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When Mu Yiqi was struggling with the project under the pressure of his father and brother, Mu Yixi and Feng Weiming were discussing where to study abroad.

They were already in their second year of high school and would be in their third year of high school next year. If they wanted to study abroad, they had to start preparing now.

For more than a year, the relationship between the two had been stable. Although they often pointed at each other and loved to kill each other, they were never bored with each other. (Feng Weiming: …who is the husband and who is the wife?)

So, they started planning for the future.

Mu Yixi was preparing to go into business, and he had his sights set on the country. China was in an era of excellent development, and Mu Yixi saw business opportunities everywhere. His goal was to create a little Mu family, an existence that could provide protection for Mrs. Mu, Mu Yiqi, Mu Yixuan, and Feng Weiming even if the Mu family fell. For this he would stop at nothing.

Because he found that the Mu family had stood up to this day, and it had indeed created a lot of brilliance, but it had also made quite a few enemies. His victory in the last life was enough to show that the Mu family was not monolithic, and it could also decline and fail. And any one of the hostile forces could bring together some people with delicate identities, such as the Xu family brother and sister who were closely related to the Mu family, Xu Zhao and Xu Qingli, or someone such as his biological mother Hu Qin and so on.

Xu Zhao was implicated because of the stupid things Xu Qingli did. Ten years ago, he was transferred from Mu’s headquarters, but he was transferred back recently. Xu Qingli came back at the same time as him. Xu Qingli went to Japan after being expelled from Mu’s family. She returned to China five years ago to marry Yue Yang and had stayed in the country since then. She and Yue Yang’s son was three years old this year. The reason why the two brother and sister came back together was because their mother, Tang Yanhua, was seriously ill. Tang Yanhua begged Grandma Mu to let Xu Zhao and Xu Qingli bring their families back for a reunion.

With Xu Qingli’s paranoia towards Mu Jiurong, it was beyond Mu Yixi’s expectations that she would get married and have children. Mu Yixi met her at the Mu family’s old house. At that time, she was holding her three-year-old son and talking to Grandma Mu. She looked gentle and graceful, as if she had really changed her mind. But when she passed him by, she asked, “Eldest young master didn’t have a good time in the Mu family?” Then she left a phone number and drifted away.

So, Mu Yixi knew that she had not changed at all. It was estimated that she got married and had children just to dispel everyone’s vigilance against her. Because even if she didn’t get married and had children, her design on Mu Yixuan would make it impossible for her to enter Mu’s house justifiably her whole life. In that case, she decided to just break the jar. After getting married and having children, Xu Qingli’s obsession must have deepened.

Mu Yixi and Mu Yiqi interned at Mu’s, and the differential treatment due to their status was not obvious at the middle and lower levels, but it was emphasized at the top. But those who could climb to the top of the Mu family company were all good people. Even if they knew that Mu Yixi was not the heir to the Mu family, they treated him and Mu Yiqi the same on the surface, and they were always polite. If Mu Yixi hadn’t lived another life, he might not have seen the indifference beneath their warm smiles. A teenager would not be so keenly aware of “being snubbed”.

This was the insensitivity because of ignorance. The senior management of the Mu family didn’t think he was having a bad time, so naturally they wouldn’t tell others that he was having a bad time. So, the news didn’t come out from there.

It was only from Hu Qin’s side. Mu Yixi entered Mu’s internship, and Hu Qin was the happiest one. Every time they met, she always asked him questions, and she was most interested in the internal trends of Mu’s. Mu Yixi picked up some irrelevant news and told her, the key point was to express his feelings about his internship at Mu’s –

“They only recognize Mu Yiqi as father’s son!”

“No matter how good I am, everyone turns a blind eye.”

“Obviously I’m doing better than Mu Yiqi…”

“My surname is Mu, and the Mu family also has my share!”


With his “confidence”, Hu Qin’s face became more and more satisfied. She finally encouraged him like a normal mother: “Yes, you are the best! You are better than Mu Yiqi!”

“Your surname is Mu, of course the Mu family should have your share! And you are the eldest son of this generation, you deserve the most!”

“Take Mrs Mu and show it to those who look down on you!”

