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From the beginning, Fu Yuanzhou felt that Yuan Ye was a very free person. Except for games, he never seemed to take other things to heart. He always had a cynical attitude, and was like a gust of wind, so that no one could catch him.

He had inadvertently seen other girls confessing to Yuan Ye. Yuan Ye lowered his eyes, as if he was listening, but he didn’t really seem to be listening. When the girl finished speaking, he would refuse, saying with a smile that he already had someone he liked, but Fu Yuanzhou had never seen Yuan Ye pursue anyone, so it was probably just his excuse.

So, at this moment, in the face of Yuan Ye’s confession, Fu Yuanzhou was shocked. Before, he always thought that Yuan Ye had only a vague goodwill towards him, not even a liking, but now he realized that Yuan Ye was serious.

There was Xie Lin in the front, and Yuan Ye in the back…

Fu Yuanzhou was in a complicated mood. He looked at Yuan Ye silently for a long time, and Yuan Ye was also looking at him. For a while, neither of them spoke until Yuan Ye spoke in a low voice.

“How is it?”

When he confessed just now, he was very imposing, as if those words had been brewing in his heart for a long time, and he had finally gotten the opportunity to reveal it.

But after the confession, Fu Yuanzhou kept silent, and he gradually lost his confidence. In any case, this was the first time he had fallen in love with someone, and it was the first time that he had confessed, so it was inevitable that he would feel nervous.

The young Alpha was like a wild cheetah just now, but now he had become a docile house cat. He put away his sharp claws and looked at Fu Yuanzhou with uneasy eyes, hoping to be loved by his master.

Fu Yuanzhou turned his head away when he saw it. He was always soft and not hard, and he was ten times softer when dealing with his friends, and even his bottom line could be pushed lower.

“Thank you for liking me, but I can’t accept you.”

It’s just that he still had to say this, it was absolutely impossible for him to promise Yuan Ye, but what attitude should he use to get along with Yuan Ye in the future? He couldn’t be as reckless as before.

Thinking of this, Fu Yuanzhou felt depressed and helpless. Just because of the change of the ABO gender, Yuan Ye fell in love with him. Would he be forced to keep a distance from his good buddy in the future? It would be very hard for him to lose this friendship.

“Don’t rush to answer me, you can think about it slowly.”

Seeing that he was about to be rejected, Yuan Ye’s eyes dimmed for a moment, but he quickly laughed, and tried his best to say in a relaxed tone: “Actually, I know I should not be confessing yet. I can’t help it. Don’t worry about it, I will slowly pursue you, let you feel my goodness, and let you agree to be with me willingly.”

Fu Yuanzhou thought to himself how he could not care and said after some deliberation: “If you are obsessed with liking me, you are wasting your time.”

“How can it be a waste of time to like you?” Yuan Ye said, “I regret that I didn’t meet you earlier, if I had met you before Xie Lin, would you be more partial to me?”

“Then it’s even less likely for me to like you.” Fu Yuanzhou said.

“Why?” Yuan Ye raised his eyebrows.

“You could not have met me before Xie Lin… unless you were my twin brother.”

Fu Yuanzhou said, it was said that when he was just born, Xie Lin’s mother took the one-year-old Xie Lin to see him, and made them both shake hands, naturally neither he nor Xie Lin had any memory of it, they only had photos as evidence, and their parents still mentioned it from time to time.

“…” Yuan Ye was silent for a few seconds, then changed the subject, “I want to give you a ring too.”

Fu Yuanzhou: “?!” That’s not necessary!

His eyes were full of rejection. He also planned to return the ring Xie Lin gave him as soon as the three days got over. Yuan Ye took out his mobile phone to log in to the game, lowered his head and said, “Don’t be nervous, I will send it to you in the game, you will get it when you log in. Now, I’ll pass it on to you.”

The two often played games together, and their character’s bond value in the game was quite high. They belonged to the kind that could get married just by registration, and their equipment could also be given to each other[1].

If it was a normal tine, Fu Yuanzhou would have put it away, but Yuan Ye had just confessed to him, and the ring was a very ambiguous accessory. He really didn’t dare to accept it. He stood motionless until Yuan Ye looked up at him with a lost look like a cat lost in the rain in his eyes.

“I’m not as good as Xie Lin? You don’t want to accept the virtual ring?”

Fu Yuanzhou: “…”

He took out his mobile phone unconsciously. When he recovered, he found that he had logged in smoothly. Then he had accepted the ring that Yuan Ye gave him.

The attributes of the ring were very high-quality, and it was a very rare top-level equipment in the game. Even if it was sold for real money, it could be sold for a very high price. The key was that this thing was automatically bound to his account, so even if he wanted to return it to Yuan Ye, he couldn’t give it back yet.

“Don’t talk about giving me the money, I gave it to you voluntarily.”

As soon as Yuan Ye saw him open his mouth, he knew what he wanted to say, his low look just now was suddenly swept away, and a bit of a bad smile appeared: “If you really want to thank me, why don’t you let me kiss you?”

“…” Fu Yuanzhou turned around and left.

“Okay, I won’t tease you anymore.” Yuan Ye held him back, and suddenly softened his voice, “I hope you can consider me well.”

It’s the same, he just didn’t want to make Yuan Ye feel too sad. It was just that this equipment was really expensive, so he couldn’t just accept it, so he bought a piece of equipment of equivalent value as a gift to Yuan Ye, anyway just two days ago, Yuan Ye had also mentioned that he lacked such equipment.

“Is this a token of love?”

Yuan Ye didn’t refuse the equipment, and he was even quite happy. Fu Yuanzhou rolled his eyes and said mercilessly: “Dreaming in broad daylight?”

“It’s not a dream, it’s a dream.[2]

Yuan Ye smiled again and planned to go back, Fu Yuanzhou sent him out, looked at his slender back, and sighed silently, it was obviously a big holiday, why was he so unhappy.

However, as soon as he walked out of the courtyard, Fu Yuanzhou knew what it meant to be really uneasy. Seeing the two people standing at the door chatting, his expression completely froze.

“Xiaozhou, so you are at home, is this your friend?”

One of the two was Fu Yuanzhou’s mother. Seeing Fu Yuanzhou and Yuan Ye come out, she smiled at them and looked at Yuan Ye curiously but in a friendly manner, as she asked her own child.

“Hello, my name is Yuan Ye, I’m Yuanzhou’s friend and his deskmate.” Yuan Ye glanced at the other person, his eyes became sharp for a moment, then he looked away and smiled at his mother, “Are you Yuanzhou’s sister?”

“Oh, this child, so you are Yuan Ye, I often hear Xiaozhou mention you, no wonder he is willing to be your friend.” Then his mother smiled, “My Xiaozhou is my only child, and I am his Mom.”

“Ah… Auntie is good.” Yuan Ye blinked, as if just realizing that he had called her wrong, “I’m sorry, but you are too young and so beautiful, you really don’t look like an elder.”

His mother was teased like this by him. She had gotten happy and was now talking to him in a pleasant manner. Fu Yuanzhou temporarily forgot to talk to the two of them, and his eyes were focused on the other person.

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[1] I think this is in reference to the fact that in some games today, you can get married with someone if you have sufficient intimacy value, and there are several benefits to getting married such as free exchange of equipment and supplies.

[2] I think he’s trying to say it’s not a daydream but a wish.

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