KHSW Ch. 214

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While the two were still discussing the issue of “how to get people who don’t eat meat to eat meat”, Xu Yizhi and Xiao Nuo had already walked out.

Ling Xi communicated with Xu Yizhi with her eyes, but Xu Yizhi only looked at Xiao Nuo.

Xiao Nuo also looked up at his father, and walked up to Ling Xi, “Mom, I’m sorry, Xiao Nuo is too selfish.”

Ling Xi suddenly opened her eyes wide, looking at Xu Yizhi with doubts in her eyes, what exactly did he say? Did it hurt Xiao Nuo’s self-esteem?

Thinking like this, she slowly squatted down again, “Baby, what’s the matter? What did Dad tell you?”

“This is a little secret between my father and me. I can’t tell mother.”

“Oh? So you both have a ‘little secret’? Well then, mom won’t ask.”

“Xiao Nuo will eat meat obediently in the future, and mother should eat more meat too!”

“Okay, let’s eat meat together.”

Afterwards, Ling Xi asked Xu Yizhi in a low voice, “Honey, what did you tell Xiao Nuo?”

While wearing his tie, Xu Yizhi pursed his lips, and under Ling Xi’s expectant eyes, he only said two words, “Secret.”

Ling Xi turned her head helplessly.

When Xu Yizhi was about to leave, Ling Xi called him back again, “Wait a minute, your tie is crooked.”

She went forward and helped him rearrange his tie.

This was the first time Ling Xi helped him tidy up his tie, Xu Yizhi looked at her delicate and beautiful face, his eyes full of love.

When Ling Xi raised her eyes, Xu Yizhi moved away quickly, afraid that she would see how much he loved her.

Suddenly, Ling Xi pulled his neck down, tiptoed lightly, kissed his lips, and quickly moved away, “This time you have worked hard, this is a reward for you, well, go to work quickly, and pay attention to safety on the road.” Hurriedly pushing and shoving, Xu Yizhi was pushed out of the door, and the door was closed in one go.

It seemed that because of Ling Xi’s shy nature~ he had been aroused.

Xu Yizhi, who was locked outside the door, looked confused, then smiled knowingly, and lightly touched the tie with his slender fingertips, there he felt… her warmth.

The outside world had long been overwhelmed by a piece of news.

“Look, President Xu is actually married!”

“Which media released this? They are too bold!”

“Actually, I’m quite curious, what does President Xu look like?”

When a number of media learned about the news about the Xu family from “Entertainment Express”, they all took a wait-and-see attitude. They all thought that “Entertainment Express” would also face doom after breaking out such news.

When Xu Yizhi arrived at the company, he felt countless strange eyes.

“Hello, President.” Although everyone still greeted him as usual, there was more or less some inquiry and regret in their eyes.

“President, the news that you are married broke out on “Entertainment Express” this morning, do you think we…”

Secretary Yang followed behind Xu Yizhi and said.

Xu Yizhi stopped and waved his hands, “No, the company doesn’t need to respond.”

“Understood, Mr. Xu.” Secretary Yang immediately turned around to deal with other matters.

Doing so would undoubtedly mean acquiescing to the fact that “he is married”. In addition, it would also make the outside world suspect that this news was revealed on purpose by Mr. Xu.

“Brother, I’ve been waiting for you in the office for a long time. Are you planning to announce the happy news to sister-in-law?”

“No, it’s still early.”

Chi Jingyu sighed, and asked curiously like a baby: “I am worried for you, you and sister-in-law even have a baby, but it feels like you are having a forbidden love, brother, don’t you have this feeling?”

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