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Jing Yang was sitting in the carriage when he heard a commotion outside, followed by shouting and fighting. Jing Yang opened the curtains and looked out. The people outside were pushing each other in panic. There were soldiers around his carriage, otherwise it would have been overthrown by the crowd pushing outside.

They had come down from the mountain and were on their way back to the Annan Palace. Suddenly, a lot of masked people jumped out from the houses and alleys on both sides of the street, all of them attacking the carriage that Jing Yang was sitting on.

Xue Chengyu rode a horse and stood in front of Jing Yang’s carriage, and when he saw those who jumped out, he looked as steady as Mount Tai and remained unmoved, but in fact there was already a cold murderous look in his eyes.

Ordinary people looked at those people jumping out with knives, and it was obvious that they knew martial arts. Naturally, they were very panicked. They wanted to escape, but because there were too many people, they couldn’t escape, which caused a situation of pushing people around.

These masked men were obviously lying in ambush here, waiting for the carriage of the Annan Palace to pass by, but although they had already been ambushed, Xue Chengyu was not unprepared. He got news early in the morning that the prince sent someone to bury them and wanted to take Jing Yang away while Xue Chengyu’s soldiers were too busy while taking advantage of the chaos.

When Xue Chengyu heard the news, he thought to himself that he would never let the prince go this time.

After all the masked people jumped out, some of them attacked the people and wanted to create more chaos, while the others attacked the soldiers guarding Jing Yang’s carriage. They wanted to trap the people in the net so that they could not push, and then thet quickly rushed to besiege the masked men.

When the masked men attacked the people, they found that the people they attacked were very skilled, because actually the people they attacked were soldiers who had disguised themselves and stood in front of the ordinary people.

The situation quickly reversed, and the masked people were attacked. Those masked people wanted to escape when they saw that the situation was wrong, but Xue Chengyu had already ordered them to be caught. How could they be allowed to escape.

Those masked people were all wounded, and then one by one, they were tied up and suppressed to kneel on the ground.

The soldiers tore off the black cloth on the faces of the masked men. Xue Chengyu’s personal guard captain Ming Jian dismounted and walked over, grabbed one of the men’s hair, raised the man’s face to look at, and said to Xue Chengyu, “Prince, this man is from the Crown Prince’s Mansion, and this subordinate has seen him before.”

“Did the Crown Prince send you here?” Xue Chengyu asked condescendingly, looking at those kneeling on the ground.

These people knew that their mission had failed, and they could not escape death no matter what, but they still had relatives in the hands of the Crown Prince, so they would not say that the Crown Prince had sent them here.

Xue Chengyu didn’t need their answers at all, he just said it for the people to hear, and it didn’t matter if they didn’t answer, “Send the people to the Crown Prince’s Mansion and let the Crown Prince personally identify them to see if these are his people. If the Crown Prince is not there, let the servants of the Crown Prince’s Mansion identify each one, and if no one knows, they will all be put in prison and interrogated strictly!”

Xue Chengyu said the words “strict interrogation”, which meant that these people would go through a lot of torment without relief for a period of time.

When the people saw that their attackers had been arrested, they gradually calmed down. When they heard that they were sent by the Crown Prince, anger and dissatisfaction exploded in their hearts, and they shouted for Xue Chengyu to give them justice. For the sake of the common people and all the living beings in the world, it was impossible to let the Su family continue to sit on the throne.

The people’s emotions became more and more excited, and almost all the people in the city began to flock to the palace and shout for the Su family to abdicate. Such a scene had never happened before in any of the previous dynasties.

Seeing that the time had come, Xue Chengyu sent Jing Yang back to the Annan palace, and quickly rushed to the palace with a large number of soldiers who had already entered the city.

In the palace, after the Emperor heard the Crown Prince’s explanation of the process, he walked around frowning, but even after a while he couldn’t think of a way to solve the problems they were facing now. The Emperor looked at Su Huai, whose face was red and swollen. Seeing that he also had no idea, he felt anxious, angry and helpless.

Just when the father and son were at a loss and couldn’t think of a way to deal with it, the palace attendant hurried in with a panicked face, then he knelt down and said, “Your Majesty, Your Majesty, outside, the palace is surrounded by people, and General Xue Chengyu is leading the troops to attack the palace!”

“What did you say?!” The Emperor, the Crown Prince, and Su Huai looked at the palace attendant in shock at the same time. The news was too sudden, and they couldn’t react for a while, because they didn’t expect the Xue family to rebel so suddenly, thus they were completely unprepared.

“The people are shouting outside the palace to ask His Majesty to abdicate. General Xue led his troops to attack, and the guards of the palace are unable to stop him. Your Majesty, run away!” The Emperor’s personal palace servant lay on the ground and cried.

“Xue Chengyu! He actually dared to rebel!” The Emperor was angry and flustered at the same time. He was the Emperor, how could he escape without dignity, and even if he wanted to, where would he go?

“Father, Father, think of a way!” The Crown Prince panicked too. He didn’t expect that Xue Chengyu would actually dare to lead troops into the palace, which meant that if they didn’t resist, they could only wait to be caught.

“Go! Hurry up and notify General Liao and General Wu and let them immediately enter the palace on behalf of the soldiers to rescue them!” The Emperor shouted loudly, “Go quickly!”

The guards tried to rush out of the palace to find rescue soldiers.

