RCFS Ch. 224

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Ding! Awesomeness XP +10!

Mr. System gritted his teeth, yes! Hit the bitch!

Great host! Well done! With such a cheap mouth, who the hell is a bitch!


Ming Siye was obviously irritated: “What right do you have to hit someone? Could it be that what she said was wrong?”

He was frightened!

What a terrifying sight!

“Why, is Er Shao Ming also feeling itchy?”

Ye Yunxi let go of the girl and looked at the boy.

Regardless of your second and third children, she was not afraid of anyone!

A group of people immediately surrounded the school gate.

Even the second young master Ming said so, it seemed that this Ye Yunxi was really being taken care of!

It was disgusting!

“Hey, please, do you think you are good at beating people? Didn’t you come out to sell yourself?”

Among the crowd, Xie Lian’er also came out with a few people. She was too lazy to talk to Ye Yunxi a few days ago, but with such a good opportunity, how could she let it go?

Young Master Di’s fiancée?

Why are you a fiancee?

She wanted to discredit this bitch!

Now even the eldest lady of the Xie family had stood up and confirmed that everything was truth, Ye Yunxi was out to sell herself. For a while, everyone looked at Ye Yunxi with contempt and teasing faces, and some boys who were mean-spirited, even raised their voices: “Ye Yunxi, in fact, you are quite beautiful, how much is it? Within ten yuan, we will also consider taking care of your business!”


There was a burst of laughter from around, and everyone laughed together, and at this moment, someone separated from the crowd, stood respectfully in front of Ye Yunxi, bowed and saluted.

This time, everyone was shocked, because the person who came was not Junyao’s student, but an old man in an old-fashioned tuxedo. The old man was very thin, but very polite. Nothing messed up.

This, this dress looked like the butler of a rich family in a TV series!

The students were stunned, staring at the old man and Ye Yunxi silently.

What the hell iwa going on here?

However, Butler Zeng was respectful, lowered his head, and said to Ye Yunxi with a humble face: “Miss, you forgot to bring your leather shoes when you went out today. The master asked me to bring them to Miss.”

After speaking, Butler Zeng opened his hand and took the white silk inside revealed a pair of delicate leather shoes. The old butler knelt on the ground on one knee and said respectfully, “Miss, please allow me to change your shoes.”

At this moment, all the students were going to explode!


This housekeeper called Ye Yunxi, “Miss”!!!

Fuck! Was there a mistake?

Could it be that Ye Yunxi’s family was rich?

Then, what happened to being taken care of ahhhhhhh…

The students were about to go crazy, but Xie Lian’er seemed to have been slapped, her face flushed and she stood still.

Damn lady!

Did this bitch have money at home?

“Didn’t Sister Lian Er say that she sold herself?”

“Why, I didn’t see the housekeeper personally put shoes on for her? That respect can be faked?”

“So Sister Lian Er is lying?”

Xie Lian Er’s face was ugly. She couldn’t stand it anymore, turned her head and left.

Ye Yunxi! I can’t believe what kind of lady you are, don’t let me catch you by your short hair!

Ye Yunxi helped the old man up with a calm expression, took the shoes, and looked up into the distance.

Everyone followed her gaze and saw a luxury car parked at the school gate.

After that, everyone was going to explode.

Fuck, a housekeeper who came to deliver shoes even vame in this kind of car, Ye Yunxi, where the hell are you from, the rich lady!

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