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The first meeting between Chi Zheng and Xu Guang was not good. At that time, Chi Zheng was in junior high school. It was the peak of his rebellious period. With the identity of the second young master of the Chi family, he was always arrogant in class. Although Xu Guang was the only child in the family, his parents had a gentle personality, so Xu Guang had always been gentle.

At that time, Xu Guang’s second uncle had the most weight at home, and many people did not dare to offend him. The second uncle of the Xu family didn’t like the elder brother who pressed him everywhere, and even had a bad attitude towards Xu Guang.

In the beginning of Xu Guang’s junior high school, many people knew about the Xu family situation. Their parents were afraid of offending Second Uncle Xu. They secretly told their children not to talk to Xu Guang. The teachers in the school didn’t care about this child, so Xu Guang didn’t make any friends in his first year of the junior high school.

At the end of the year parent-teacher meeting, Mother Xu discovered the cold treatment her child had suffered at school.

This was the first time this gentle southern woman was tough and decisive. Before Second Uncle Xu could react, she transferred Xu Guang to another school.

In this way, Xu Guang transferred to Chi Zheng’s class in the second year of junior high. The cold reception for a year still affected Xu Guang. Although he did not feel inferior because of this, he was also used to being silent and feeling neglected.

So, when Xiaochi was standing at his desk, knocking on his desk seriously, and asking to worship the dock, Xu Guang was at a loss.

Chi Zheng was looking up and down at the new transfer student. When he was a child, Xu Guang had white skin, a little baby fat on his face, and a well-behaved hairstyle… Chi Zheng poked his mouth and thought that he looked like a good student. Was this the kind of good student who would stand tremblingly in front of you and tell you that it was not good to skip class.

The most annoying thing was that if this kind of person can’t beat you, he will go to the teacher to complain!

Chi Zheng hated this kind of person the most. He had always disliked boundations, coupled with him being in his rebellious period, it was even more important that he was allowed to do whatever he wanted to do. If it weren’t for the fact that he was given a severe lesson by Mother Chi yesterday, today it was estimated that he wouldn’t even know there was such a person in the class.

The thought of being taught by his mother yesterday and in front of his little brother made Chi Zheng feel irritable.

Chi Zheng looked at Xu Guang, who was ignorant, and suddenly smiled. He glanced at Xu Guang unkindly, and asked, “Your name is Xu Guang, right? Would you like to play with brother?”

Xu Guang hesitated for a while, then his eyes swept across Chi Zheng’s face. Although Chi Zheng had a smile on his face, Xu Guang keenly felt that this person was a little malicious towards him. Xu Guang couldn’t help being a little frustrated. People at the earlier school didn’t like him. He could still say that it was because of his second uncle, but it was obviously the first time the boy in front of him saw him, but he still didn’t like him.

Could it be that he was really so annoying?

Xu Guang pursed his lips, and the boy was still standing in front of him. Xu Guang hesitated for a moment, thinking that this might be what the boys meant about worshipping the dock. It might be a tradition in the class. If he refused, it might not be good, so he whispered, “That… okay.”

The voice was warm and moist. It was like a small hook…No, it was like a cat’s tail, which casually swept by your hand, and then dexterously avoided it when you wanted to touch it.

Chi Zheng stared at the curled hairs on top of Xu Guang’s head and wanted to pull at them. His attention dissipated for a moment before he realized that Xu Guang actually agreed.

Chi Zheng was dumbfounded. He didn’t expect that the obedient student in front of him would actually agree to it. He couldn’t help but look Xu Guang up and down with a little surprise.

It was the first time Xu Guang skipped class in his student life. Chi Zheng did not take him to any messy places, instead they went to a billiard hall. Along with Chi Zheng, there were a few people from the class. The owner of the billiard hall was also familiar with these young guests. He found them a separate private room and let them play.

It was the first time for Xu Guang to come to this kind of place. There was no smoke in the private room. There were only three billiard tables. There were a circle of slightly taller chairs and glass tables around, which seemed to be for you to see. The ball case’s height had been deliberately increased.

“Have you played?” Chi Zheng asked Xu Guang, holding his usual cue. Seeing that Xu Guang didn’t speak, he assumed that Xu Guang wouldn’t, so he picked up a bottle of drink from the side and drove people aside to sit down.

“Look at my shot! Isn’t that amazing!”

“Cut, it’s just blind, watch brother give you one.”

“Haha, you are not good at this.”

Xu Guang drank the juice obediently and sat down. On the side, watching a few boys play while fighting each other, he felt a little envious in my heart. He was the only child in the family, and because of Second Uncle Xu’s relationships, he had never had any friends, and naturally no one would fight with him so unrestrainedly.

Chi Zheng fought for a while, feeling a little tired, so he asked the other to take his place, ran to Xu Guang’s side, and drank half of Xu Guang’s drink.

Seeing that he didn’t care, Xu Guang swallowed what he wanted to remind him silently.

Chi Zheng drank half a bottle of drink before sighing contentedly.

“How about it, I’m great!” Chi Zheng looked at Xu Guang proudly.

Xu Guang looked at Chi Zheng and could clearly feel that the hostility of Chi Zheng had disappeared. Now Chi Zheng felt like a little milk dog trying to get petted, wagging his tail desperately to ask his owner to touch and hug him. Keep your thoughts in your head. Xu Guang calmly averted his gaze and nodded lightly, “Very powerful.”

Chi Zheng’s endless talk suddenly cut off. He raised the bottle in his hand and stared at Xu Guang, “You just what are you talking about?”

Xu Guang was puzzled, and repeated: “You play billiards very well.”

