TMLVOS Extra 1 (Ch. 87)

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Netizen Message Area>>>>Entertainment gossip section

Topic: It may be unusual, but I have found the true identity of the Great God Painter Koi by accident, and I am very afraid. Are there fans who want to study it to see if I am right?

Content: As the title, first of all, I declare that this landlord is definitely not a black fan. I have been in the pit since Koi started to serialize “Fashion Strategy”. Every comic book of hers has been followed, and the TV and movie adaptations have also been completed. I can post the complete works and movie tickets to prove myself, I am definitely a big fan of Koi.

Then came the question, didn’t Koi recently release a single book “Sesame Bun and Custard Stuffing”? The publishing house held an event to send special customized signed posters by Koi for lottery, and also brought Ji Lin and those who retired from the circle. Zhou Siyu signed the autograph together, and a total of 10 people were drawn. The landlord was lucky to win the lottery (^o^)/~ Then the official blog came to ask me what I wanted them to write. I wanted to make something special, so I told them to draw their own Self-portrait in Q version, and now I have received a poster from the official blog…

Li Tao, what does this mean?

1L: Why did an artist appear in the entertainment section?

2L: I took a look. The stickman in the middle is obviously a self-portrait of Brother Ji. He said on the show that his drawing skills are at the level of a child. At the time, I thought he was being modest, but now it seems that he was exaggerating! Where is this preschool level, my five-year-old niece draws better than him…

3L: I actually saw my carp’s name here! I thought I had entered the wrong area, but what happened to Koi, she has nothing to do with the entertainment industry, it’s just that her work has been remade into movie and TV shows.

4L: Am I the only one looking at the three autographs posted by the landlord? Apart from the variation in the style of painting, Brother Ji, who is very recognizable, thinks that I, a koi fan, can’t tell which of the other two is her signature… This is unscientific!

5L: I also feel a little strange when you say that. The other two paintings are too similar. Did the official blog make a mistake and made Koi sign it twice?

6L: They shouldn’t make such a low-level mistake, right? It is also possible that Koi signed first, and then Zhou Siyu drew it?

7L: I just… tried to stack the two self-portraits, and found that except for the hairstyle and clothes, the other lines are superimposed! In other words, these two villains are exactly the same! I don’t study art, what do you call this, plagiarism?

8L: I can answer this question. It’s called drawing. The heights of the two pictures overlap. If they can be stamped, one person must have copied the other. Brother Ji showed everyone his level of painting without blush.

9L: Brother Ji wanted to beat someone after hearing that. Everyone is sure that Zhou Siyu copied the picture, right?

10L: Otherwise, this is obviously the style of Koi. She painted the Q version in this style. You can go to her previous Weibo.

11L: Wait a minute, it’s crooked, didn’t the landlord say that there is a problem with finding out the true identity of Koi, what do you want to express with these signatures? It’s too irresponsible to run away.

12L: I’m sorry, I’m the landlord, and I accidentally pressed send in the middle of writing. Saying that you guys are building so fast… Go on, in fact, there wasn’t much evidence, at most it was the fuse. What really made me suspicious was Koi’s Weibo! I don’t know if you still remember. Didn’t Koi reveal that she had a boyfriend two days ago, and she also posted a picture of holding hands with her boyfriend. Although only two people’s hands were photographed, one could clearly see it with an engagement ring on the Koi’s middle finger, the two of them should be getting married, but that’s not the point! The point is, isn’t Brother Ji having a good relationship with Zhou Siyu? Then he often posts photos of the two of them on Weibo, usually only the faces can be seen, but the one posted yesterday was not taken by the assistant. Zhou Siyu’s hand was also patted in, and then I found out that there is also a ring on Zhou Siyu’s middle finger! Same style as Koi!

13L: It’s just the same ring, don’t make such a fuss…

14L: Wait a minute, I checked according to what the landlord said, and found something even more astonishing: this diamond ring is a global Valentine’s Day limited edition launched by a certain brand. It is said that it is only available for customization. Yes, the style of each pair is absolutely impossible to be the same, the most expensive one is on Zhou Siyu’s hand – that is to say, it is impossible to have the same style!

15L: ?????

