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Jing Meini laughed dryly and pointed to the script in his hand, “You got it wrong!”

Ji Muye looked down and saw that it was a scene that was to be filmed today. He calmed down for two seconds, rolled up the script calmly, got up and said, “It’s too noisy here. I’ll go back to my room to study the script.”

After saying this, Ji Muye strode towards the hotel.

Jing Meini looked at his back and shook her head. Why did this person when encountering people and things related to Jiang Zheng, become so restless?

On the other side, Jiang Zheng put her arms around Jiang Ran’s arm and smiled brightly, “Why are you here all of a sudden?”

Jiang Ran’s mood suddenly improved, he patted the back of his sister’s hand and said, “I could smell the scent of pear blossoms through the screen. So here I am.”

Han Yi stood upright by his side. He blinked and thought that some people were always insincere and wanted to make excuses.

Jiang Zheng nodded, the pear blossoms in the river valley in western Sichuan really needed to be seen and smelled in person to know how beautiful they really were.

As the melon eaters called it quits, they perked up their ears to eavesdrop on gossip.

They couldn’t quite hear what Jiang Zheng and the man were saying, but her giggles could be heard from time to time in the air. After getting along for this period of time, although the big devil Jiang was not as bad as outside rumors, she did not look at people with her neck up or roar and curse at them, but she was quite cold. She devoted herself to acting, while occasionally discussing the details of acting with the director, Ji Muye and other leading actors, only then she would say a few more words. At other times, she basically did not speak.

How could they know that Jiang Zheng was expressionless and didn’t speak because she put too much pressure on herself as she tried to figure out Tang Qinlan’s mood all the time so that she could bring better emotions to the filming.

So, when everyone saw that she was smiling so happily when she was usually cold and indifferent, their jaws dropped in shock. It was such a good feeling.

Jiang Zheng chatted with her brother a few words, then she turned around to find that Ji Muye was gone. What! He was still here just now.

She also told him that she would introduce her brother to him and let the two chat first to see if there was any chance of cooperation.

There was still a chance, Jiang Zheng thought about it and decided to take her brother to see the pear blossoms first.

The Dongnu City built by the program team on this hillside was quite large. There were palace gates, city walls and orderly levels of watchtowers. The pear blossoms inside the city walls were scattered, and they were not as beautiful as the pear blossom forests in the valley outside the city. It was still early, so the two brother and sister walked across the city gates, one by one.

After walking out, they could see the sea of pear blossoms in the mountains and plains after walking a hundred meters. The river breeze caressed their faces, like a gentle hand, making people feel soft.

Jiang Ran took out his mobile phone and sent a video request to Chen Jinjiao. Jiang Zheng smiled beside him, “Brother, you are doing this on purpose.”

Jiang Ran raised his eyebrows, feeling very good.

The video was connected, and the brother and sister squeezed into the camera together to say hello to their mother.

Chen Jinjiao was stunned for a moment, then snorted heavily, and hung up the phone.

Jiang Zheng: “…Brother, remember to coax mother when you go back!”

Jiang Ran pouted, “Okay.”

He looked at the mountain full of pear blossoms, “This is where you and Ji Muye rode on the same horse to enjoy the flowers?” He saw the screenshot taken by netizens on Weibo, as well as the comments of the netizens. In the comments, it was said that this was the most beautiful male and female lead in the same frame so far. They also said that the couple played by Jiang Zheng and the actors before Ji Muye did not seem so good anymore. Those male protagonists had all become fleeting, and they were not as good as Ji Muye.

Forgive him for his clumsiness, no matter how he looked at it, he didn’t see how well his sister and that person surnamed Ji matched!

Jiang Zheng nodded and walked under a pear tree. After almost half a month of filming, she felt more and more that Ji Muye had a bright future, and his diligence and dedication was deserving of her liking him for so long. She really wanted to share these words with Su Yue and the others, but this praise could only be hidden in her heart.

She took out her mobile phone and asked Jiang Ran to take a photo for her. Speaking of which, after joining the crew, she hadn’t posted anything on Weibo.

Jiang Ran picked up a snow-white pear flower from the ground, pinned it to her ear, and took a few pictures of his sister.

Jiang Zheng picked out one and posted it on Weibo, and a lot of comments immediately followed.

#Ahhhh Miss Sister is finally open for business!

