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The fact that her vest was stripped came as a completely unexpected surprise to Siyu.

She didn’t even know that the source of the matter came from a post of a loyal fan. In short, as soon as she realized that her vest was gone, her editor, Mu Yan, came to the door.

“Koi, you lied to me for so long!” Mu Yan said aggressively, “It’s no wonder that when I asked you to hold a signing party before, you turned it down again and again, so there was another reason!”

Siyu broke into a cold sweat: “You calm down, calm down…”

“Calm your head!” After scolding for a while, Mu Yan began to mutter to himself, “My popular author is actually a star, and this kind of dual identity routine is not used in novels!”

Siyu reminded in a low voice, “But I’ve already retired…”

Mu Yan glared at her, Siyu had a guilty conscience, so now she hurriedly shut up and put on an obedient appearance. Mu Yan didn’t really want to scold her, but Siyu kept it from her for so long, and it was such a big thing. Mu Yan was really shocked. You know, just now, other employees in their editorial department were inquiring and asking ‘Did they bring out a real star?’

Seeing that Siyu was obedient, Mu Yan sighed and asked, “What should I do now, fans and the media are calling the editorial department at the same time, what do you want us to do?”

Siyu: “What does this have to do with the media…”

“I have to ask you!” Mu Yan poked her in the forehead, “Although you have retired from the circle, there are still legends about you in the circle. It’s normal for the media to hold on to you. Don’t worry about it, think about it first. What can I say, why don’t you make a statement?”

Siyu pressed her forehead and felt a bit of a headache. This was nothing, but it was too unfortunate…

At this moment, Mu Yan suddenly laughed, and when Siyu looked over suspiciously, she raised her eyebrows: “But there is still good news.”

Siyu asked, “What?”

“Since your vest can no longer be kept, then future signings will not be allowed to be turned down. You can attend them honestly. I have already arranged one for you. It will be in the central square of Jiangcheng next week.” Mu Yan was rather gloating at her misfortune, “The number of signed receipts I have prepared for you is 1,000 copies. Of course, this does not exclude other things that fans bring out, such as posters and the like, you remember to protect your hands, don’t become tired and paralyzed.”

Siyu looked confused: “Wait, what kind of good news is this?”

After her vest was exposed, there would be a signing meeting, and she had to be ready to sign off? Her family’s comic editor really hated her, and what kind of hatred was this!

However, Siyu didn’t have much room for bargaining. Mu Yan ruthlessly made a final decision, and then announced the news of the signing event on the official blog, and forced Siyu to forward it again. In just five minutes, this Weibo Fans came to hear the news: “Signing event?! How can I see the Koi car signing in my lifetime?”

“Upstairs, in fact, we can often see real Koi on the Internet… After all, the fact that Koi is Zhou Siyu has already been tacitly accepted.”

“So, this is an autograph signing event after Koi took off her vest?”

“I’m in a complicated mood. I went to Siyu’s preview before, and now I’m going to attend the signing. How does it feel to be the same person as my former idol and my current idol…”

“Isn’t the most amazing thing the fact that these two vests belong to different fields, and they can intersect and even be compatible with each other, Miss Siyu is really awesome!”

“I think I am the one with the most complicated mental journey. I am a diehard fan of Koi, and she is the goddess in my heart, but I have never been able to like Zhou Siyu before, even if Koi draws comics based on Zhou Siyu, I always looked at her, and thought that she was too pretentious, but now…you tell me, they are the same person?!”

“Haha…, what is this? I like you as a comic book writer rather than you as an actor?”

Ji Lin got to know about the news that Siyu was going to hold a signing event in time. As the owner of the fan group and a fighter among die-hard fans, he was naturally recommended by other fans. Everyone said that Koi finally let go of her distaste to offline activities, so they couldn’t do it too crudely, and as fans, should they gather together and hold a cheering event?

Ji Lin said, “My intentions are good, but I may not be able to be there that day…”

The fans said: “This is not good, brother, you are a veteran, you should take the lead in the charge.”

Ji Lin felt bitter in his heart. If he really showed up, his sister shouldn’t even think about holding this signing event, but on the surface, he still had to show a big fan bearing and calmly said: “Actually, this is the first time Koi has held an event, as long as it goes smoothly, it doesn’t have to be a big battle. It would be bad if it causes trouble for her. When the day comes, we will make a custom banner and hold it up, and line up quietly. Wouldn’t it be better if the words on it were bigger so she could see it at a glance?”

Fans thought about it and thought it made sense. They all said that Brother Ji was indeed a big fan, and he was thoughtful.

Ji Lin was so frightened by the group that he raised his hand to wipe his cold sweat.

But in the end, on the day of the signing ceremony, Ji Lin still disguised himself, wearing a scarf, hat and sunglasses, wrapped himself up so that he couldn’t even be recognized by his sister, sneaked into the backstage through the side door of the mall, and found Siyu’s rest room.

Siyu was still surprised at first, but when she saw Ji Lin take off his sunglasses, she was dumbfounded: “A Lin? Are you crazy, there are thousands of people outside, if you are seen… Do you not want to go out alive?”

Ji Lin hurriedly motioned for her to keep quiet, looked around to see that no one was around, and then lowered her voice: “Sister, I came here specially to support you.”

