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After Yuan Ye sent this message, the group that had been very lively just now suddenly became quiet, and no one spoke for several seconds.

The same was true for Fu Yuanzhou. He was stunned by Yuan Ye’s sudden confession, and his phone almost fell. Although Yuan Ye showed an obvious goodwill towards him, it was not that he couldn’t feel it, but such a direct confession was his first time.


“My eyes!”

“Brother Ye is mighty! Such a confession!!”

After a short silence, the group suddenly boiled over, and the messages were swiped frantically, such that Fu Yuanzhou couldn’t see what they said, and at the same time, many people sent him private chats, expressing their shock, or asking him what he thought.

Even the squad leader Du Man texted him, “Did you know that Yuan Ye liked you before? What do you think?”

“…When did you start gossiping like that?” Fu Yuanzhou refused to answer.

“Did you already know? Even I could feel that Yuan Ye likes you.” Du Man said, “In my opinion, he is not the only one who likes you. Senior Xie Lin and Yu Fei also…”

Fu Yuanzhou didn’t look at the next messages, he couldn’t watch them any longer, he just felt that his stomach hurt badly.

Now everyone knew that Yuan Ye liked him, and he would inevitably be teased in the future. He was also interacting with Xie Lin because of the game they had played and Xiaofei’s affection for him was also obvious. Now everyone must think that he was stepping on three boats…

Fu Yuanzhou couldn’t help thinking of Ran Shutang again, and suddenly felt that Ran Shutang was still better, just based on the relationship between the two of them before, no one would have thought that Ran Shutang would like him. If he hadn’t overheard it, he would never have thought about it, at best he would feel that Ran Shutang wanted to be his friend.

Damn, why did he get so many peach blossom debts once he was reborn, and he was still a man, obviously in his last life, except for Xiao Fei, they didn’t have this meaning towards him…

He was so distressed that he almost hit his head on the table. At this time, the waiter served them food, and Xie Lin also put away his mobile phone and said to him, “Don’t look at it.”

Fu Yuanzhou responded, but his eyes swept over Xie Lin’s mobile phone screen, where he found that he was still on the WeChat group, and he felt a shudder in his heart. He thought that Xie Lin should have also seen the confession.

And Xiaofei, if he read the messages on the WeChat group, he would also know… Fu Yuanzhou felt that something was stuck in his throat. Facing the table full of his favorite dishes, he still lost his appetite. Then he received a call from Yuan Ye, and he couldn’t eat any more.

Seeing the name on the caller ID, Fu Yuanzhou glanced at Xie Lin with a guilty conscience, and quickly got up and went out of the store to pick up the phone. Although he didn’t know what Yuan Ye wanted to tell him, he intuitively thought that it would be better not to let Xie Lin hear.

“Are you home?” Yuan Ye asked him from the other end of the phone, his voice was flat and he couldn’t hear any emotion from it.

“Not yet, eating out.” Fu Yuanzhou answered dryly.

“With Xie Lin?” Yuan Ye called the senior’s name without any respect.

“Just… By the way, we just finished watching the movie.”

Fu Yuanzhou’s tone was unnatural. He only saw the message ten minutes ago, and he didn’t know if he should pretend like he didn’t see it.

“I want to see you, I have something to tell you.” Yuan Ye said, “I’m on my way to your house.”

“But it will take a long time for me to get home. The cinema I came to today is far from home.” Fu Yuanzhou said tentatively. “Why don’t we talk about it after school starts?”

“Alright.” Yuan Ye suddenly smiled, “Do you want me to confess to you in front of the whole class, or in front of the whole school?”

“…I have an aunt at home. Just let her open the door for you after you reach, then you wait for me for a while, and I’ll come back as soon as possible.” Fu Yuanzhou changed his words immediately.

“Ok, I will wait for you.”

After hanging up the phone, Fu Yuanzhou had sweat all over his head. He had already anticipated what he would face when he got home, but he still had nowhere to hide.

He returned to the store full of anxiety. Xie Lin hadn’t moved yet. When he came back to eat together, he saw that Fu Yuanzhou was not looking very well, so he asked, “Who was on the phone just now?”

“Our squad leader Du Man, she asked me for something.” Fu Yuanzhou didn’t dare to say it was Yuan Ye, so he lied and then apologized to Du Man silently in his heart, “I almost quarreled with her.”

Xie Lin was speechless and kept looking at him until Fu Yuanzhou was sweating coldly. He thought that he had been seen through, but Xie Lin lowered his eyes and said, “Let’s eat.”

Fu Yuanzhou breathed a sigh of relief quietly, and the two went home after dinner. Fu Yuanzhou excused himself saying that he wanted to take a nap, and asked Xie Lin to go home first, and that he would go over to his home at night to find him and Xiaofei to have dinner together.

After sending Xie Lin away, Fu Yuanzhou went home with a heavy heart. As soon as he opened the door, he saw Yuan Ye sitting on the sofa in the living room, with his long legs crossed, playing games on his mobile phone casually.

Hearing someone coming in, he looked up and saw that it was Fu Yuanzhou. He quickly got up and smiled at him: “Are you back?”

