RCFS Ch. 223

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“She didn’t come back?”

The dormitory teacher was also quite surprised. The child gave her a good impression, honest, she did not look like someone who won’t come home at night.

“Yes, teacher, someone saw her getting into the car outside the school!”

Bai Ruoyue hooked the corners of her lips, and if she didn’t return in the dormitory at night and got into the car outside the school, there was a possibility that Ye Yunxi was very likely to be taken care of by someone!

Ha, bitch, I thought she was capable, but after a long time of doing it, she turned out to be such a nasty woman!

“Teacher, I don’t want to live in a dormitory with this kind of person. If she really does something bad, everyone in our dormitory unanimously wants to request that Ye Yunxi get out of our dormitory!”

This kind of woman was not worthy to live with them in a dormitory, they thought it was dirty, and it was disgusting!

The dormitory teacher also frowned. To be honest, staying out at night and messing around with others was another matter.

“Okay, I see, you go back first, I will implement it!”

“Good teacher!”

Seeing that the small report was typed correctly, Bai Ruoyue happily walked back to the dormitory, because she knew that Ye Yunxi was going to be unlucky, la!

“Ruoyue, how is it? Did the teacher check it?”

The people in the dormitory gathered around and asked earnestly.

“Of course! She is obviously being taken care of. She got into someone else’s car in the middle of the night, and several people saw it. If this kind of thing is known, she should get out of our dormitory!”

“She should get out of Junyao, it’s the affiliated school of Huangjue, this kind of rotten person is tarnishing Junyao’s reputation!”

“It’s disgusting, we actually live with this kind of person!”

“Yes! I feel disgusting too, it’s disgusting!”

Everyone chattered, the words of their tongue almost settled the fact that Ye Yunxi was taken care of by others. Early the next morning, this rumor was spread all over Junyao, and many people even believed it. After all, there were indeed many people who saw Ye Yunxi got into the car outside the school.

Ye Huang’s people frowned slightly, what kind of support? Were these people stupid? That’s Ye Yunxi’s fiancé, so handsome as hell!

But no one except Ye Huang knew, even Ye Yunxi came to school early in the morning and received a lot of attention.

“Look, she is being taken care by someone!”


“Of course it’s true. A lot of people saw her getting into a luxury car last night! She was so poor that she ran to school every day, how could she have a luxury car?”

“That’s right, it’s definitely not hers, it’s really disgusting, how could Junyao accept such a student?”

“She’s the number one!”

“What’s wrong with being the number one? Isn’t it shameless to sell yourself? Not everyone can go to Junyao!”

The chirping voice was full of slander and contempt for Ye Yunxi, and the petite figure gathered her steps and looked at everyone indifferently.

“Look at that! You’re talking about that bitch who went out to sell herself!”

Ye Yunxi smiled, walked slowly to the shouting girl, and narrowed her eyes lazily: “I didn’t hear clearly, what did you say?”

“I said you are…”


Slapping hard on the face, Ye Yunxi smiled and continued to ask: “Huh? What is it?”

The girl was stunned by the slap!

There was a burning pain on her face, this, this girl hit her no matter what!

“Ye Yunxi, what are you doing?”

Ming Siye couldn’t stand it any longer, and pulled her back.

Was what the school said wrong?

He saw it all himself last night. Even Xie Lian’er said that Ye Yunxi was…, tsk, but he didn’t expect that Young Master Di, who was always aloof, was actually that kind of person!

“Hit bitch, don’t you have eyes?”

Ye Yunxi glanced lazily at Ming Siye, her face was cold and indifferent, and there was a bewitching smile on the corner of her mouth, like a fairy, extremely gorgeous!

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