Siyu twitched the corners of her mouth, took a deep look at him, and said, “Hiding yourself well is the best support for me.”

However, Ji Lin refused to stay in the lounge and wait for her and had to go outside the stage to watch it. He didn’t know why he was so excited. Siyu couldn’t handle it, so she had to go with him.

Outside on the stage, the space was full of fans who came to queue early. Ji Lin even saw a team of more than a dozen people coming together, holding a super long cheering banner in their hands. Ji Lin was quite relieved that his fan group was here and he pretended to approach them casually.

A girl saw him in a blink of an eye, and kindly gave him a cheering stick in the shape of a custard bag and said: “You are also waiting for the autograph, right? I made two kinds of cheer sticks. I kept the sesame bun shape for myself. This is for you. This is what our group leader suggested.”

Ji Lin thanked her, thinking that I am the leader of the group, but I didn’t let you make the cheering stick in the shape of a steamed bun. His mood was very complicated at this moment.

As soon as the scheduled time came, Siyu came to the stage, and there was a burst of screams in the audience, some shouting Koi, some shouting Siyu, Ji Lin looked around, and only then did he realize that a considerable number of people were actually shouting for Siyu. They came because of Siyu, who was an actor. After all, Siyu basically faded out of the public eye after she retired from the circle. These fans learned that their idol was still active in another way, so they came to see if she was doing well.

Siyu also heard the voices calling her name. She was stunned for a while, then smiled slowly and said, “…Thank you.”

Now, that Siyu had appeared, it was of course impossible for fans to let her go easily. Sure enough, in the question-and-answer session, someone asked, “Miss Siyu, why did you hide the fact that you were Koi?”

Siyu thought about it and said, “In the beginning, I thought the two identities would not interfere with each other. Later… You all know that I often drew Ji Lin for fun. If he would have found out, I would have been in big trouble.”

Some of the old fans at the scene suddenly let out a very understanding laughter.

The man also laughed out loud: “Because Brother Ji will be shy?”

Ji Lin, the party involved, rolled his eyes in his heart, thinking that he would not be shy. He printed out every picture that his sister drew and pasted it in his home. Of course, by chance this incident was broken to assistant Xiao Ai, and Xiao Ai stared at him for a whole week with suspicion of “are you a narcissist?”

Siyu nodded and agreed: “Yeah, he’s thin-skinned, plus I was invited to act in “Fashion Strategy” later, it was even more embarrassing to say.”

In fact, it was not that fans couldn’t understand her, the main reason was that this operation was too showy. In fact, after getting used to it, it still felt quite interesting, so everyone didn’t embarrass Siyu too much, and soon someone asked another question: “Miss Siyu, in fact, your identity was revealed, at first because of the ring you wore, can you tell us, are you about to get married?”

Hearing this question, Siyu’s face turned a little red, she lowered her eyes and nodded lightly, then shook her head again.

Everyone didn’t understand what she meant, so Siyu explained in a low voice, “I haven’t agreed to his one-sided proposal.”

There was a good-hearted joke from the audience, Siyu’s ears were all red, and she waved her hand to say that she would not discuss this issue, and asked everyone to line up and start autographing.

Ji Lin pretended to buy a single book and inserted himself into the queue. It was finally his turn. Siyu saw this worry-free younger brother at a glance, sighed silently, and squeezed out a gentle expression, smiled and asked, “What do you want me to write?”

Ji Lin rolled his eyes and said, “Just write: My brother is the cutest person in the world.”

Siyu: “…” You are surely not childish.

Of course, Siyu couldn’t speak to him in public, so she could only warn him with her eyes, but in the end she signed the autograph according to Ji Lin’s request.

Ji Lin held the book and walked off the stage happily, but he didn’t know that after he left, and two or three people had taken their turns, a tall man in a long trench coat walked up to Siyu. Like Ji Lin, he also wore sunglasses. But even so, he still couldn’t hide his delicate and remarkable facial features.

As soon as he stood still, he said in a deep voice to Siyu, who was writing quickly with his head down: “He’s the cutest person, what about me?”

Siyu’s writing hand paused: “…” Damn, was she having hallucinations, why did she hear her boyfriend’s voice on this occasion?

The man wasn’t finished yet. He looked at Siyu, who was stiff, through the lenses of his sunglasses. Unmoved, he smiled at Siyu: “Am I unilaterally proposing?”

Siyu: “…” It was a bad thing.

Fortunately, this master just wanted to promote his presence in front of Siyu, and did not do anything out of the ordinary. He glanced at Siyu and walked slowly to the stage.

Siyu… Siyu stiffly took over the next fan’s signature board, feeling cold sweat all over her back.

Ji Lin, who was completely unaware of the undercurrents on the stage, happily walked out. The shopping mall was crowded with people, and the exit was even more blocked. The sunglasses were also crooked, and they couldn’t help but fall off the bridge of his nose. Ji Lin wanted to raise his hand to push them back up, but he was pushed from the back again.

It was over-This thought just flashed in Ji Lin’s mind, as there were already sharp-eyed girls who recognized his identity with only half of his face, and the scream that seemed to penetrate the eardrum instantly sounded: “Aaaaa… It’s Ji Lin!! Come on, catch him!!”

Ji Lin: “!!!” Sister, please help!!

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