#Chuanxi’s pear blossoms are not as beautiful as my family’s zhengzheng.

#Zhengzheng filming is hard work. I will continue to obediently wait for your episode this weekend.

Jiang Zheng was happily flipping through them when she suddenly saw a comment: Hey! I always think that it was a photo is clicked from a boyfriend’s point of view.

This comment changed the direction of the comments all of a sudden. A group of people began to frantically analyze as if they had taken brain supplements.

#zhengzheng are you in love?

#Fuck! Sister, have you gotten a boyfriend?

#zhengzheng is in a good mood today. A person is in a good mood when they are in love.

#Don’t don’t! My zheng is no match for anyone.

#Could it be that Ji Muye took it for you? Ahhh, I’ve eaten candy again.

#Is there no man in the world except Ji Muye? Isn’t it just filming a scene together, you CP fans are so good at dancing recently.

Jiang Zheng: “…”

Inside the hotel.

Ji Muye was trying to read the script, but every line turned into Jiang Zheng’s excited smile when she saw Jiang Ran. He frowned and threw down the script, changed into his sportswear and climbed on a treadmill to torture himself, but the passionate music and muscle pain only calmed him down for half an hour.

After taking a shower, he wiped his hair and walked out. Then he lowered his head just in time to catch glimpse of an update notification flashing on the screen of his phone.

It was Jiang Zheng’s Weibo.

Ji Muye’s hand paused, but after hesitating for two seconds, he picked up the phone.

He followed Jiang Zheng’s Weibo with his trumpet account, and he hadn’t seen any update on her Weibo for about half a month.

She had posted a personal photo in the pear blossom forest where they had ridden the horses and enjoyed the flowers. In the photo, her expression was very relaxed, with a white pear blossom on her ear, her whole face glowing, and her eyes starry as she looked at the camera. She seemed to be in a good mood.

He pursed his lower lip and scrolled down the comments, all asking if Jiang Zheng was in love?

Boyfriend’s point of view? What the hell was this? After he saw that his name was in the boyfriend sequence guessed by fans, his sour heart became even sourer. These guys who didn’t know the truth sure knew how to poke at his wound!

Pear forest. Han Yi trotted all the way to find Jiang Zheng.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. She just posted a photo, and she could still appear on the hot search. Boyfriend? Funny!

After running for a few minutes, he found the brother and sister in a meadow, where they were sitting and enjoying the mountain breeze.

Han Yi wiped away his sweat, and approached cautiously, only to receive a look of disgust from Jiang Ran.

Jiang Zheng was stunned, “Why are you here?”

Han Yi quickly explained the hot search, Jiang Zheng looked helpless, took out her mobile phone and glanced at it.

It’s just that she hadn’t looked at her phone for a while, and something had gone wrong. These netizens really cared more about her love life than Ms. Chen.

Jiang Ran: “You can cancel the hot search.”

Han Yi smiled bitterly: “Withdrawing the hot search means a guilty conscience.”

Jiang Zheng stretched out her finger and tapped the screen twice, then said calmly, “It’s done. It’s over!”

Han Yi quickly turned on his phone and opened Weibo.

There was a familiar fan ID called Summer Curator, who had posted a comment: My house collapsed. I’m dumped!

The comment was liked and cried under by more than N people.

Jiang Zheng picked this comment and replied: Don’t worry. Your house is still strong!

He had never seen any female artist who could create scandals by posting a photo, and he had also never seen any female artist who didn’t cherish traffic and removed it herself even before sitting on the hot-searched stool for half an hour.

Jiang Zheng personally came on the court to clarify. Some people were happy, and some were worried. Those male fans who did not want her to fall in love were moved to tears, and those fans who hoped that Jiang Zheng and Ji Muye or other male artists would have a fairy love were greatly disappointed.

Ji Muye was lurking among these people, and his mood was very complicated. There were very few female stars who fell in love and got married when they were popular, as they would lose a lot of fans who regarded them as their girlfriend or wife. There were also very few female stars who would respond positively to a scandalous relationship, which would make her look like a show-off.

Jiang Zheng had always been clear about her scandals, and if there was nothing, there was nothing, such as the rumors of the scandal with him before. She denied it this time frankly as well.

But who was Jiang Ran, who had the same surname as her?

T/N: I don’t understand why nobody thinks that JR could be a relative of JZ considering they have the same surname???/ (confused) (confused)

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