PPM Ch. 99: Is it so difficult to dance with me?

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The other side. It was time to get off work.

After Li Shengxia sorted everything out, she said to Tan Qing, “Let’s go, I’ll treat you to dinner.”

Although three and a half hours were more than enough, she still wanted to find a restaurant nearby so that she still had time to take care.

But Tan Qing asked her to get in the car and drove far away.

“Where are we going? I only have three and a half hours.” Li Shengxia said.

“Three and a half hours is ok.” Tan Qing said, “I won’t waste your time. Just follow me. When you get there, get off.”

Li Shengxia got out of the car and found that it was a fashion hall.

Coincidentally, Mo Nianchen had just asked her to dress up a little today…

The fashion designer took care of her hairstyle and helped her put on beautiful makeup. The designer was quite satisfied with her clothing taste, but Tan Qing said that he wanted her to dress up well for the dinner party, so he cooperated and found a black dress for her.

“Put this one on.”

“Me?” Li Shengxia felt very strange, didn’t she want to invite Tan Qing to dinner? How did it become him asking her to dress up?

However, when she saw Tan Qing nod to her, she went to change her clothes.

With the hairstyle and makeup, this black dress had a unique charm on her body.

Because Tan Qing had seen Li Shengxia’s wonderful performance at the clothing exhibition, he also knew that her foundation was very good.

However, after dressing up today, she looked like a totally different beauty.

Last time, the red ‘Ten Mile Red Makeup’ brought out her queenly atmosphere, which was noble and elegant. There was also the second dress which had a lively and lovely youthful atmosphere, which looked sweet and pleasant.

But today’s black dress made her look very beautiful, and it was difficult to look away from her beauty at a glance.

“Not bad.” Tan Qing praised.

“What you want to say is great!” The designer said with a smile: “You guys still like duplicity.” He said this and looked at Li Shengxia: “You are the most beautiful princess I have ever seen…”

The designer was about to hold up her hand and kiss the back of it, but Tan Qing suddenly pulled her hand away.

“Tonight she is my female companion.” Tan Qing said to the designer.

“Okay, okay.” The designer was surprised by Tan Qing’s performance, so he laughed, “I wish you a happy night.”

The two walked out of the fashion hall.

“Get in the car.” Tan Qing said to Li Shengxia.

Li Shengxia looked at the time, more than two hours had passed.

Seeing that she didn’t move for a while, Tan Qing teased: “It’s almost December, do you want to stand outside and freeze to death?”

Li Shengxia got into the back seat of the luxury car. “Tan Qing, what are we doing today, what kind of female companion are you talking about?”

“I have a dinner party tonight and I need a female companion.”

“But we agreed that I would invite you to dinner.”

“Is there a difference? It’s all about eating anyway.” Tan Qing said with a smile: “How can I not be embarrassed, if I ask the lady to pay for the first meal.”

“I can’t see where you feel embarrassed.” Li Shengxia twitched the corners of her mouth speechlessly. “Besides, I have other things to do tonight.”

“I know, you only have three and a half hours in total, don’t you? We have another one and a half hours. Don’t worry, as long as you accompany me to finish one dance and let people know that I have a female partner, you can leave today. How about it, it’s simple, right?”

“Dancing?” Li Shengxia immediately refused: “I can’t dance with you.”


Because I have a phobia of men… Li Shengxia thought so, except for Mo Nianchen, she might not be able to dance with others. But that person wouldn’t invite her to dance. Anyway, he would always be her only choice, but she was just one of his toys.

“Because… I can’t dance.” Li Shengxia explained to Tan Qing like this.

“What does that matter, I thought there was a special reason.”

“I really can’t, not at all, I twisted my foot just now. Oh, it hurts…”

“Your acting skills are too poor.”

“I can’t dance with boys at all.”

“I don’t mind if you stand by and dance alone.”

“You’re serious? That’s fine.” She considered the proposal seriously.

“…” Tan Qing was speechless, and his tone became serious for a moment: “It’s so difficult for you to dance with me?”

“It’s not because of you.” Li Shengxia said with a smile, “Anyway, there is a reason why I can’t dance with boys.”

“That’s good. Well, don’t worry, if you don’t want to dance with me, I won’t force you, as long as you are responsible for standing beside me as my female companion.”

“That’s it?”

“Yes. It’s easy, right? The banquet is at seven o’clock. About half an hour after the opening, I will greet the host and say hello and then you could leave.”

“Could it be that you are being forced to marry by your family?” Li Shengxia smiled oddly when she saw Tan Qing’s expression in the rear view mirror.

“Please, Miss Li, please don’t gossip like that, okay?”

“It turns out to be true, don’t you have a girlfriend?”

Tan Qing pressed the steering wheel with both hands and said casually, “Love is too troublesome, delays work, and affects freedom.”

“Actually, as long as you really like someone, you will feel that all the troubles in love are sweet things.”

“Is there such a thing?” Tan Qing raised his eyebrows, with half a smile on his face, “You are speaking as if your love experience is very rich?”

“Who said that knowing this means you have rich experience?” Li Shengxia said as if she couldn’t go on.

She just happened to love it.

When you fall in love with someone who is uncertain, that person may like you in his heart, but he only defines you as his toy. If you love someone like this, happy things will happen.

If the person you like happens to like you, it must be the happiest thing in the world.

Although she might not be able to experience such happiness, she still hoped that Tan Qing could have the opportunity to experience the taste.

Seeing that she no longer spoke, Tan Qing said, “So, you are just talking on paper. Many people say that love is beautiful, but how beautiful is love, and who has really experienced it? The so-called love is probably just self-hypnosis forcing oneself into the next relationship.”

“Not everyone can get out of a relationship.” Li Shengxia said.

“What about you? Have you ever been in one?”

“Why are you talking about me now ?”

“Because you believe in love, but I don’t. I naturally have to ask you to try to convince myself.”

Seeing that he said it so casually, Li Shengxia curled her lips and said, “I think you don’t want to fall in love at all, it’s better not to know.”

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