Hearing the words of the previous life that Hu Qin had brainwashed him with since he was a child, Mu Yixi’s heart did not fluctuate. He saw Hu Qin’s eyes were red with naked greed, and he suddenly wondered what the point was in spending his energy and time on such a person. Did he still expect to get from her the maternal love he already got from Mrs. Mu?

Mu Yixi suddenly lost interest.

Now it seemed that Xu Qingli had contacted Hu Qin after returning.

However, compared to the impatience in his childhood, Mu Yixi has calmed down a lot. Without him, it was still unknown whether these jumping clowns could take down Mu Jiurong. Even if the Mu family really changed hands one day in the future, Mu Yixi believed that he would have enough ability to deal with all the variables at that time.

Instead of wasting time for some spooky charms, it was better to find a way to strengthen his own strength and drop ten people at one go.

Therefore, when Feng Weiming proposed to study abroad, Mu Yixi did not object.

Feng Weiming intended to go back to France to study, because Mu Jiuqing was in France, and the overseas headquarters of Mu’s was also in France. Mu Yixi preferred the more open America.

The two sides were at odds, and they decided to use their vacation time to visit schools in these two countries.

Mu Yiqi, the shield, consciously followed, along with Yan Yu, who was still somewhat helpless but habitually condoning. Mu Yixuan also wanted to come, but Qin He had to stay in the country for something. After hesitating between staying with her boyfriend and her brother, Mu Yixuan cried and waved her little hand to her brothers, wishing them a smooth journey.

They had been to the United States when they traveled with their family before, but it was their first time without an adult, and everyone was in high spirits.

The group had a great time in the Gulf State.

Back at the hotel where they were staying in the evening, Mu Yixi and Feng Weiming who were a couple couldn’t help but make out.

There was excitement and the taste of love in the air, as their rapid breathing gradually returned to the normal frequency.

Mu Yixi carefully pulled the quilt to block Feng Weiming’s lower body, while he lay lazily on the quilt without any cover and took possession of his shoulders and pulled him across his chest with one hand.

Feng Weiming was still absent-minded, and his body was flushed red, revealing an astonishingly glamorous color.

Mu Yixi looked at him sideways, his fingers lightly stroked his smooth face, and there was a flash of infatuation in his eyes.

After a long while, Feng Weiming’s sanity finally came back from outside the clouds. He tilted his head to look at Mu Yixi, and couldn’t help asking in a hoarse voice, “Why… don’t do it to the end?”

A genius, like Feng Weiming, only admitted one thing in his life. One thing in which he was not as good as the other, that was in bed. He and Mu Yixi were both newbies, and they both watched movies together to learn, but Mu Yixi’s entry was a thousand miles away, and Feng Weiming still hadn’t figured anything out. (Mu Yixi interjected: Won’t I be able to “go a thousand miles in a day”? In the past life, I was incompetent, so I could only make fun of myself in my mind, imagining things like this countless times. With Feng Weiming, the yellow waste in his mind finally had a place to be dumped…) (lighting a candle for Mingming)

In the end, Feng Weiming didn’t fight with him for this dominance anymore, just lay down and enjoyed it. Seeing Mu Yixi lying on top of him and serving him attentively, Feng Weiming felt a strange sense of satisfaction in his heart.

However, what Feng Weiming couldn’t understand was that he had let Mu Yixi do what he did, and Mu Yixi had also tried a lot of games with no lower limit, but he had never done it to him.

“Obviously can’t wait?” Mu Yixi asked jokingly.

Feng Weiming glanced at him lightly.

Mu Yixi was so attracted that his whole body swayed, and he fondly stroked his silk-like skin.

Feng Weiming felt itchy, pulled up the quilt to cover it, turned his back and curled up slightly, his movements a little childish.

Mu Yixi hugged him from behind, and kissed the top of his hair tenderly and cherishingly: “You are still young, let’s try again when you are eighteen years old…”

As if he was so old! But a year and a half older than him…

While thinking about it, Feng Weiming slowly turned around and put his head in Mu Yixi’s arms expressionlessly.

“Yeah.” He agreed vaguely.

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