KHSW Ch. 215

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Xu Yizhi glanced at him lightly, and Chi Jingyu immediately fell silent.

Xu Yizhi looked out the window, “When will ‘Star Charm Entertainment’ be merged into ‘Yi Ling’?”

“It won’t be until next weekend at the earliest.”

“What’s going on? Didn’t I say, it should happen as soon as possible?” Xu Yizhi’s thin lips were slightly pursed, and the light in his eyes flickered.

Chi Jingyu said nonchalantly: “Chi Jiayang is getting married, I heard from the general manager of ‘Yi Ling’ that Chi Jiayang used preparations for the wedding as an excuse to delay the formal merger of the company into ‘Yi Ling’.”

Although it was a matter of time, when Xu Yizhi heard the news, it was as if a stone had been removed from the bottom of his heart.

Star Charm Entertainment.

“Sister Ou, look at this news, the president of the Xu Group is actually married?”

As soon as Ou Mengxue joined the company, she heard the employees discussing this at the bottom, and her mood became even worse.

“I really don’t know who is so lucky to be Xu Yizhi’s wife.”

“Yeah, it’s really a lucky fate, but speaking of it, what does the president of the Xu Group look like? There is no picture of him on the Internet.”

“Who dares to post photos privately without their team’s permission? Unless he doesn’t want to work anymore.”

“According to my judgment, the president of the Xu Group should be an old man, and it should be a normal thing for him to be married.”

“And his wife should be an old woman with a withered complexion.”

“Don’t talk nonsense, I have a friend who works in the Xu Group, he said that their president is young and looks like a star, so your inference just now is a typical ‘grapes are sour because you can’t reach them’.”

Hearing the conversation of the group of employees, Ou Mengxue clenched her fists and stomped her feet hard.

“Ah—” Looking down, it turned out that her heel was broken.

Their eyes drifted over instantly, “Sister Ou, are you okay?”

Ou Mengxue didn’t even think about laughing, she always felt that their eyes were mocking her, so she simply took off her shoes, broke off the heels of both pairs of shoes, and walked into the elevator proudly.

As soon as she entered the elevator door, her face became even more gloomy, Ling Xi, I really underestimated you.

Ling Xi picked up the phone when she heard the ringtone, “What? Are you calling to inquire about the results of your last dispute sowing? Then I’m sorry, you made a mistake.”

Ou Mengxue gradually clenched the phone tightly, with treachery in her eyes, “Jiayang and I are getting married. As your former manager, I think you should be invited to my wedding.”

This was quite in line with her wishes, it was just right to smash the field in the past.

She knew Ou Mengxue’s thoughts too well, didn’t she just think that she still liked Chi Jiayang and wanted her to see them get married with her own eyes?

Worried that she would suspect that she had ulterior motives, she pretended to decline, “Ou Mengxue, don’t you feel guilty at all for stealing someone else’s man? What’s more, you don’t worry that I won’t be able to control my emotions and say something I shouldn’t say.”

Ou Mengxue still didn’t get rid of her “self-righteousness”, “Don’t forget, you are a star, do you want everyone to know that you dated Chi Jiayang? Or do you want them to know that you are not capable, so that’s why your best friend snatched your boyfriend away?”

Ou Mengxue safely fell into the pit she dug.

The corner of Ling Xi’s lips sneered silently, “Okay, I will go.”

Five days passed in a flash, Ling Xi and Xu Yizhi sent Xiao Nuo to the gate of the kindergarten in person, “Baby, do you still remember what your mother told you last time?”

“Xiao Nuo will be as good as a rabbit.” While talking, he lowered his head embarrassedly.

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