What he said was also true. After all, Chi Zheng was indeed the most powerful among this group of people. As soon as his voice fell, he saw Chi Zheng’s eyes brighten in front of him. He was just like a little milk dog that was praised. He almost leapt forward and licked… Xu Guang closed his eyes and began to think that he shouldn’t have a pet anymore.

“Really? Do you think I’m great?” Chi Zheng couldn’t help asking.

Xu Guang blinked, seeming to be aware of something, and coughed slightly, complimenting Chi Zheng’s handsomeness and precision in his shots. Sure enough, Chi Zheng looked happier.

Also… Was this coaxing? Xu Guang had such a feeling inexplicably.

Chi Zheng didn’t notice that the smile on his face was getting bigger and bigger. Because he was too skinny, Mother Chi would murmur every day that Chi Zheng was not obedient, nor did he study hard. Chi Zheng hadn’t heard such sincere compliments for a long time. Chi Zheng, who originally thought Xu Guang looked annoying, instantly changed his mind.

Xu Guang looked good and obedient, and he was easily bullied at first glance. He was so powerful, so he must protect him well!

Yes, he was the boss of the class, so he was naturally obliged to protect his own people.

Xiao Chi suddenly turned his head and said to Xu Guang earnestly, “I will protect you from now on!”

Xu Guang: ???

He had no idea that Chi Zheng had made up his own mind, but after that day, Chi Zheng would take Xu Guang wherever he went, and no one else was allowed to touch Xu Guang. Xu Guang had always been gentle. He never turned his face against Chi Zheng and would really praise Chi Zheng seriously. Chi Zheng felt that this period of time was simply the happiest time in his life.

Then…someone who didn’t have clear eyes ran into him.

The Xu Guang family’s affairs were not a secret, except that these people did not find Xu Guang this time, but secretly stopped Chi Zheng and warned him to stay away from Xu Guang in the future. At first, Chi Zheng thought that someone was trying to snatch Xu Guang from him, but the more he listened, the more he felt that something went wrong. What was this about Xu Guang being a dead star? What did it mean to be unlucky by staying with Xu Guang?

Chi Zheng was confused by this situation.

Those people just came to warn him and didn’t do anything to Chi Zheng. After all, Chi Zheng was still the second son of the Chi family, not weaker than the Xu family, and they did not dare to provoke him.

And this incident happened to be heard by Xu Guang.

Xu Guang hid at the corner of the wall, staring at a rock beside his feet with his head down. He was in that school before, and some people would play with him at first, but those people would eventually choose to stay away from him because of being threatened. Over time, Xu Guang learned not to look forward to it.

It was so smooth after the transfer, that he started to get overwhelmed. Xu Guang bit his lower lip. But it was not too late, it’s just… it’s just going back to the days before.

Xu Guang kicked the stone beside his feet, turned his head and ran in the opposite direction.

The day after Chi Zheng was threatened by these people, he went to ask Mother Chi about the Xu family. Only then did he know what the gentle boy had experienced. The thought of Xu Guang, who was always smiling so cutely, being squeezed out by a group of people, and only being able to sit alone in the corner, Chi Zheng was upset.

If he were in the earlier school with Xu Guang, he would definitely beat up those bastards one by one!

Chi Zheng didn’t sleep well that night, so he woke up early the next day and went to buy Xu Guang’s favorite breakfast. Chi Zheng’s mind was filled with Xu Guang taking it, and then thanking him softly, perhaps even complimenting him…

“No, I have already eaten.” Xu Guang lowered his head and looked at the textbook in his hand.

Chi Zheng was at a loss, feeling a little disappointed, but after another thought, he didn’t seem to have told Xu Guang that he would bring him breakfast.

“Okay…” Chi Zheng returned to his seat in disappointment.

Xu Guang stared at the textbook in front of him but couldn’t help but follow Chi Zheng with his gaze. Seeing that Chi Zheng’s tail was drooping, Xu Guang felt uncomfortable, but he thought that Chi Zheng would still break up with him in the future. He hardened his heart and pretended not to care.

“Going to play ball?”

“No, I will do the questions.”

“Go out and play?”

“No, the teacher will talk about papers in the next class.”

“Would you like to eat…”

“I have eaten, I will first go back to the classroom.”

Chi Zheng watched Xu Guang hug two books and hurry past him with his head down, the smile on his face disappeared little by little. He looked at Xu Guang’s back blankly, looking a little scary.

In the past few days, Xu Guang never went out with him, never looked for him, nor even said a few words. Chi Zheng was not stupid, he knew Xu Guang was hiding from him, but he couldn’t figure out where he provoked Xu Guang at all.

That’s right, Xu Guang had such a good temper. He had never been angry with anyone, but now he had a temper with him. It must be his own unshielded words, which made Xu Guang angry.

But the key was which sentence was it?!!!!

Chi Zheng thought about the events of the past few days several times.

Could it be that he was upset when he snatched Xu Guang’s milk tea last time? But didn’t Xu Guang not like to drink sweet things?

Or did he just hug Xu Guang in spite of his stinky sweat when he played last time? But Xu Guang looked very happy at the time?

Could it be that he didn’t go to the bathroom with him? But… Chi Zheng was a little awkward and didn’t know why. He didn’t care about going with other people, but when he thought of taking off his pants in front of Xu Guang, there was something… not quite right.

Was Xu Guang really angry because of this?

Chi Zheng pondered, taking advantage of the end of another class, he touched Xu Guang’s desk and looked at Xu Guang with bright eyes, “Go, go to the bathroom with brother.”

Xu Guang: “…no, thank you.”

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