RCFS Ch. 225

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Ding! Awesomeness XP + 10 + 10 + 10…] 114180

Every time the students were shocked, the Awesomeness XP in their minds soared.

The system master, raised its chin proudly, feeling extremely refreshed!

Out for sale? Poor?

Sorry to tell you, our host is now worth hundreds of millions! Converting the amount into banknotes can crush you all!

Compared with our host freshman, you are all poor ghosts!

Mr. System continued to shout, and the students continued to be shocked, but Ye Yunxi couldn’t see the car glass inside after scanning her eyes.

It was Di Junxie’s car, even though she couldn’t see inside, she could still feel the man’s cold and silent gaze!

“Butler Zeng…”

“Miss!” Butler Zeng interrupted Ye Yunxi: “Please do your best for the campus festival, I’ll leave first!”

After finishing speaking, Butler Zeng nodded slightly, holding his head high like when he came, without squinting, he left proudly, as if no one was paying attention to him except Miss Yunxi.

The students were going crazy, even the housekeeper was so arrogant!

Ye Yunxi’s identity must be extraordinary!

When everyone was shocked, Ye Yunxi was concentrating on looking at this pair of small leather shoes. They were not her original pair. They were newly made leather shoes. They were purely handmade and soft to the touch. This pair of shoes should be of great value.

Di Junxie was quite careful.

Feeling warm in her heart, Ye Yunxi left neatly without even looking at the constipated students around her.

On the other hand, Ming Siye had an expression as if he had eaten shi*t, and his small face was very ugly.

Saying that someone was doing something dirty when even a housekeeper in her family could slap your face, wasn’t that just asking for trouble!

As a result, new rumours about Ye Yunxi began to spread in Junyao.

“Have you heard? Ye Yunxi is the lady of the big family!”

“Come on, I have never heard of the Ye family!”

“No, no, it is rumoured that Ye Yunxi has the same surname as her mother, and she is an illegitimate daughter, but the family is super rich!!”

“Your version is wrong, what I heard is that Ye Yunxi is the princess of an island country in the middle of the ocean!”

“No, no, no, she is the princess of a small desert country, which is rich in oil!!”

Rumours were flying all over the sky for a while, and when they reached Ye Wanru’s ears, the young lady immediately rolled her eyes.

Were they out of their mind?

Where did the news come from?

She, Ye Yunxi, was not a princess at all, nor was she a young lady, she was just a waste from the Ye family’s declining branch!

“Hey, Ye Lanshan, can you go out and clarify, too?”

Ye Wanru kicked the drowsy Ye Lanshan next to her, sleeping, at such a critical moment, still sleeping!

And that trash Ye Yunxi not only snatched the position of heir, but also built a Yehuang herself as soon as she entered the school! She was really mad!

“Won’t go!”

Ye Lanshan changed her position and continued to sleep: “I’m so sleepy, I don’t have time.”

He didn’t like the two children of his second uncle’s family, and now they wanted him to be their thug?

He was not that stupid!

Moreover, he had a good impression of Ye Yunxi, and the club Yehuang seemed to be pretty good. If it was really established for the development of the Ye family, then he would consider joining Yehuang!

As for Ye Wanru, who wanted to win her over?

Hehe, stay where it was cool!

“Aren’t you going? Fine, I’ll go! Who the hell is Ye Yunxi, I’ll let the whole school know immediately!”

Ye Wanru gritted her teeth, called the other members of the Star Club, and said angrily, “I’ll tell you Ye Yunxi’s identity!”

She wanted to make this trash invisible in front of all the students in the school!!!

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