PPM Ch. 100: Seems very Grand!!!

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“You’re right in what you said. I just think it’s very troublesome to find other girls, and you happen to be the closest to me, so I asked you to be my girlfriend.”

“It’s duplicitous.” Li Shengxia said: “Don’t you just want me to help you fool around in front of your relatives and friends? Don’t worry, I can still help with this. It’s just that we agreed that after you meet the protagonist, I have to leave.”

If she let Mo Nianchen down, she would be slashed by a thousand swords.

Tan Qing smiled lightly and stopped talking and focused on driving.

“It’s here.”

Tan Qing parked the car in the parking lot of the Imperial Hotel.

A feast was being held in the lobby on the top floor of the Imperial Hotel.

Gentlemen in tuxedos and ladies in dresses were talking.

“Trouble, borrow it.” There were also waiters who poured cocktails for VIPs.

“Why hasn’t the protagonist of today arrived yet?”

“Maybe there was a delay.”

On the other side. Mo Nianchen was pacing back and forth in the room, and a few hairy boys were talking to him at the same time.

“A Chen, how’s our sister-in-law’s side? When will she be here? We originally set the opening time at 7:30, but now it’s past the opening time. If you don’t go to the first dance, the banquet can’t start.” Jiang Youxi said.

“Eight thirty.” Mo Nianchen said.

Ouyang raised his eyebrows: “Isn’t that delaying the banquet for at least an hour?”

“She just has to get there before the old man.” Mo Nianchen said. “It should be almost time, I’ll pick her up.”

Cheng Zheng stopped him and asked, “A Chen, do you really want to introduce her to the Emperor Tai Shang this time?”

Mo Nianchen didn’t speak.

Ling Tian glanced at him thoughtfully.

Jiang Youxi stood up: “You are the protagonist of today, otherwise I’ll go pick up sister-in-law. You can find someone to dance the first dance.”

“How can I dance the first dance with an irrelevant person?” Mo Nianchen said frowning in displeasure, he said, “I’ll go as soon as she comes. You guys help me take care of the scene first, and try to delay the opening time as much as possible.”

On the other side.

The lobby on the top floor of the Imperial Hotel.

Things were completely different from what Li Shengxia imagined…

“Didn’t you say that it was a simple banquet held by your relatives and friends? Why… it seems to be very grand?”

“It’s the birthday of a friend of my father’s son, he has something to take care of. I don’t want to leave, so I must come.”

“Didn’t you say that the show will start at half past seven? It’s almost eight o’clock, why hasn’t the protagonist come yet?”

“Maybe something has been delayed,” Tan Qing said. “It should be possible to start at eight o’clock. As soon as I meet him, we will leave.”

“That’s fine.” Tan Qing said so, and Li Shengxia had to wait.

“Hey, isn’t this designer Tan?” An Italian man in a dress walked over, “Your girlfriend?”

Just as Tan Qing was about to answer, she heard Li Shengxia blurt out…

“No.” Li Shengxia immediately said, “I’m his female companion for today.”

“Female companion? Designer Tan never brings a female companion to a banquet.” The man looked at Li Shengxia with a half-smile.

He turned his head and said to Tan Qing: “La tua ragazza è molto bella. (Your girlfriend is very beautiful).”

Sei anche molto bello. (You are also very handsome).” Li Shengxia returned.

The other party was amazed, “Do you know Italian?” He thought that there were not many people who learned Italian, and she might not understand it, but he didn’t expect that she would answer fluently.

“A little bit.” Li Shengxia said with a smile.

The other person gave Li Shengxia a thumbs up, “You’re great.”

“Thank you.”

After that, the man patted Tan Qing’s shoulder and blinked at him with a half-smile, as if to say he was optimistic about them, and then turned around leave.

“Am I doing well?” Li Shengxia raised her eyebrows and said to Tan Qing.

“Well, you barely passed the test.”

“You are too tough.” Li Shengxia thought of something and asked, “Did you really never bring a female companion to the banquet before?”

“Of course, I don’t want to find a female companion casually, as a result, people were talking behind my back and saying, ‘That big designer Tan’s vision is so bad’.”

Li Shengxia smiled softly, “You mean, you have been waiting for a beautiful and smart female partner like me for a long time.”

Tan Qing pretended to look at Li Shengxia seriously, and smiled lightly: “It’s still extremely arrogant and narcissistic.”

“It’s really rare that you admit my beauty and intelligence.”

“Then do you have the image of my poisonous tongue in your heart? Has it changed a little?”

“Yes.” Li Shengxia made a gesture and said with a smile, “A little bit.”

At the same time, someone saw Tan Qing and Li Shengxia chatting and laughing together, so holding a cocktail, she walked over, ‘accidentally’ bumped into Li Shengxia and spilled the wine on her dress.

Although Li Shengxia moved very fast, she was still accidentally drenched!

“Ah, I’m sorry, are you okay?” said the girl who bumped into Li Shengxia, while wiping the wine stains on her dress.

But she was obviously just pretending, the wine stains couldn’t be wiped clean, and there were more and more wine stains on her dress.

At this moment, Tan Qing grabbed the girl and frowned seriously: “Xiangxiang! Why are you here?”

“Brother…” The girl pretended to look at him in surprise, then glanced at Li Shengxia and said, “Why didn’t you ask me to be your female companion when you came here?”

She grabbed his arm with her backhand, “Anyway, we are not related by blood, what does it matter.”

Tan Qing pushed her entanglement away and said to Li Shengxia; “Sorry, Li Shengxia, this is my sister Tan Xiang, she is very reckless. Are you okay?”

Li Shengxia shook her head, “It’s okay, I’ll go to the bathroom.”

Tan Xiang looked at Li Shengxia strangely, until she turned into the direction of the bathroom, Tan Xiang turned her face and asked Tan Qing: “Brother, shouldn’t you not have a girlfriend?”

“It is not your place to worry about my affairs. You should just worry about your own affairs.”

“But… I don’t want you to have a girlfriend, I hate that you have a girlfriend…”

“Enough.” Tan Qing interrupted Tan Xiang, “I don’t know why you are here, but leave early.”

In fact, she came for him. She finally found him… but he actually wanted to drive her away…

“I’m not going anywhere, I’m here to find you! I’m going to live with you tonight. If you don’t take me in, I’ll be sleeping in front of your house.”

“You are a girl, can you be a little bit ashamed?”

“Do you like her?” Tan Xiang said angrily.

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