TBVSR Ch. 29.1: Repair the Door

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Everyone had doubts about this at first, but when they saw Xue Jiayi’s sudden change of expression, they more or less understood everything.

This pair of shoes was Bu Tanyan’s pair of Elieta dancing shoes that could be sold for millions of dollars.

No one would have imagined that the shoes that the Fan family had spent huge sums of money to buy would turn out to be fakes, while the real Elieta dancing shoes were kept in Jiang Yu’s house!

“Why is it in Jiang Yu’s house?”

“I can’t see it, Jiang Yu is usually so low-key.”

“Fan Danxi has been holding fake shoes for several months, but the real ones were actually in the house of the person she despises the most.”

This shameful thing made Fan Danxi feel like a person at the back, and she wanted to cut off her feet for wearing fake goods.

At this time, Jiang Yu was no less surprised than Xue Jiayi.

She never knew that she had such a pair of ballet shoes were at her home.

Didn’t Mom hate ballet the most!

These shoes… couldn’t be real, she would never dream of such a thing.

Bai Shuyi picked up the shoes and looked at them with complicated eyes, and said, “This is Bu Tanyan’s Elieta dancing shoes, how are they with you?

Jiang Manyi calmly explained: “These shoes were given to me by Bu Tanyan.

Xue Jiayi said loudly: “For you?”

“How could she give you these shoes! These are her most precious shoes.”

Even if she wrote the unbearable letters, she would still be reluctant to throw away these dancing shoes.

Bai Shuyi looked at Jiang Manyi questioningly: “How do you know Bu Tanyan?”

“You mean to say, our family backgrounds are so different, what qualifications do I have to know her, right?”

Bai Shuyi didn’t answer, but that’s what she meant.

Jiang Manyi took out an old yellowed photo from her bag, in which two young girls were holding hands affectionately.

One was Bu Tanyan, and the other was Jiang Manyi.

“Bu Tanyan was my best friend.” Jiang Manyi looked at the girl in the photo with tenderness in her eyes, and said, “These shoes are her birthday present for my daughter.”

“Even if she gave these shoes to your daughter, so what, Jiang Yu is still ineligible to enter Esmera.”

Before she finished speaking, Jiang Manyi turned over the sole of the ballet shoes, the sole of the shoe was long gone. The letters “bitch” appeared in Xue Jiayi’s eyes.

Xue Jiayi panicked, and quickly turned the ballet shoes over to avoid them being seen by others.

Because of her anger, when she was young, she secretly wrote such unbearable words on the bottom of Bu Tanyan’s famous Elieta dancing shoes.

If these shoes were made public, her personality that she had created after so long and her dignity as a teacher, everything she had earned by working so hard… would be smeared.

Like this dirty word.

Xue Jiayi looked at Jiang Manyi angrily, she could see the clear threat in her eyes.

If Jiang Yu was treated unfairly by them today, then tomorrow, Xue Jiayi would be infamous and would never again be a highly respected ballet instructor.

“Ms. Jiang, since you are very familiar with Tanyan, you should know Esmera’s classes. There are five classes in ABCDEF. Today our selection criteria are based on the standards of class F.”

Bai Shuyi said to Jiang Manyi: “It’s true that Huang Jiali is not as good at dancing as Jiang Yu. Everyone can see that, but Huang Jiali is the most suitable candidate for Class F.”

“If this is your selection rule, you should make it clear before the competition.” Jiang Manyi said angrily, “We are not unreasonable, but don’t you think you owe all the contestants an explanation? Can people of your rank just play with other people’s efforts!”

She could be wronged by people outside, but she would never tolerate her daughter being wronged a bit, she must fight for her.

“Mom, don’t say anything anymore.” Jiang Yu said, “I respect the rules and am willing to admit defeat.”

As Bai Shuyi said just now, there was no so-called fairness in the adult world. She respected the rules of the game and was never willing to be reckless like Fan Danxi.

Although Esmera was the temple of ballet, but not being able to enter there did not mean that her future was over.

As long as she still had her love for ballet, any place would be her stage.

Jiang Manyi originally wanted to threaten Xue Jiayi with these dancing shoes, because she knew very well that Xue Jiayi couldn’t bear such a threat.

But… Jiang Yu was a proud child, she would not be willing to fight for opportunities in this way.

In fact, Jiang Manyi didn’t leave in the morning, she was downstairs all the time, watching the teenager riding a motorcycle and bringing her away.

At that moment, in the wind and snow, Jiang Manyi seemed to see Bu Tanyan’s shadow attached to the stubborn girl.

Bu Tanyan talked about how she hated ballet, how she wanted to fall in love, and how she wanted to be a pop singer. She was such a girl, but every dawn and late at night, she silently dedicated her sweat to the ballet stage, because, that was the only place where she could shine.

Jiang Manyi suddenly realized that perhaps she could not stop Jiang Yu from pursuing her dream her whole life.

Because it was a gift from her mother.

So Jiang Manyi went home and found the Elieta dancing shoes that she had kept for more than ten years. She rushed here amidst the wind and snow, sat in the last row, and watched her daughter’s performance the whole way.

This was the first time she saw her dance, and she went back to that enthusiastic and cheerful girl from many years ago, pulling her to dance gracefully in the empty midnight campus.

