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Because Lu Chengyu spent 50 to 60 million yuan for the family members of the flight victims, he became famous again, but because he was not a person in the entertainment industry, he did not like to make a name by speculation, so, he did not accept any interviews with the reporters. After a day of rest, he went to work in the company.

Although he was in the crew this month, Cao Jingshen emailed him any work that he needed to handle. The two cooperated very tacitly. But, when the employees of Huading faced Lu Chengyu, they didn’t know what attitude they should use?

Should they call Lu Chengyu special assistant or the second boss? Some time ago, because Lu Chengyu was not in the company, the personnel department finally arranged two temporary assistants for the boss, and Lu Chengyu became the special assistant. Everyone now knew that Lu Chengyu has made hundreds of millions with his own ability, and he had a close relationship with those family princes in the capital. They all felt that it was amazing that Lu Chengyu was still willing to be a special assistant, and that he must really love their boss.

Therefore, when Lu Chengyu and Yan Mu appeared together at the company, he received the most enthusiastic looks from his colleagues. Even some of the colleagues who were usually familiar with him had strange eyes.

After entering the elevator, Lu Chengyu coughed, “My colleagues seem to be very enthusiastic today.”

“It’s probably been a long time since they have seen you,” Yan Mu said unchanged, “We will inspect the branch in two days. Would you like to see the newly replaced financial manager in the company?”

“I have read his profile.” Lu Chengyu knew that the previous person had some problems, and was “invited” out of the company by Yan Mu, so, the new financial manager took the position, Lu Chengyu checked the person’s information and said, “It’s appropriate.”

Yan Mu nodded. After reaching the floor, the two got out of the elevator and walked to the president’s office. When passing by the office area outside, Lu Chengyu found out that there were people sitting in the cubicle outside. He glanced briefly, then withdrew his gaze, “Are these two new assistants arranged by the Personnel Department?”

After taking a casual glance, Yan Mu opened the door of the office and said, “Well, they usually work here, which is equivalent to your assistant. If you need to run errands, let them do it.” These two people, though, there was no problem with their identities, but their working ability was far from that of Lu Chengyu, so Yan Mu was unwilling to let these two people do something important.

Lu Chengyu understood the meaning of Yan Mu’s words. Seeing the two assistants stand up, he smiled at them, “Thanks for your work.”

Both assistants were young men in their twenties. Seeing Lu Chengyu smile at them, they had the impression that he was a very gentle and polite person. After, Lu Chengyu and Yan Mu entered the office, they looked at each other and breathed a sigh of relief. To put it bluntly, their current position was originally the vacancy of Lu Chengyu, as he was on leave. If Lu Chengyu’s mind was small, the two of them would have no place left. However, looking at the appearance of Special Assistant Lu now, it seemed that he had no particular dislike for them, so they were more at ease.

After entering the president’s office, Lu Chengyu glanced at the office that had hardly changed, “The two assistants outside look very tender.”

“They are two years older than you,” Yan Mu checked the desktop, from the safe behind him. He took out two documents and handed them to Lu Chengyu, “Shengrong Company has started to take action.”

Lu Chengyu took a look at the document and found that it was all about Shengrong Company’s recent movements. After a general glance, he frowned and said, “Sheng Shaoyuan is very ambitious.”

“If you do business without ambition, you can’t do it.” Yan Mu also gave another document to Lu Chengyu, with a similar awkward emotion on his face. “This is also true. It’s for you.”

Lu Chengyu saw that he was not looking right, and he took the documents in a puzzled way. It turned out to be two copies of the real estate certificate. The owner’s column read the names of him and Yan Mu. It was the big villa and small villa where he and Yan Mu lived. After closing the file, Lu Chengyu looked at Yan Mu with a smile and asked, “Are you bringing your own dowry?”

Yan Mu: “…”


After knocking on the door for a few seconds, Cao Jingshen leaned out half of his body from the door, “I didn’t disturb you, did I?” He ignored the expressions of Yan Mu and Lu Chengyu, and put several reports on the desk, “These are the latest information of Shengrong Company.” Speaking of this, he looked to Lu Chengyu, “I heard that President Shengrong has recently been interested in the entertainment industry and invested in a large-scale production movie, the time it takes for the movie to be released, and the two you invested in, the time is almost the same.”

Lu Chengyu raised his eyebrows, “Isn’t he a real estate player, he can still be seen as a bit of scum in the entertainment industry?”

“With your successful example, the circle has been very interested in investing in movies recently,” Cao Jingshen pushed up his glasses, “A movie made hundreds of millions of dollars, who wouldn’t be jealous?” He glanced at Lu Chengyu, “You have good luck.”