16L: According to Brother Fourteen’s reasoning, it seems that an incredible conclusion can be drawn…

17L: Come on, re-examine what all is known: Koi and Zhou Siyu wear the same engagement ring, and there is only one pair of such diamond ring in the world, there is no pirated version, and the two people’s signed self-portraits have the same style and composition. So, what is the relationship between the two of them?

18L: Twins, twins?

19L: Gods, they are not twins, they are clearly the same person, right?!!

20L: I’m shocked, what kind of genius are you all?

21L: Wait, what, Zhou Siyu is Koi!!!

22L: I watched the TV series “Fashion Strategy” which I re-watched for the third time on my tablet, and I couldn’t help but laugh…

23L: Holy crap, this feels super weird, the comic book author herself played the protagonist in her own writing? Is this the equivalent of the God of Creation going down to earth to experience life???

24L: I didn’t expect to browse the forum by accident and see this kind of treasure post… Since all eight are here, everyone, as an insider, I will give you the bottom line. In fact, acting is not Zhou Siyu’s main business. She first wanted to paint.

25L: Huh?????

26L: What did you say?????

27L: I knew that at the end of this kind of post, someone in the knowing would come out.

28L: Shocked, if the insider’s revelations upstairs are true, is Zhou Siyu’s reason for leaving the circle because she wanted to go back to her hometown to paint?

29L: As a face fan and career fan of Miss Siyu, my mood at the moment is colourful. Miss, you really don’t want to act, I should have known…

30L: My…my brain is still a little hard to use, so we have been calling for Zhou Siyu to play the heroine in the ‘Sesame Bun and Custard Filling’. Maybe in the eyes of others… We are forcing her to play the role.

31L: Having said that, I suddenly understood why Zhou Siyu wanted to retire so quickly. Maybe it was her conscience.

32L: Holy shit, shit, shit, so the manga in Sesame Bun is not the interaction between the painter but that of a sister and brother, but the sister herself recording their daily life?? Damn, this feeling of being pressed by the head to eat CP candy is really cool for this sesame yellow girl!

33L: To meet a sesame yellow girl here, I burst into tears! I want to roar, my beauty may be fake, but the CP I got must be real!

34L: After Siyu left the circle, I said to myself: Look, there is no future in engaging in CP. The two of them are no longer in the same circle, and they are like strangers. Now, I said to myself: “The beautiful sister-in-law relationship is not in vain!!!”

35L: Those who stand upstairs in the cult of sisters and brothers will take it. Both Zhou Siyu and Koi have clearly stated that they already have a boyfriend, and it looks like they are engaged (although 90% feel they may be the same person), Brother Ji also said that the two of them are pure siblings. They can be cute in private, so don’t talk nonsense in front of the master.

36L: Oh my God, what treasure is this building! Miss Siyu is so amazing, she can act and draw, and it’s not enough to give candy herself, but she has to perform for everyone. What a great spirit, she is simply a model worker in the painting circle!

37L: No one is paying attention to who Siyu’s boyfriend is? Looking at the above, it is impossible for ordinary people to be able to afford the most expensive diamond ring in the world. And Koi’s Weibo seems to have said that her boyfriend is very senior in the family. When I think about it carefully, a lot of CEO text settings immediately popped up in my mind!

38L: Blind student, you discovered Huadian.

39L: Yes, but Siyu has always been very low-key before, and basically no media has ever taken photos of her private life. After she quit the circle, she couldn’t be found anymore, but we could find some clues on Ji Ge’s Weibo…

40L: I’m very curious when you say this. I really want to see pictures of Siyu’s boyfriend… By the way, you said that Koi once drew sesame buns based on herself and Brother Ji. So, she serialized her own love cookies?

41L: Great idea! Isn’t Koi thinking about what to draw for the next book? I will immediately go to Weibo to private message my opinion!…

302L: I am the owner of the building, and I just went to the toilet. How high is this building? You guys are too good at detecting things!

301L: After reading the entire post, I only have one impression. I only know that all the girls who fall in love are possessed by Sherlock Holmes, but I never thought that your circle would be so slippery. Everyone is Ernst Ruska.

302L: I’m Annotation: Ernst Ruska, inventor of the electron microscope.

303L: I laughed so hard, I left my name here, and I will dig graves after Siyu officially admits it!

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