If she couldn’t change her daughter’s future, then… she would do her best to protect her present.

Jiang Manyi and Bai Shuyi looked at each other for a few seconds, then she put away the Elieta ballet shoes, and smiled at Xue Jiayi: “It seems that compared with your reputation, Ms. Xue, Ms. Bai is more concerned about what Esmera means. In this case, I have nothing to say. Xiao Yu, let’s go home.”

Jiang Yu quickly got off the stage and came to Jiang Manyi’s side.

There had never been a mom ever cooler than her mom. The friction from this morning had vanished from Jiang Yu’s heart.

She took Jiang Manyi’s hand and left the auditorium with her.

It was not like apart from Esmera, there were no stages in this world. As long as her mother understood her and supported her dreams, she had nothing to fear.

Seeing Jiang Yu and Jiang Manyi leaving, Xue Jiayi became anxious, grabbed Bai Shuyi’s wrist, and pleaded in a low voice, “You can’t do this, you can’t let her go, she will go out and talk nonsense!”

Bai Shuyi slowly pushed her and said, “What does it have to do with me? It’s not me who wrote crap on Bu Tanyan’s shoes.”

“It’s because of jealousy that you did so much.”

Xue Jiayi said, “You dare to say that you are not jealous of Bu Tanyan. Or you can see that the girl may be more talented than Bu Tanyan.”

“Bu Tanyan was my best friend.” Bai Shuyi said slowly pushing away Xue Jiayi’s hand, as she said calmly, “I have never been jealous of her.”

Xue Jiayi’s body was paralyzed, and her legs and feet began to tremble.

She knew that she was finished.

However, at this moment, Bai Shuyi’s cell phone rang, and two words flashed on the screen, “Xie Yuan.”

Xie Yuan rarely called her. While Bai Shuyi was surprised, she answered with a little joy. After picking up the phone, she said softly, “Hello, Mr. Xie.”

Hearing Xie Yuan’s instructions, Bai Shuyi looked at Jiang Yu by the door of the auditorium with a surprised expression.

Just as Jiang Yu was about to step out of the door, she put down her phone and said, “Student Jiang Yu, congratulations on passing today’s test and entering the Esmera Art Center.”

Jiang Yu thought she was hearing wrong, so she looked back in surprise.

Why did it suddenly change.

“Actually, I was just about to say that although our last place was given to Huang Jiali. But as Esmera’s chief tutor, I have the right to make an exception.”

Bai Shuyi said formally: “I admire Jiang Yu. She has talent, and I am willing to take her as an apprentice and guide her alone.”

As soon as this statement came out, the audience was shocked, including Xue Jiayi who stood next to her.

You must know that there were very few students who could be guided by a tutor and be guided them by alone. It could almost be said that they were direct disciples who would replace themselves and the tutor would teach them all their lifelong learning.

This opportunity was more precious than any ABCDEF class!

Fan Danxi looked at Jiang Manyi unwillingly, her eyes reddening.

And Huang Jiali, who was beside her, also had an ugly expression.

She originally thought that she could be the only student of Lingque Art Center who would be able to enter Esmera, but she never expected… such a dramatic change would happen at the end.

She was as diligent as Jiang Yu, no, Jiang Yu was not as diligent as her, why did she enter the F class with her background, but Jiang Yu was able to become the direct disciple of the chief instructor Bai Shuyi!

Bai Shuyi no longer explained, and silently packed up the documents on the table, and said to Xue Jiayi who was beside her: “Go back and write a document, we will recruit Jiang Yu by exception.”

Xue Jiayi breathed a sigh of relief, and suddenly found Jiang Manyi looking at her, so she glanced at her unceremoniously, gritted her teeth and said, “Don’t be too happy, our Esmera’s entrance fee is 200,000 yuan in the first year, the payment must be made by March. If you don’t raise enough tuition fees, the admission quota will be forfeited.”

Jiang Manyi pressed Jiang Yu’s shoulder and solemnly assured: “Don’t worry, I will definitely pay for my daughter’s tuition fees, even if I have to smash the pot and sell iron.”

Jiang Yu was about to say no, but at this time, Bai Shuyi added: “Oh, by the way, Jiang Yu’s tuition fees is waived.”

“What?” Xue Jiayi lowered her voice: “Not only did you accept her as an apprentice, you are also waiving her fees. Are you crazy?”

Bai Shuyi thought of Xie Yuan’s advice on the phone just now, saying that no matter what, she should keep Jiang Yu in Esmera.

Although Bai Shuyi was Esmera’s chief mentor, Xie Yuan accounted for the majority of Esmera’s shareholding.

It could be said that he had a considerable say in Esmera’s daily affairs.

Although she didn’t understand why Xie Yuan, who was not in charge of day-to-day functioning of Esmera, would be interested in such a trivial matter, there was no doubt that she had to implement Xie Yuan’s order.

“Our Esmera has always had scholarships sponsored by China Literature Technology Group, which can be used to deduct part of the tuition.” Bai Shuyi said to Jiang Yu, “You can submit a scholarship application.”

Xue Jiayi was a little surprised: “Do we have a scholarship?”

Bai Shuyi said gritting her teeth, “Yes.”

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