KHSW Ch. 186

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“Otherwise, what does Sister Ou thinks, could there be a transaction between me and Ling Xi?” Shen Bingqian asked rhetorically.

Ou Mengxue smiled immediately, “It’s nothing, I just asked casually.”

She knew that although Shen Bingqian was a bit stupid, she was not a fuel-efficient lamp. This time she wanted to release an album, and she would make good use of it.

After entering Chi Jiayang’s office, she closed the door.

Chi Jiayang looked up and continued on the phone, “Mom, do you mean today? Don’t worry, I will definitely take her back.”

Seeing that he hung up, he asked, “Brother Jiayang, listening to your tone just now, were you talking on the phone with your mom?”

Chi Jiayang put the documents aside, “Well, do you have anything to say?”

Listening to Chi Jiayang’s business tone, Ou Mengxue was a little uncomfortable. Then the corner of her mouth twitched, she was still planning to perform a play in front of him in the future.

“Brother Jiayang, I’m here to report Shen Bingqian’s situation to you.”

“No, I believe in your ability. If you have nothing else to do, I’ll go out first, and call me if you have anything else.”

Seeing his hurried appearance, Ou Mengxue was curious, but she just nodded, “Okay, I got it.”


Seeing Ma Zhang hesitating to speak, Ling Xi spoke directly, “Nanny Zhang, you don’t have to hesitate like this, while talking to me.”

“Madam, can you advance my salary for three months? I…I know it’s not appropriate to do so, but I really…”

Nanny Zhang was already ashamed when she asked this, but she really had no relatives or friends that she could ask for help.

“Did something happen at home?”

Nanny Zhang suddenly lost control of her emotions, and her eyes were full of tears, rushing down.

“My youngest son… was found to be suffering from brain tumour. My husband likes to drink too much, and he has tossed away all the money in the family…”

No wonder… When she finally saw Nanny Zhang in her previous life, she saw the desperation in her.

Without further ado, she transferred 100,000 from her phone, “Nanny Zhang, I have already transferred it to your Alipay, you can check it.”

Nanny Zhang opened it and said, “This… Madam, only 30,000 will do, I don’t need so much.”

“It doesn’t matter, this is the money for treatment, don’t save it, plus the cost of examination, surgery, hospital bed, treatment, medical and other expenses, the cost will be very large, if it’s not enough and you want more, you can tell me.”

Nanny Zhang looked at Ling Xi gratefully, “Thank you madam.”

Ling Xi naturally wouldn’t take the money as advance salary, Nanny Zhang helped her in her previous life, of course she would do her best to help her.

“Ding dong—”

“Madam, could it be that Master is back?”

When Ling Xi saw that it was Chi Jiayang, she couldn’t help frowning, how could he have come here?

Chi Jiayang waited outside the gate for a long time.

Was there no one at home?

“Uncle, who are you looking for?”

Xiao Nuo was playing with the dog in the garden. Hearing the movement here, he ran over, holding his bright little head, and there was innocence in his eyes.

Across the iron fence, he asked immaturely.

When Chi Jiayang saw this little guy, he remembered what Yang Wei said to him, this should be Xu Yizhi’s child!

“Is Ling Xi here?”

“My mother? Is uncle looking for my mother for anything?”

“Your mother?” Chi Jiayang murmured, his brows furrowed and he was in a trance.

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