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When her mind couldn’t rest, Jing Meini knocked on the door and came in, “Tonight, the producer invited everyone to go to a private Qiang kitchen for dinner, you shouldn’t go.”

Ji Muye was stunned, “Why do you think I shouldn’t go?”

Jing Meini shrugged, “Because Jiang Ran is also going. He seems to have a good relationship with the producer. The producer heard that he was coming, and he rushed over from Chengdu to invite people to dinner.”

Ji Muye said a laugh, “Go! Why won’t I go!”

The private kitchen was hidden in a Qiang village. The Qiang nationality men, women and children in this village, wore a white towel, and were thus also known as the white-headed Qiang[1]. There were many watchtowers in Qiang Village, built on the flat ground and on the top of the mountain. Driving at night here was quite a test of driving skills, and then they had to walk around the winding mountain road.

The Qiang cuisine in this private restaurant was the most authentic, and the producer was only able to ask the owner to reserve a table for them because of their relationship.

In addition to the male and female lead actors, there were also the director Xing Weimin and several other people from the same crew who had come to the banquet. The crew was working overtime to film, because “Dongnu Country” was a weekly drama, so the pressure was very high. Today was the first time the people had come out for dinner after joining the crew.

The boss was a strong Qiang man. When he saw Jiang Zheng, he immediately gave a thumbs up and said a lot of words to her. Jiang Zheng was dumbfounded. The owner smiled and explained it in awkward Mandarin, thanking her for such a wonderful performance, and letting more people know about the Qiang people and the little-known history of their ancestors.

Jiang Zheng smiled and said that this was what she should do.

Jiang Ran asked Han Yi to ask the owner if he wanted to open a chain store and expand his business?

After the few people sat down and chatted for a while, Ji Muye and Jing Meini pushed the door open.

The dining table was placed in the fourth-floor compartment of the tower, and they needed to take the stairs to go up. Jiang Zheng’s ears were sharp, and she had already heard the sound of crunching footsteps from below. Sure enough, after counting to five, Ji Muye walked in.

She couldn’t help raising the corners of her mouth, praising her unparalleled hearing and intuition.

When the producer saw that everyone had arrived, he called the boss to serve the food.

Pickled cabbage and corn dumplings[2], sweet potato glutinous rice cakes[3], Qiang old bacon, and wild vegetables were placed on the table one by one. The boss personally moved a celadon-glazed wine jar to the middle of the table. The smell of alcohol came out from inside, disturbing people’s hearts.

While adding water to the wine jar, the boss explained that this was the unique drink of the Qiang people. It was made by cooking highland barley and brewing it with koji. After adding water, he inserted several straw-like things into it, and asked the elders to drink first, and then to drink in order of age.

No one had ever seen such an interesting drinking method. The producer smiled and said that he was the oldest, so he would have a drink first. Xing Weimin followed closely, and several other members of the same crew also tried it. Han Yi and Jing Meini found out that they were the same age, and after each sneered at each other and called each other old single dog, they also took a sip.

Then the producer looked at the remaining three and said with a smile, “I don’t know which one among Mr. Jiang and Mr. Ji is older.”

As a result, Ji Muye and Jiang Ran said in unison, “I’m older!”

Others: “… …”

Jiang Zheng tugged at his brother Jiang Ran’s sleeve and reminded in a low voice, “He is half a year older than you.”

Jiang Ran: “…” Oh! Old man!

After Ji Muye took a sip from the straw, he smiled and praised, “Good wine!”

Jiang Ran restrained his emotions and said, “Mr. Ji is young and promising!”

Ji Muye put down the straw and said with a smile, “Mr. Jiang is magnificent.”

Jiang Ran: “Mr. Ji is young and strong.”

Ji Muye: “Mr. Jiang is unique and unparalleled in the world.”

Jiang Ran: “Mr. Ji speaks like a gentleman and is as warm as jade.”

Jiang Zheng frowned, and thought were these two in a talent show?

Han Yi quickly took a sip of water and was shocked. It’s not much, but it’s done.

Seeing something was wrong, the producer quickly applauded and laughed: “Today it’s fate. Let’s eat meat and drink.”

Jiang Zheng bit his chopsticks and looked at Ji Muye, who had asked the boss to bring a small can of sipping wine. Immediately her brother also asked the boss to bring a can. This wine seemed to have a low alcohol content and a sweet aroma and was actually very easy to drink.

There were generally a large number of Qiang people, and these two people were so happy today, and they were drinking so happily.

Jiang Ran drank steadily without delaying his chat. Ji Muye drank quietly and entertained himself.

Han Yi and Jing Meini glanced at each other.

In the second half of the meal, Jiang Ran glanced at Ji Muye and said, “There are a lot of actors filming with my Zhengzheng. I don’t know why I always have a vague feeling about Teacher Ji?”

The wine drinking suddenly stopped. Everyone stopped their chopsticks and looked at them.

Han Yi frowned: I’ll go! Mr. Jiang, are you going to flip the table? He moved the stool back silently to avoid being affected.

Jing Meini was taken aback, all the masters had come to swear their sovereignty!

Ji Muye smiled, “Perhaps it’s my bearing that impresses President Jiang deeply.”

Jiang Ran: “…”

Jiang Zheng coughed twice, then laughed: “I didn’t know that Teacher Ji was quite humorous in private.” When she smoothed things out like this, everyone laughed.

After that, Han Yi asked Jiang Ran to go out to watch the stars and to take a breath and reminded him by the way: “This is a cliff next to the tower, and there is a big river under the cliff. If Zhengzheng threatens something, this place is really a good place for that.”

Jiang Ran choked, “What did I say? It’s all good words.”

However, when he went back, he became honest, he was busy serving his sister, and didn’t even look at Ji Muye again.

Satisfied with food and drink, everyone went home.

Jiang Zheng called Han Yi over privately and instructed him to keep an eye on Ji Muye and make sure that he returned to the hotel safely. After all, he had drunk a lot today.

Han Yi knew that when Ji Muye was good, then only Jiang Zheng could be good. So, he decided to just do it.

The next morning, it was not yet dawn. Ji Muye came out of the hotel room with dark circles under his eyes and was about to go out for a run while being blown by the mountain breeze, when he saw Jiang Ran coming out of the room with a suitcase.

The two were stunned.

Oh. He was living in room 2201. It was not room 2202 where Jiang Zheng was staying. Ji Muye discovered this detail.

Jiang Ran, wearing sunglasses, strode over and stopped in front of him.

“Mr. Ji, I heard that you are the best actor among the current male actors. You are very good at acting. You are even called Teacher Ji. I saw your acting scene yesterday, and you don’t seem to be one of the legendary ones?”

After speaking this, he walked away with a cold face.

Ji Muye: “…”

The author has something to say: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, Jiayou, Mr. Ji.

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