“Hehe, then I’m so sorry to everyone.” Lu Chengyu laughed twice, but kept Sheng Shaoyuan’s affairs in his heart. He don’t know if Sheng Shaoyuan was too affectionate. He always felt that Sheng Shaoyuan was always ready to fight him.

He raised his head and glanced at Yan Mu. He didn’t mention the real estate matter anymore. Instead, he smiled and said, “I’m going back to the office first, what’s the matter for me.”

Seeing his expression as usual, Yan Mu didn’t mean to refuse, and the corners of his mouth were slightly raised, “Okay, don’t be too tired.”

Cao Jingshen on one side pushed his glasses and thought, this is the difference between family and outsiders. He, an outsider, had been with the boss for years, and he never saw the boss talk to him this gently. In this way, it could be seen that people were incomparable.

Seeing Lu Chengyu out of the president’s room, Cao Jingshen followed out, and then patted Lu Chengyu on the shoulder and said, “Although there is a blessing if you survive a catastrophe, you should be careful in the future.” Probably because of the cousin’s wedding, he saw how indifferent Lu Chengyu’s relatives were to Lu Chengyu, so, he took more care of Lu Chengyu. After seeing the news of the plane crash the day before yesterday, he thought that Lu Chengyu was really on the plane and he was sad. Later, he saw that Lu Chengyu was fine and was relieved by his appearance at the airport.

“People say that the scourge does not leave for a thousand years,” Lu Chengyu smiled and grabbed Cao Jingshen’s neck, “I must be long-lived for a thousand-years.”

Cao Jingshen was taken aback by his actions. He hurriedly looked back at the door of the president’s room and said, “Don’t move your hands. If the boss sees me, I will not be able to clean myself, even if I jump into the Yellow River.”

Lu Chengyu made a cut, and after strangling him hard, he withdrew his hand, “We have hooked our arms around each other often. When would Brother Mu be put in your shoes, your eyes are getting smaller.” After that, he smiled and entered his office with the folder in one hand, leaving Cao Jingshen with a cool back.

Pushing his eyes, Cao Jingshen sighed silently. It was because the boss had such a personality that it was especially scary when he was jealous. Xiao Lu was still too young.

Although, he didn’t come to the company for a month, when Lu Chengyu dealt with work matters, he was still as straightforward as usual, and he gave the other two assistants a lively lesson. Although, the two of them had lived two or three years in mainland China, they were indeed far behind with their working ability. In just half a day, they had to be convinced by Lu Chengyu’s ability.

At lunch time, after Lu Chengyu and Yan Mu appeared in the company cafeteria, they attracted a lot of onlookers. The employees who didn’t think there was anything between them before felt that they had missed many wonderful things before. They had good friendship with Special Assistant Lu. Why didn’t they see it before?

Cao Jingshen, who often joined the two people for meals, also sat separately today instead of being a light bulb. Instead, he sat with a few people from the same department for his meal. He also had to deal with inquiries from a few colleagues from time to time, and even ate lunch with them.

Just after Lu Chengyu and Yan Mu had eaten, Lu Chengyu received a call from his second uncle. It turned out that Lu Liang was getting married the day after tomorrow. The second uncle wanted to make the wedding more beautiful, so, he wanted him to drive a luxury car.

Although Lu Chengyu had a normal relationship with his second uncle, in his memory, his second uncle was indeed a face-saving person. For his cousin Lu Liang’s affairs, he was actually willing to open this mouth to him. It seemed that the bride’s family conditions must be better than Lu Liang’s family.

He didn’t have much friendship with his relatives now, but, Lu Liang had a good relationship with him when he was a child, and it was something he was very happy with. He took his cell phone and said, “Okay, I’ll drive the car to the wedding company ahead of time.”

Second Uncle Lu himself probably felt a little embarrassed. After repeatedly thanking him, he added, “If your friend with the surname Yan is free, please also invite him to enjoy the bar for a drink.”

“Okay, I’ll tell him.” Lu Chengyu knew that his affair with Yan Mu was a big deal. It’s impossible for the Lu family to not know, but, he didn’t need to explain this to them. After a few polite words, he hung up the phone.

After he hung up the phone, Yan Mu frowned and said, “Your relatives?” He didn’t have a good impression of those relatives in Lu Chengyu’s family. He and Lu Chengyu had known each other for so long, and Lu Chengyu had been in the hospital several times, but he didn’t see those relatives. The ones who have visited were only one or two juniors. But when it came to this kind of matter, they didn’t forget Lu Chengyu.

“Well,” Lu Chengyu took a sip of hot drink, “I will drive our luxury car to meet the wedding party the day after tomorrow.”

Yan Mu’s expression suddenly changed a bit after hearing the words our, trying to make his eyes less rippling, “There is a car in our garage, just drive it, do we need to join the party?”

Lu Chengyu: “…”

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