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Seeing that her voice was a little high, and to avoid attracting attention, Tan Qing pulled her wrist and walked towards a place with few people.

Tan Xiang walked with him like this, and she had the illusion that they were running away, and she couldn’t help but feel happy.

He pulled her to a place with few people before letting go of her and said seriously: “Tan Xiang, I don’t care what you are thinking, it is impossible for me to be with you even if you die, go your own way. Live your life. Don’t ask me to say it again.”

“Brother…” Tan Xiang almost burst into tears when she heard what he said. “Why can you talk and laugh with any woman, but you are so indifferent and serious to me! I’m the one closest to you, right?”

Tan Qing frowned and said coldly: “Will you make me directly tell you to ‘go away’, or will you leave wisely?”

Tan Xiang looked at his indifferent eyebrows, remembering the bright smile she had seen when he saw Li Shengxia just now, her heart became sour, she bit her lips, and said a few words tremblingly: “Okay, I’ll get out! As you wish, I’ll get out now!”

Before Tan Xiang finished speaking, she could no longer restrain her emotions, and she started crying and ran away. It’s a pity, no matter how slow she ran, that person didn’t catch up…

Tan Qing stood there and looked at the back, a strange feeling passing through his heart.

He frowned deeply, unable to smooth the folds between his brows for a long time.

The other side.

Li Shengxia was washing the skirt in the bathroom, but there were too many wine stains, and it couldn’t be washed.

She looked at the glass mirror in the bathroom and carefully studied the structure of the dress, which was so ingeniously designed that it looked like it was made by a famous artist.

Hope she didn’t blame her for ruining the design.

Li Shengxia had no other choice, so she made a bold decision.

She lowered her head and tore the hem of her skirt.

Her professional level made the angle of her tearing off the skirt perfect.

The long skirt had turned into a short skirt. Although it didn’t have the ethereal and glamorous feeling from just now, it had a peculiar youthful vigor.

Not bad, but she was afraid it didn’t match the theme of this banquet. However, she couldn’t control much anymore, she won’t stay for long and will leave, she just had to hope that no one would notice her.

Li Shengxia left the bathroom, wondering if it was her own illusion. She felt that many people were looking at her…

Did she tear her skirt too short?

She clearly wanted to let them not pay attention to himself, but in the end, more people paid attention to her.

When Tan Qing saw Li Shengxia come out, she had actually changed her clothes, so he couldn’t help raising his eyebrows.

Seeing Tan Qing looking at her, Li Shengxia immediately covered her face with her hands.

“Why, you also have moments of shame?” Tan Qing said with a smile.

“No, I think my transformation is pretty good.” Li Shengxia said with a guilty conscience.

“Then why are you hiding?”

“I want you to take care of it! By the way, where’s your sister?”

Tan Qing’s expression became unnatural for a moment, and he faintly spit out two words: “She’s gone.”

“So soon?”

“Don’t talk about her, she’s gone.” Tan Qing obviously didn’t want to talk about the girl just now, and changed the subject: “Tell me, do you know who designed the dress you were wearing? I don’t even want to think what she would think if she knew it was torn up.”

“Whose?” Li Shengxia asked curiously.

At this time, someone suddenly pushed a friend around him: “Look, isn’t this dress the latest work of Master Eocy? How could it be changed like this!”

This statement attracted more people to speak.

“Yes, yes, it’s too much! How dare you treat Master Eocy’s work like this!”

“Master Eocy? Shouldn’t he be the elite designer in the international TOP10 design industry?”

“Yeah…that’s him!”

“God, it’s a waste of money!”

“If Master Eocy knew this, he would be mad!”

“I think you must have read it wrong, this dress must be an imitation.”

“No, no, I have been paying attention to it for a long time just now, this one is indeed the one designed by Master Eocy himself, and it has his signature on it.”

Li Shengxia couldn’t help but feel heartbroken after hearing what everyone said.

What? This was the work of Master Eocy!? Because she had been so busy recently, she had not had time to flip through the latest issue of fashion magazines, otherwise she would not be kept in the dark and just destroy the works of a master!

“Hey, is this really the work of Master Eocy?” Li Shengxia looked at Tan Qing in disbelief, and even lowered her voice for questioning.

“It’s absolutely true, it’s like a fake.” Tan Qing replied.

Li Shengxia felt inexplicably dizzy, “No wonder I think the design is so ingenious, I must be crazy… It’s expensive, right? How much? Can I pay you in installments?”

“It’s ten thousand yuan a night.”

“Are you kidding me?” Li Shengxia felt a pain in her heart, she destroyed Master Eocy’s work, how could she afford it!

Just renting it for a night cost 10,000 yuan!

The point was, if the master knew that his work was treated like this by her, he would definitely want to cut her into pieces and smash her to the ground.

“I lied to you, if I were Master Eocy, I would be very happy.”

“Happy?” Li Shengxia only felt a bolt from the blue.

“Yeah, because your transformation is also very special.” Tan Qing glanced at her and smiled.

Li Shengxia only felt that she would not be able to mix in the design world in the future.

Seeing her like this, Tan Qing couldn’t help laughing: “What’s wrong with you? Your legs are trembling.”

“Tan Qing, I have no grudges against you in the past and no grudges with you recently. Why do you torture me like this?” Li Shengxia burst into tears, “What can I do now.”

Tan Qing couldn’t help laughing when he saw the sad expression on her face, “Haha, I’m joking with you, I have a close relationship with Eocy, he won’t blame you.

“Really?” Li Shengxia looked at Tan Qing in disbelief.

Tan Qing nodded. “Of course it’s true. From what I know about him, he should be very happy to be your friend.”

“Really? Are you sure!?” Li Shengxia was so excited that she refused to listen to him: “You’d better not answer first, let me be happy for a while.”

Tan Qing smiled speechlessly.

At this time, someone informed him that the opening session would be on time at 8:30 no matter what.

Opening at half past eight?

Li Shengxia looked at his watch, feeling a little apprehensive. If she was late, she didn’t know how angry Mo Nianchen would be?

However, it was 8:20 now, and it was only ten minutes from 8:30. It would be too unethical for her not to wait…

Li Shengxia thought, if she knew this, she wouldn’t have agreed to come with Tan Qing today…

It was 8:20…

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