But the palace was already surrounded by Xue Chengyu’s troops, and it was impossible for anyone from inside to go out. Moreover, the father and son had tried their best to arrange the deployment. They were waiting for the opportunity to take them down in one fell swoop. It was absolutely impossible for them to give them an opportunity for defense or to fight back.

Jing Yang sat by the window for a while, when Zhu Xin came over to close the window and asked Jing Yang to go to bed. Now that the weather was cold, and it was night as well, Zhu Xin dared not let him be blown by the cold air, and Jing Yang did not insist, he just stood up and walked towards the bed.

Jing Yang knew that Xue Chengyu would definitely not come back tonight, even if the royal family was already under the control of King Annan, and the father and son had worked so hard for so many years, they could not do it easily without full confidence or support. Moreover, leading troops into the palace was not an easy task under any circumstances. There was no room even for a little mistake. If they didn’t get the final victory, they couldn’t take the circumstances lightly.

Jing Yang was lying on the bed with his eyes open, without any sleepiness at all. Tonight, the palace would definitely go through a night of bloodshed, and many people would die. Although he knew how powerful Xue Chengyu was, he was still worried that he would be accidentally injured.

As soon as he closed his eyes, the Su family’s father and son would appear in front of him, under the pretext of catching the assassin, they led troops into the palace, but killed the elder brother of the original owner, the former prince. Jing Yang felt that perhaps the original owner’s residual consciousness was also there. And tonight, all his grievances would come to an end, and he would finally be avenged.

Jing Yang stayed up all night and waited until dawn with his eyes open. He knew that when Xue Chengyu fully controlled the palace and the Su family, he would send someone to take him into the palace, because there were some things that he needed to do in person.

As soon as Jing Yang got up, the personal guard Xue Chengyu sent to pick him up arrived. After he washed up, he combed his hair and changed his clothes under the service of Zhu Xin and other attendants and went straight into the palace.

After the carriage entered the palace, Jing Yang opened the curtains and looked out. Although the outside had been cleaned up and there were no corpses or bloodstains, Jing Yang could still smell the bloody smell that hadn’t dissipated in the air. The scene of the fight last night was in front of him.

After getting off the carriage, Jing Yang walked step by step into the palace. He was still wearing red robes today, but compared to the usual simple and comfortable robes, these ones were more ornate and dignified.

Jing Yang walked into the hall. All the officials were there. The Su family and his son, a dozen or so of their personal guards, all stood there in a state of embarrassment. They were suppressed by soldiers and knelt on the ground. Also suppressed were some civil officials and military generals. These people were obviously loyal to the Su family and wanted to resist Xue Chengyu and his son.

Among the other ministers, although some supported King Annan and Xue Chengyu, there were also those who were unconvinced, but those people were smart and did not show it at this time, which was why Jing Yang had to come today.

Kneeling on the ground, Su Huai looked up and saw Jing Yang walking in wearing red robes. His mind that was still in a trance immediately woke up, and his eyes were full of resentment as he stared at Jing Yang.

Those ministers didn’t understand why Jing Yang appeared in the court at this time, and they all looked at Jing Yang, who was walking in slowly, with puzzled eyes.

After Jing Yang walked to Xue Chengyu’s side, King Annan walked up to the Emperor with messy hair and tattered robes and said, “Su Yongsheng, you and your father led troops into the palace in the name of rescue, but took advantage of the chaos to murder the prince and occupy the palace, and you have been sitting on the An family’s throne for eight years, do you plead guilty?”

“Humph!” Su Yongsheng knew very well that at this time, he was completely defeated, and there was no way to survive, so nothing mattered anymore. “Since I have been defeated by you father and son, you can kill me if you want! But don’t forget, my Su family’s throne was taken from the An family’s hands, and your Xue family took it from our Su family. You are also ungrateful and treacherous scoundrels and thieves!”

“So you also know that your Su Huai family seized the throne of An’s family. And that it was ungrateful and treasonous!” King Annan thought about how he had failed to protect the crown prince back then, and how till now he still felt sad and remorseful, he had never been interested in being the emperor, but he really hated the Su family and his son. “You ask yourself, did your majesty treat you and your father badly when he was alive?! Has he ever done something that chilled your family?! Did he force you to oppose him?!”

“It’s useless to talk about it, you just want to become the emperor under the banner of taking revenge for the previous royal family. Now you have won, you can become emperor.” Su Yongsheng glared at King Annan and said, “But remember, one day, your Xue family will follow in my footsteps, and someone will take the throne from your Xue family’s hands like you took it away from us! You will not end well either!”

“Even if it happens one day, your Su family won’t be able to see it.” Jing Yang said.

“What are you?” Su Yongsheng reluctantly maintained his last dignity, obviously kneeling, but he still looked at Jing Yang with an aloof look on his face as he said, “Even if I’m down, it won’t be your turn to make me fall.”

“He is the person who is most qualified to attack your Su family and is also the person most qualified to teach you a lesson in this world.” Xue Chengyu said.

“Do you want to know who I am?” Jing Yang looked at Su Yongsheng and asked.

“Hmph, you’re just a pariah, thinking that he has deceived those commoners, do you really think you are someone recognized by the gods? I’m not interested in knowing who you are.” Su Yongsheng turned his face to one side in disdain.

“Then you must be wondering, what the hell am I?” Jing Yang asked Su Huai again.

Su Huai just stared at Jing Yang without speaking.

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