CFCS Ch. 194.2: Anyang Saga (15)

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The content of the blood-red characters was that the royal family of the Su family was a disaster star from heaven, and if they were not eliminated, it would cause the extinction of living beings.

The ministers and people who were watching, after repeatedly reading these blood-red characters, widened their eyes in shock. Some illiterate people were equally shocked after being informed by others. At the same time, an idea popped up in the people’s hearts. It turned out that the real evil star and disaster star was not Xue Chengyu, but the royal family surnamed Su. How could this be good?

Both Su Huai and the prince’s eyes widened. What they thought at the same time was that Xue Chengyu must have done this. But everyone here saw the crows suddenly fly out to surround the Tianci Stone. After the group of crows left, these blood-red characters appeared. They didn’t know how Xue Chengyu did it.

Su Huai was still excited a moment ago and felt that he finally had a handle on Jing Yang, but the situation reversed too quickly, and suddenly he had encountered a crisis, and it was even a crisis which could be the end of the entire Su family, which caught him by surprise. For a moment, he didn’t know what to do.

“Xue Chengyu!” The prince walked quickly to Xue Chengyu, glared at him and asked, “Are you the one who did it? You slandered the royal family with the will of the gods, what should you be guilty of?!”

“The prince said it was me who did it, please show the evidence first, there are so many people watching here, and all the officials are here, does the prince want to spit out blood?!” Xue Chengyu said loudly, “Oh, the prince doesn’t want to admit that this is the meaning of the gods, so you want to put the blame on me?! When Tianci Stone first had bloody words appear, the emperor was convinced. Now that everyone has seen the blood appear with their own eyes, is it because the blood points to the royal family, so the royal family does not believe it? Is it?”

“You…” The Crown Prince was so angry because he couldn’t produce any evidence. He knew that the first bloody words on Tianci Stone were made by his father and Su Huai, and he knew that in this case, it was definitely Xue Chengyu who did it, but he had no way to refute it.

The people had already started to talk about it, that the royal family was a disaster star, and it was written by the gods on the Tianci stone. This was what they saw with their own eyes. Otherwise, how could those crows have surrounded the Tianci stone without any reason? Shi, only the gods had this ability.

If the Su family was not eliminated, all the gods and spirits in the world would be destroyed, and they would definitely not be able to survive. Was it because of their Su family that their human race would be wiped out? But this Su Clan were not ordinary people, it was a royal family, and it was not something they could get rid of if they want to get rid of it. What should they do?

In a panic, some people suddenly knelt down and shouted, “Please, General Xue, save us! You can’t let all the living beings in the world be wiped out because of the Su family!”

The other people also seemed to have grabbed at a life-saving straw, and some people kept kneeling and shouting, “General Xue, save us! Save all the life in this world!”

“Please, General Xue, save the life in this world!!”

“General Xue! Help us!!”

“You can’t let everyone in the world be killed just because of the Su family!!”

“You guys!” The prince was so angry with the people that he wanted to start killing people, “Come on! Cut them all down for me!”

“The prince wants to kill people on this altar, is he really not afraid of being punished?!” Xue Chengyu raised his hand, and his soldiers immediately ran over to block in front of the people and stopped the prince’s guards.

“Xue Chengyu! It seems that you want to fight against this prince today, right?!” The prince said angrily.

“I don’t want the prince to kill people on this altar. It’s for the sake of the prince. What’s wrong with those people? The gods have already given clear instructions, how can they not be afraid? The prince wants to kill innocent people. Do you want to go against the words from Heaven?”

“Okay, Xue Chengyu, it seems that you have a plan, let’s wait and see!” The prince couldn’t say anything against Xue Chengyu, as there were too many of Xue Chengyu’s soldiers here, he had no chance of winning, he could only return first to the palace and discuss countermeasures with the emperor.

Su Huai gave Xue Chengyu a complicated look, and asked him to let down the sedan chair, and followed the prince down the mountain back to the palace.

The people saw that the prince was going to kill them, and then Xue Chengyu rescued them, and they felt that the Su family would really destroy the world, and Xue Chengyu was the only one who could save them, furthermore there was another person beside Xue Chengyu who was recognized by the gods. They could save all the life in the world.

The people began to pray for Xue Chengyu to save them again. The officials watched this scene with mixed feelings, while others felt very happy, as they had finally waited until it was time to pull the Emperor Su from the throne.

The people were kneeling and refused to get up, so Xue Chengyu had to assure them that he would definitely protect the people and prevent them from dying innocently. Even the royal family could not kill the people at will.

As soon as he entered the palace gate, the Crown Prince asked someone to announce him. He jumped out of the carriage looking like he couldn’t bear it any longer, strode to the side of the carriage behind him, climbed up, and dragged Su Huai out of it with his own hands.

Su Huai was taken aback by the prince’s actions, and he was dragged down by the prince without being able to react at all. When his foot stepped on the ground, it was like stepping on the blade of a knife, and he felt a heart-pounding pain.

The prince slapped Su Huai hard, and Su Huai fell to the ground, covering his face and looking at the prince in disbelief. He didn’t even know why the prince treated him like this. Su Huai’s attendant stood on the side, so frightened, he didn’t dare to move, let alone go up to help Su Huai up.

“If it wasn’t for the idea you gave to the emperor, how could Xue Chengyu have the opportunity to frame us in turn?!” The prince pointed to Su Huai on the ground and said angrily, “After so many years, you are still so conniving! What else do you have in your head except a man?!”

Su Huai finally came to his senses and was both ashamed and angry at the prince’s scolding, he wanted to scold him back, saying that he was not a good thing, and everyone had colluded with each other. But now that the crisis was coming, it was not the time for infighting, and he only had this big brother who shared the same parents. He would need to count on him in the future. Until he found someone who he could rely on in the future, he could not offend him.

Su Huai lay on the ground with tears in his eyes, letting the prince scold him without refuting a word.

The crown prince was in a hurry to see the emperor, thinking that after this incident was over, he would teach him a good lesson, and turned around and left after only scolding a few words.

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