TMLVOS Ch. 51.2

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As soon as she finished speaking, Siyu watched Fifth Master Lu take out a small porcelain bottle, pour out a pill, and hand it over to her, beckoning her to take it, “Come by yourself.”

No, that must be terribly painful! Siyu resolutely shook her head and turned around to flee. Fifth Master Lu narrowed his eyes, put away the prayer beads, and stood up slowly. Siyu didn’t even see how he moved, and she was suddenly grabbed by her collar. As soon as Fifth Master Lu exerted his force, the escaped girl staggered onto the sofa. He lifted Siyu’s chin and made her open her mouth obediently, and then stuffed the pill in.

Siyu resisted, but when the tip of her tongue touched the pill, she was suddenly startled, Is this…sweet?

This turned out to be not a medicine, but a candy that she hadn’t known about. It tasted a bit greasy, but it was just right to neutralize the bitter taste in her mouth at this time.

Seeing that she was holding the candy in a daze, Fifth Master Lu unconsciously licked the corners of his lips, his original indifferent eyes gradually softened, “Didn’t you just feel too bitter?”

So, this was specifically to relieve her suffering? Siyu was really taken aback this time. Fifth Master Lu was suddenly so kind. To be honest, she was…a bit panicked.

“Fifth Master Lu, do you have anything else to say?” Siyu asked after holding back for a while.

“I don’t like you calling me like that.” Fifth Master Lu answered the question. He seemed to be addicted to playing with Siyu’s fingers, and now, he started playing with her again, and said quietly.

Siyu asked: “So what?”

Fifth Master Lu held her fingertips and was silent for a while, before saying, “…It’s nothing.”

Since, his parents passed away, the only one left in the Lu family was the well-known Fifth Master Lu. Year after year, year after year, this honorific name had become an existence that everyone avoided, but fewer and fewer people knew his real name. Until now, no one dared to mention it anymore. The world called him this way, with half respect and half fear, but he neither wanted Siyu to respect him, nor did he want her to fear him.

But, if that weren’t the case, he didn’t think about how to call it. After too many years, even he himself was not used to being called by others directly.

“My parents named me Yuanhe. Yuan has a profound meaning. The sum of yin and yang is He. They hoped that I can grow up in peace, because when I was young, they asked someone to test my fate and they said my fate was too terrible and they were afraid I would die, so they sent me to a Buddhist to practice, hoping to save my fate. Since then, until their death, I hadn’t seen them again, this name, there is no person who called me that again.” Fifth Master Lu turned the Buddhist beads habitually. He turned very slowly and spoke very slowly. When he recalled, his tone was emotionless, as if he was telling other people’s stories.

It was the first time Siyu heard about Fifth Master Lu’s life experience. In fact, she had asked Lu Xingzhou before, but Lu Xingzhou always vacillated and said that he was not clear.

No wonder Fifth Master Lu’s evil spirit was so heavy… Siyu’s eyes wandered around him, and finally the thick black energy hovering over his head. It was indeed impossible for ordinary people to live like him. It was so difficult.

Although, Siyu couldn’t find the slightest sign of sadness from Fifth Master Lu, but for some reason when he said that Siyu always felt uncomfortable, as if he was constantly scratching on her heart. Siyu couldn’t help but say, “The name Yuanhe… is pretty good.”

Fifth Master Lu glanced at her, pondered for a few seconds, and said, “I’m not used to other people calling me like this.”

Siyu, “…” Makes your mouth cheap!

However, the next second, Fifth Master Lu stopped turning the Buddha beads, and a smile appeared on his lips. He looked at Siyu and said, “But you can call this first, and wait until I get used to it.”

Listening again and again, he would be used to it, just like he liked to sleep with Siyu, then one day he would get used to the feeling of a person next to him when he opened his eyes. This little ostrich was too lazy and would not make a move, so he had to take the initiative to get used to it.

Fifth Master Lu was a busy person, so naturally he couldn’t stay for too long, so he was kindly invited back by Lu Xingzhou. It was rare for Siyu not to be filming, and to spend time at home with nothing to do. She originally wanted to work hard to update the comics, but when she picked up the paintbrush, she kept circling in her head on what Fifth Master Lu said.

So, she simply stopped, put on her clothes and planned to walk outside. She wondered, if it was the first time that someone else or a man came to sleep in her small room. Siyu now felt that Fifth Master Lu’s breath seems to have encroached on the entire space. No matter where she was, she felt wrong.

But, as soon as she went downstairs, Siyu saw a slender figure standing downstairs. He seemed to hear her going downstairs. The man turned around, his eyes were red, and his usual vigorous face was full of exhaustion. He looked like an eggplant beaten by frost.

“A Lin?” Siyu stopped and looked at her younger brother who suddenly appeared with a little surprise, “What’s wrong with you, haven’t you slept?”

Previously, Fifth Master Lu deliberately poured a drug into the ginger soup that Ji Lin was given by her. Siyu thought it would be okay at the time. After all, she didn’t want Ji Lin to see the ugly appearance of his biological parents. So, Ji Lin didn’t wake up so quickly. Why did he suddenly come to her?

“How long have you been here? Why don’t you come up?” Siyu stepped forward and shook Ji Lin’s hand. She found that his hand was cold, and he must have been standing in the wind for a long time, so, she hurriedly pulled him upstairs, “Let’s stop here and talk…”

Before the words fell, Ji Lin suddenly stretched out his hand to encircle Siyu, with his chin resting on her shoulder, like a tired bird returning home. After arriving at Siyu’s place, his tense nerves finally relaxed a little. After a long time, he screamed hoarsely, “…Sister.”

Siyu was confused by his sudden hug, but soon after returning to her senses, she raised her hand and patted his back comfortably, and asked patiently, “Did something happen to your house?”

Siyu was not stupid. At this point in time, Ji Lin looked frustrated with life. It looked like he came to look for her, it was probably because his biological parents had made some moths again.

Ji Lin stayed silent for long, and then as if he had made some decision, he whispered, “Sister, I know you don’t like my mom, and you don’t want to recognize her at all, but I heard what my parents said, they are now trying my best to recognize you back, sister, you don’t care about them, but… don’t ignore me, okay?”

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