PPM Ch. 98: This is the evaluation you gave me!!!

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Regret was a negative total denial of what one had experienced in the past. Regret was the longing and beautification of the parallel world that one had never entered.

The 10,000 possibilities that should have happened were eventually destroyed by him. All he regretted was what he had done.

Such regrets, but he could only say goodbye…

On the other side, Li Shengxia put the document on Tan Qing’s desk.

Her mood was inexplicably heavy. After all, a few days ago, her relationship with Ling Yarang was still very good, but within a few days, it had evolved into what it was now. Thinking of his tender apology when he was parting, she felt a little inexplicable depression in her heart.

She looked at Tan Qing and said, “You are the same as everyone else. You also think that I’m a black sheep, right? Since I came, two excellent designers have left the design department.”

Tan Qing casually pulled out a copy of documents, annotated attentively. “You can’t take care of your own affairs, and you still have time to take other people’s affairs on yourself. You are really free. There are only four people in the design department, and you are already very busy. You can’t share the things that you have to do. Don’t you think you’re not a black sheep when you’re thinking about all this shit all day?”

He didn’t laugh at her, talk about her, or look at her with tinted glasses like the others. He did not accuse her, abuse her, or was prejudiced against her.

He was like this, as if everything he did was just a routine, but it made people feel inexplicably warm.

Li Shengxia was enlightened by his words.

Yes, now there were only four people left in the design department, and the work must be heavier than before. What she had to do was to work hard, study hard, and make herself better so as to be able to be on her own, instead of complaining like she was now.

“What are you still doing? From today onwards, the work of Jian Dan and Yarang will be shared by a few of us. Do you think your current ability is sufficient for their work?”

“No…” Li Shengxia said quickly. “I must learn from my seniors! Please give me more advice!”


Did she get to know that he was a senior now?

A faint smile appeared on Tan Qing’s lips, “I have seen the works you designed. It is undeniable that you are talented, but genius is also honed by hard work. This is me helping you. The elite textbooks that have been sorted out must be mastered within three days, and I will conduct random inspections in three days.”

Li Shengxia immediately took over the ‘elite textbooks’ that he had thrown into her arms. It seemed that he had sorted out the fashion trends in recent years, the design characteristics of various fashion pioneers, and even all the most creative works of world design masters.

If it was not for absolute familiarity with the fashion industry and the design world, it was impossible to collect such a complete data collection, and he had made a comprehensive analysis of the characteristics and details of each work. Even the fly in the ointment of the work had been analyzed.

Although she just flipped a page casually, she was deeply impressed by his seriousness and professionalism.

It could be seen that this textbook was specially prepared for someone like her who had insufficient professional knowledge. Annotations were added next to some proper nouns to save her the trouble of looking up in the dictionary.

Was this what Tan Qing prepared for her?

Li Shengxia was surprised.

“What? You can’t do it so easily?” Tan Qing glanced at her indifferently, his eyes full of provocation. It was like saying: if you can’t do it, get out of there sooner.

“Who said I couldn’t do it!” Li Shengxia said immediately, “You can do random checks in three days!”

“Let’s wait and see.”

Li Shengxia was about to leave with the textbook in her hands, but after taking a step, she stopped and turned around and said to him: “Tan Qing, although I used to think you were a beast, but I know that you are not a bad person. Anyway, thank you.”

She could feel that it took a lot of time to organize this textbook. There were also many annotations carefully made, which were obviously prepared for newcomers. Tan Qing didn’t need this textbook at all. Since he had sorted it out, it was naturally for a newcomer.

If he had really prepared it for her, it would really make her ‘flattered’. She really couldn’t imagine that Tan Qing would do this for her.

“Heh. Birds/beasts? Not some bad guy? That’s what you thought of me?” Tan Qing’s pen stopped suddenly, as he looked up at Li Shengxia with a half-smiley look.

This expression was very special.

“Then what do you want me to say? Are you a good person? Let’s be friends?”

“No. It’s better not to put the ‘good guy’ hat on my head. If you really want to thank me, just invite me to dinner. I’ve been waiting for so long, why should I stay in the queue?”

If it was before, Li Shengxia would definitely want to kick him hard and then scold him for being mean, but today, Li Shengxia nodded and said: “Okay, I will invite you!”


“Tonight? Good!” She was fine anyway.

“Then it’s settled.” A slight smile appeared on the corner of Tan Qing’s lips, he lowered his head, and said again: “Stupid woman, take a good look at it, how many mistakes have you made in the translation? Hurry up and correct it! “

Change, change, how fierce!

Li Shengxia pouted and acted immediately. She knew that although Tan Qing’s mouth was very mean, he actually had no ill will towards her, and he had repeatedly reminded her to distinguish between the people and things around her in his own way. It was just that at that time she just thought that he was against her, so she felt that he was particularly annoying.

But over this time, with his help, she had learned a lot.

In fact, it would be nice to have such a friend.

At this time, Mo Nianchen called, Li Shengxia answered the phone and heard Mo Nianchen say, “Wait for me in the parking lot after work tonight.”

It was still the tone of the master.

“Is something wrong?”


Li Shengxia glanced at Tan Qing and said to Mo Nianchen on the other side of the phone, “But I just made an appointment.”

Mo Nianchen looked at his watch, Li Shengxia got off work at five o’clock, and the originally scheduled time was at half past seven, if she really had something to do, he could delay for another hour, three and a half hours should be more than enough for her. “Eight thirty at the latest.”

He gave her plenty of time, and she had no reason to refuse. Li Shengxia was a little surprised that he was so good at talking, and she felt a little happy and nodded, “Okay!”

Just as she was about to hang up, she heard the addition: “Get dressed up.”

“Huh? What’s the important occasion?” she asked uncertainly.

“You’ll know when the time comes.” Mo Nianchen said with a little more strength.


Hanging up the phone, Mo Nianchen still felt a little uneasy. Today was his birthday. In fact, every year his birthday was extravagant, and he didn’t feel anything about it. It was just that this time was different, because Li Shengxia would be with him…

Also, grandpa would be there tonight, and he wanted to take this opportunity to introduce her to grandpa.

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