“Well.” Fu Yuanzhou nodded and glanced at the aunt next to him. Then he said to Yuan Ye, “Let’s go upstairs to my room.”

“Okay, take me there.”

Yuan Ye stretched out his well-defined hand. Fu Yuanzhou didn’t understand why he stretched it out, but after turning around, he found that Yuan Ye wasn’t following him. Even after he came up, he was still standing there and waiting for him, then he understood what Yuan Ye wanted to do. After hesitating again and again, he still took Yuan Ye’s hand and led him upstairs.

Damn, how could he be so childish….

Feeling his hand tightly held by Yuan Ye, Fu Yuanzhou had a headache and a feeling of helplessness. When they entered the room, and as soon as they closed the door, Yuan Ye asked him, “You and Xie Lin are really together? Do you like him?”

“Of course not.” Fu Yuanzhou decisively denied, “That’s a game, you know it.”

Yuan Ye’s handsome face didn’t show any smile, as he looked down at him: “He asked you to choose someone for him, you could have chosen anyone, why did you have to cast yourself in the net, don’t you want to associate with him?”

The reason for this was very complicated. Fu Yuanzhou couldn’t explain clearly, so he could only shake his head, Yuan Ye looked at him blankly. When he wasn’t smiling, his aura was very strong, full of oppression, and he even seemed a little fierce.

Fu Yuanzhou thought that this might have something to do with Yuan Ye’s family. He had met Yuan Ye’s father, who was a tough and resolute man. Usually Yuan Ye was sloppy, but when he showed his sharp edge, he really resembled his father.

He had a good relationship with Yuan Ye, so he naturally knew that Yuan Ye wouldn’t hurt him, but he was inevitably affected by his aura, and felt a little breathless.

Yuan Ye looked at him quietly for a few seconds, then his eyes suddenly fell on his hand, on which he was still wearing the ring that he wasn’t able to take off in time.

He held Fu Yuanzhou’s hand, took off the ring with his own hands, and threw it on the table. With a “clang” sound, the ring rolled on the table several times before stopping, almost falling to the ground in the process.

“If he can put it on for you, I can take it off.” Yuan Ye touched the mark left by the ring on his knuckles, raised his eyes and smiled at him, “It’s too ugly to suit you.”

Fu Yuanzhou couldn’t say anything, he was really uncomfortable with the way Yuan Ye was looking at him. He found that his mentality had changed. Before Yuan Ye confessed to him, his attitude was very casual. At this time, he should have pushed Yuan Ye away, but now he instinctively felt danger and was a little uneasy.

Even earlier, he couldn’t be indifferent as he was asked to sit on his lap to eat the Pocky sticks.

Yuan Ye said again: “You should know why I came to find you.”

Fu Yuanzhou knew, but he would rather not know, his eyes drifted elsewhere, as he pretended to calmly ask: “Are you thirsty, I’ll pour you water?”

His method of changing the subject was really not clever, Yuan Ye laughed, raised his face slightly, and let him look at him as he said to him seriously.

“I like you.”

Fu Yuanzhou was trembling again. His former good brother had confessed to him. The impact was not much worse than Xie Lin’s confession to him before, which made him especially embarrassed.

“I didn’t intend to confess now, but now I’m doing it, I didn’t prepare anything in advance, I just came to you directly.”

Yuan Ye lowered his eyes and said, “You can obviously choose anyone, but you are still dating Xie Lin.”

So even if it was just a game, it made him feel jealous and uneasy, and he couldn’t help but wonder if Fu Yuanzhou had already developed a favorable impression of Xie Lin.

“I… won’t date Xie Lin.” Fu Yuanzhou was silent for a moment, then said, “Because I—”

“Now, don’t you start saying that you want to date a female O?” Yuan Ye interrupted him, “The previous female O was very beautiful and liked you very much, but did you have any interest in her?”

This time, Fu Yuanzhou was silent for a longer time, and when he spoke again, he seemed quite unconvinced: “I will try again in the future. It’s not that there is no chance…”

“Indeed, you have more opportunities, and everyone likes you.” Yuan Ye said, “But I only have this chance, except you, I will not choose anyone, I only like you.”

Fu Yuanzhou was stunned, and he subconsciously said: “You don’t have to choose me…”

He was nothing special. If there was any difference from before, it was that he was an Omega this time, and the reason Yuan Ye’s attitude towards him was different must be because he’s an Omega.

“I had a good impression of you from the very beginning, indeed because you are an Omega.” Yuan Ye said, “However there are so many Omegas, but I only have feelings for you, because besides being an Omega, there are many more attractive places.”

“Maybe you think that the reason I like you is not deep enough, and liking you is all my hormones at work, no matter what my original reason for liking you was, the chemical reaction is the same.”

“You attracted me and moved my heart. I like you more and more every day. You changed my hormones, and only you can change it back.”

“Now I only identify with you.”

Yuan Ye lowered his head and kissed his fingers lightly. When he raised his eyes again, his gaze had changed, it had become fiery and affectionate, seemingly with endless temptation. This was an Alpha’s instinctual attraction to Omegas.

“So don’t just look at Xie Lin anymore.”

“Come look at me, like me.”

Let’s attract each other.

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