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For the next half an hour, Siyu watched the unilateral beating by the brothers with a bewildered face. Of course, the correct statement was that the Fifth Master Lu beat the monk unilaterally, and the monk master may have been used to it. Although the combat power was not as good as professionals, but fortunately he ran fast, and in the end, he finally retained his demeanour as a master.

“Why don’t you ask, what about…” The monk muttered, and before Fifth Master Lu stabbed him with his eyes, he consciously moved away from him, sat in the far corner of the room, and sighed, “This is not a shame. The matter, junior brother, I still don’t know what’s going on with you, I’m very relieved that you can find a wife, everything can’t be done with haste…”

Siyu looked at Fifth Master Lu’s face and wanted to go up and stop the monk’s mouth. This was clearly which pot is not opened and which pot is not lifted, it was not a comfort, but a provocation!

She quickly held down Fifth Master Lu’s hand to prevent the two from fighting again, and then said to the monk with a dry smile, “Master, let us go back and think about it, you please go change clothes first…”

Siyu suggested subtly that when the monk rolled in order to avoid Fifth Master Lu’s attack, his robes had accumulated a pile of dirt and looked dirty. The monk looked down and sighed again: “Alas, junior brother is still young, young people are impulsive, it is difficult for him to control and not to do things that go beyond the norm.”

Fifth Master Lu: “…”

Siyu: “…” She was about to break down in cold sweat, and hurriedly jump on the monk When he said the next astonishing sentence, she pulled Fifth Master Lu out of the temple. It was not until the two of them sat in the car that she breathed a long sigh of relief. She had never felt so tired before.

Fifth Master Lu sat beside her with a cold face, his body pressure was extremely low, and he seemed to be very concerned about what the monk said. Siyu was okay, she was just a little shy, after all, it came from someone else’s mouth, but after she observed Fifth Master Lu’s expression, she found that this person was not shy or embarrassed, but holding his breath, as if eager to try something.

Siyu pondered for a while, and suddenly thought in horror, was he motivated by the monk, and felt that since everyone else said so, he must get rid of the title of “doing nothing”?

Siyu glanced out the window and found that this was the shortcut to her own house. She hesitated, should she jump out of the car now, or should she not want to go home and want to go somewhere else? This didn’t seem to be a good option, but if Fifth Master Lu was allowed to bring her home, then the situation of waiting for her might be even more unfriendly…

In her entanglement, the car got parked steadily downstairs of her house. Now, Fifth Master Lu held her hand and took her upstairs without stopping. When the door was shut heavily behind her, Siyu’s heart trembled involuntarily.

“Yuanhe, you…you, calm down, I think the master is right, haste is not good…”

Siyu saw Fifth Master Lu’s sullen face as he slowly walked towards her step by step, she hurriedly backed away, but her backing was very swift. She was about to end up on the sofa, and it was impossible to retreat, so she tried to reason with him.

However, as soon as he heard the monk’s name, Fifth Master Lu’s face became even more gloomy. He stared at Siyu and asked, “Do you believe him or me?”

Siyu: “???” No, what was the relationship between the two?

Seeing that Siyu couldn’t answer, Fifth Master Lu snorted coldly, picked up his little rabbit and walked to the bedroom. That bald man was right about one thing. After raising the rabbit for so long, it couldn’t be raised for nothing. It was time to slaughter and eat it.

Siyu was still in a daze, until the person pressing on her went crazy, and she shed tears of regret: looking for a boyfriend, she still can’t find a man with too high a force value, it was a bloody lesson.

Two months later, on the day that “Fashion Strategy” premiered on TV, the official Huanyi Company and Siyu’s Weibo account jointly issued a statement announcing her retirement.

@Zhou Siyu: Due to personal health reasons, I will no longer consider filming in the future and will concentrate on pursuing my dream. Thank you for always supporting this fish. Although I cannot continue to respond to your love as an actor, but I believe that the world is so big that one day we will meet again. Maybe you will see me again in an unexpected field in the future. I hope we can meet each other with a smile and say long time no see.

This farewell Weibo was pinned to the top, and some familiar actors, such as Han Tiantian, Chu Shuangyan, and even Wen Yuan and the director whom she has worked with before, all forwarded them. They were insiders, and they should be more well-informed about the news. When Siyu terminated the contract with Huanyi, they already knew about it.

Although they were all shocked at how Siyu chose to quit when she was popular, they didn’t ask any more questions, they just wished her all the best.

The most shocked were the vast number of fans. The news of the withdrawal came without warning. When it was first released, they thought that today was April Fool’s Day, and they were joking with them. After repeatedly confirming the news with Huanyi officials, Siyu’s Weibo was full of mourning.

【What happened to Miss Siyu, why did you suddenly say no to filming, I haven’t licked your face enough yet!

【Shocked face, this is really a popular actor with the shortest acting career I have ever seen, what a pity!

【No responsibility to guess, didn’t Zhou Siyu announce that she was in love before, did she go back to her hometown and get married?

【Bah, there is no reason for upstairs to talk nonsense, Miss Siyu said, it was mainly because of physical reasons! We all know that she is not in good health. Maybe it’s because filming is too hard, and it is indeed a burden for the young lady… Well, no matter what, I just hope that she can be well, whether she is an actress or anything else, I will always support her! ]

【I’m a little curious, Miss Siyu said to pursue her dream, what exactly is her dream, does anyone know?

【Why did you choose to quit the circle, Miss Siyu? This question is tied for the annual Weibo Top Ten Unsolved Mysteries along with: What is your dream?

As soon as the news of Siyu’s withdrawal from the circle came out, Ji Lin was the most affected. After all, in the eyes of outsiders, their relationship had always been the best, so those who couldn’t find Siyu’s dream ran away one after another to find Ji Lin ask him what was going on.

Ji Lin knew the reason, but he certainly wouldn’t expose his sister’s old secrets, so he avoided the queries and said lightly: “Sister Siyu is going to recuperate. Please don’t disturb her and let her rest well.”

Of course, having said that, Ji Lin was still scolding someone in his heart, the bastard, brother-in-law, ran to Rongcheng with his sister, and didn’t even let him say hello. He was clearly looking for an excuse to kidnap his sister!

Ji Lin was tight-lipped, and everyone couldn’t tell anything, so they could only return in disappointment, but the TV station was very happy. Because Siyu retired from the circle, this “Fashion Strategy” became her last TV series. Many fans were willing to turn on the TV to take a look at this point, and then they were attracted by the wonderful plot and unconsciously chased it down, and the ratings soared, which was equivalent to a free wave of popularity!

At the same time, there were also producers who regretted it. What an aura actor, how could you say that you won’t act anymore. They still had a lot of scripts for which they wanted to find Siyu!

However, the most important thing in the entertainment industry was all kinds of news. Although the news of Siyu’s withdrawal from the circle had aroused a heated discussion, the heat gradually dissipated as the time passed, and she gradually faded out from public view as planned before.

After the popularity subsided completely, the Weibo, which belonged to the painter Koi, quietly updated her comics after announcing that the comics had been suspended for a month.

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