffic police was looking at him suspiciously, thinking now there were endless incidents of missing children, and this child was so beautiful, this person must be evil!

 The passerby was very innocent: “He has been calling King Mo daddy, I just came to ask him if he needs help.”

The traffic police comrade looked at him suspiciously, and squatted down. He came to look at Mo Chenrui, “Child, what’s your name?”

 Mo Chenrui saw this man wearing a police uniform. His mother once told him that he should find a police officer uncle when he encountered difficulties, so he cooperated and said: “My name is Mo Chenrui, and Mo Zhen is my Dad.”

 Traffic policeman: “…”

The passerby raised his chin at the traffic policeman with an expression of “See.”

 The traffic police persevered and said: “Do you remember your Dad’s phone number?”

 Mo Chenrui thought for a while and said, “I remember my mother’s phone number.”

 It was easy if he remembered the phone number. The traffic police took out his phone and let Mo Chenrui say the number. As soon as the call was connected, Mo Chenrui snatched the call: “Mom, I saw Dad!”

 “Ah?” Li Yan was stunned, “Isn’t he filming in France? Where did you see him?”

 “At the intersection, he was with a beautiful sister, I called him but he ignored me!”

The traffic police and passers-by looked at the signboard of Mo Zhen and supermodel Ariel and went silent at the same time. No matter who his father was, they just wanted to mourn for him now.

 Li Yan on the other end of the phone was really angry, so regardless of the time difference, she directly dialed Mo Zhen’s number.

 Mo Zhen happened to be resting at that time. He glanced at the phone and answered, “A Yao, what’s the matter?” 

“Zhenzhen, where are you?”

 “I’m on the set?”

 “You are lying! Ruirui said he saw you with a beautiful sister!”

 Mo Zhen: “…”

He was silent for a while and asked: “Where did Ruirui see me?”

 “At the intersection!”

 “…Are you sure what he saw was not a signboard or something?”

 Li Yan: “…”

“Haha, I will ask again.” Li Yan hung up the phone quickly, found the number just now and called it back, but this time it was picked up by the traffic police.

 “Hello there.”

 Li Yan was stunned. It was then that she realized that she didn’t equip Mo Chenrui with a mobile phone. How could he have a phone?

 The traffic police saw that the other party did not speak, and continued: “Are you Mo Chenrui’s mother?”


 “He is with me now.”

 Li Yan: “…”

This was… he met a kidnapper?

 “I’m a police officer. We are at the bus stop at the intersection. Come and pick him up.” He handed in the name of the station and hung up the phone. Li Yan held the phone in a mixed mood. Wasn’t this comrade police officer afraid of being misunderstood?

 Li Yan soon arrived at the platform that the traffic police said. When Mo Chenrui saw her, he rushed up: “Mom!”

 Li Yan picked him up and looked at him a little displeased: “Ruirui, how are you? Did you come here alone?”

 “Well, I just sent a little girl home.” He didn’t want to tell his mother that he was lost, it was shameful!

 Comrade traffic police saw that she was such a young and beautiful mother. No wonder she would lose sight of the child and could not help but step forward and warn her. Li Yan responded with embarrassment, and Comrade Police drove away. Seeing that Li Yan was so young and beautiful, the passer-by couldn’t help telling her to chase stars less, or else even the child would be taken away.

 Li Yan: “…”

When everyone was gone, Mo Chenrui didn’t forget to complain: “Mom, look, Dad!”

 Li Yan followed his little hand and looked. It was Mo Zhen on a signboard. She poked Ruirui in the face and said, “This is an advertisement done by your father, not your father.”

 Mo Chenrui looked at her puzzledly, “What is an advertisement?” 

“An advertisement is… an advertisement.”

 Mo Chenrui “…”

Forget it, he would go to the kindergarten and ask his teacher.

 When Mo Chenrui was five years old, Mo Zhen finally accepted an interview with a magazine that had begun to request articles from Mo Chenrui’s birth. Until now, Mo Zhen had been moved by their persistence. However, the interview was also conditional. They would only be interviewed at home, and no photos were allowed.

 In spite of this, the reporter sister was almost crying with joy. With this exclusive interview, she would be promoted! And it was a great honour to see the child of King Mo!

 The five-year-old Mo Chenrui was a little taller than when he was three years old, and his eyebrows looked like Mo Zhen. He had already fascinated a large group of children in school, but he still loved to stick to Li Yan.

 The reporter sister’s heart melted when she saw him. This was simply a mini version of King Mo! She really wanted to go up and kiss him! =3=

Mo Chenrui had always been cool to outsiders. This time when he saw the reporters, he just continued being lazy in his mother’s arms and didn’t get up. Li Yan had to ask him to say hello before, so he said hello.

 The reporter sat down on the sofa next to him, took out the recording pen and notebook, made a short opening remark, and started asking prepared questions.

 “Little friend Ruirui, do you have any hobbies?”

 “Martial arts.”

 “Does Rui Rui prefer mom or dad?”



 “Because dad only kisses mom and not me.”

 Reporter: “…”

 She felt as if she had accidentally heard something terrible.

 Li Yan was also a little embarrassed; only Mo Zhen was sitting next to him was as if what he said was alright. After the interview, the reporter sister watched Mo Chenrui begging for a kiss from his mom, but his dad refused with a cold face.

 The reporter sister’s heart was broken. Why was he being treated so coldly when he was only five years old? Originally, she wanted to pretend that he was a smaller version of King Mo and ask him to kiss her QaQ.

 After sending away the reporter sister, Mo Zhen asked Mo Chenrui to return to his room. Mo Chenrui felt that his father wanted to bully his mother again. He didn’t get up from Li Yan’s arms and stared at him viciously, but he was defeated in the end.

 After losing, Mo Chenrui learned from it, and thought that next time he must let the big brother teach him more tricks, he did not believe that he couldn’t beat his father!

 After driving away Mo Chenrui, Mo Zhen also took Li Yan into their room. While kissing her lips, Mo Zheno stroked the black hair on her face: “A Yao, Ruirui is already five years old, we should give birth to a sister to accompany him.”

 Li Yan: “……”

“I don’t want to give birth; it hurts to have a baby. QaQ”

Mo Zhen smiled and threw her on the bed, and took a bite on her earlobe: “No pain, trust me.”

 Li Yan: “…”

Of course you don’t hurt, bastard!

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[1] I think they mean spring.

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