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The meal was quite happy, and the intimacy between Si Huang and Grandma Yu also increased rapidly. Grandma Yu ignored Tie Lao’s opinion and recklessly recognized Si Huang as his grandson.

Si Huang also called her naturally, “Grandma.” Grandma Yu was so elated, she had lived for so long, and she considered herself a person who knew how to judge people. She was also surprised that she had developed such a strong affection for a person so quickly, and many of the factors were purposeful, but it could not be ignored that she really liked the child.

“Okay, okay, Xiao Huang.” Grandma Yu took Si Huang’s hand intimately and looked in Qin Fan’s direction: “This is Xiao Qilin, don’t look at him looking fierce, he has a good temperament. He is especially loyal and protective.” Immediately she turned to Qin Fan and said, “This is my only grandson, if you dare to bully him, I will go to Xiang Zhen’s place to sue you, and everyone will work together to deal with you!”

Si Huang turned her head and looked at Qin Fan, and suddenly remembered that she was chosen by the Qin family in his previous life, and what Five Treasure had said, and a hint of enlightenment came to her mind. She was able to hold the big Buddha, Grandma Yu, so why would she be afraid that she would not get a lot of blessings from Qin Fan.    

Si Huang tugged the corner of her mouth silently, showing Qin Fan a light smile, which was neither flattering nor overly intimate but also not rude, “Xiao Qilin, give me more advice in the future.”    

Qin Fan stood up and extended his hand to her, ” I will protect you like a calf.”    

Si Huang shook his hand, “Thank you so much, Xiao Qilin.”    

Qin Fan: “You can call me brother.”    

Si Huang: “Brother Xiao Qilin?”    

Qin Fan: “…”

What should I do if I want to rub the child’s head again?    

In this round, Si Huang thought that he had won, and after looking at the time, she said that she should leave.    

Grandma Yu wanted to invite her to continue staying, but Si Huang reluctantly refused, “Although there is no shooting in the afternoon, I want to observe the skills of the seniors more, and I have to make up lessons, so I don’t fall behind in my studies.”

Grandma Yu looked at her with a little surprise, this child was too good, obviously his acting was so well, but he was not even the slightest bit complacent! Her love for Si Huang went even higher in her heart, and she didn’t hold herself back anymore, she just wrapped her hands with her hands and pressed them.

Si Huang smiled at her, then invited the waiter to order a few dishes, and at the same time handed her a card, telling her, “These are to be taken away and packed.”

Grandma Yu said in surprise, “Xiao Huang isn’t full yet? Or do you want to take it back for dinner? Then you need not pay for it…”

The next words were interrupted by a reassuring smile from Si Huang, “These are for Sister Guan, she helped me when I was having a little trouble, so grandma let me give the money myself, shouldn’t I even have a chance to express my gratitude to those who helped me?”

Grandma Yu was unable to refute what she said and could only let it go. But she remembered that Si Huang was a kind and caring child, and also paid attention to the fact that Guan Li helped Si Huang, so what trouble did Si Huang encounter before?

The waiter was very fast and handed over an exquisite box and card to Si Huang.

Si Huang wanted to go by herself, but she had no choice as she could not drive. Qin Fan took the initiative to say, “I’ll see you off.”

Grandma Yu and the others were happy to see this. Si Huang also felt it was convenient and agreed.


The scenery outside the window passed by in a hurry, Si Huang looked sideways, and unknowingly his mind wandered to other places: Looking back on the two days of getting along with Qin Fan, it was unexpectedly harmonious and peaceful.

“What class do you want to make up?” Qin Fan’s voice suddenly sounded in his ear.

Si Huang didn’t move and replied casually: “I want to take the entrance exam to Jinghua University.”

“Then you have to work hard, Jinghua isn’t easy to get in.”

Si Huang was too lazy to answer.

Qin Fan thought that his words hurt the self-esteem of the big boy, so he said after a while, “Ask me if you have any questions.”

Si Huang finally turned his head and stared at Qin Fan with inscrutable eyes, “You talk so much all the time?”

Qin Fan focused on driving and glanced at her from the corner of his eye. His eyes were not dissatisfied, but there was still a little smile, and his tone was light, “I like to be with you.”

Si Huang: “…”

“I feel.” Qin Fan just turned, and then said: “The spirit is very good, it makes me very comfortable.”

Si Huang was able to confirm what Five Treasure had said before, so he ignored Qin Fan again.

[Your Majesty…you, finally, remember me? 】

Si Huang was shocked by the resentful voice like that of a resentful woman that suddenly appeared in his mind.

Qin Fan: “What’s the matter?”

Si Huang: “It’s okay.” He tilted his head and continued to look out the window, while using his mind to communicate with Five Treasure, “Are you just pissed off because you haven’t come out?” She laughed after saying that, isn’t this like a child?

Five Treasure was still resentful, [Your Majesty doesn’t believe ne and refuses to hook up with people! Obviously as long as His Majesty is willing…]

“Aren’t you afraid that when I hook up with him, I won’t like him and kill him?” Si Huang said lightly.

Five Treasure was silent for a while, Si Huang really might be able to do this, so he said in a flattering tone: [Are you not getting along well with him now?]

Si Huang ignored this, and changed the topic, “Is my influence on him really so obvious? Was it like this in my previous life?”

Five Treasure: [Tsk, His Majesty before was definitely not as good as he is now, His Majesty after physical strengthening is the same as having the pure yin physique like Young Master Wu Jue. You had impurities in your body before, but they have now been eliminated.]

Si Huang squinted, “If I don’t get close to him, he will really die?”

Five Treasure: [He won’t die immediately, but it must be very painful. It’s not good if you don’t sleep well. Once the yang energy exceeds the body’s tolerance, he will go crazy. His life would be worse than death. 】

However, listening to this ending, there was a lot of schadenfreude, right?

Si Huang didn’t speak anymore, her mood was a little subtle, who would have thought that one day someone’s life would be linked to her, it felt really amazing.

It’s just for her to deliberately approach Qin Fan for this reason. She didn’t want to force herself to do so. Since they got along well now, she will continue to let things take its course.

Didn’t he say it too? He felt good when I’m with him, and since staying in a range could relieve it, that’s enough.

[Your Majesty! Obviously such a cake is placed in front of you, how can you not eat it!?】Five Treasure hated iron for not turning into steel again.

Si Huang squinted, “Which of your eyes sees him as a sweet and cute thing like a cake.”

Five Treasure: […]

After getting off the car where the crew was filming, Si Huang thanked him, and was about to leave after opening the door, when someone held her with one hand.

Slap –

Si Huang was startled, Qin Fan looked at her for two seconds, and reached out again but did not pull her, “Give me the phone.”

As the one who lost face and had to justify the loss, Si Huang had nothing to say and took out her phone. Watching Qin Fan dial a number with her mobile phone and set it as the emergency contact under number 1, and even put in a remark calling him brother, Si Huang’s mouth twitched slightly, but she still swallowed the words in her throat.

Qin Fan handed her the phone back, “Call me if you have something, and…”

“Huh?” Si Huang, who was looking at the phone, didn’t look at his face.

Qin Fan: “Don’t do bad things at night.”

Si Huang’s heartbeat suddenly tightened, and he slowly raised his head. Only Qin Fan’s profile was gradually hidden behind the car window, and then there was just the car that drove away.

Er Shui: His Majesty shook your hand again, how do you feel?

Qin Liangliang: Hands are really slippery.



Er Shui: How do you feel when you had your head touched and the number recorded today?

Your Majesty Huang: The skin is really thick.

Ershui: Oh~ (hehe)

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