NHSRE Ch. 154.1: Unfinished Building

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At three o’clock in the afternoon, the entrance of Yuying Primary School was crowded with parents waiting for their children to finish school.

Because this elementary school was a private school with expensive tuition and abundant teaching resources, in short, it was an aristocratic elementary school. Some of those waiting outside for school to be over were nannies and some were bodyguards. They stood together in twos and threes and chatted with their acquaintances.

Finally, the school bell rang.

People who were close could almost hear the cheers of the children. After a few minutes, the teachers directed the children to line up outside the classroom and come out one after another according to their classes.

“Are you hungry? I’ve prepared something to eat.”

“Give me your schoolbag and get in the car quickly.”

“How was the class today?”

Parents each picked up a child, and there was a sudden commotion at the school gate. In this case, not many people noticed the man wearing a mask standing in the corner.

He was completely covered, with only one pair of eyes looking in the direction of the school.

Finally, a child wearing a school uniform and carrying a small schoolbag came out. Unlike other children whose parents had come to pick him up, he was alone with a tugging expression on his face.

“Shen Zhouzhou!” the head teacher called him.

The little kid froze when he heard this voice and walked back reluctantly.

The head teacher squatted down: “Shen Zhouzhou, are you going back alone again?”

The little kid: “Yeah.”

The head teacher obviously didn’t agree, and frowned: “I will communicate with your parents later, how can they let you go back alone? Even if they are busy with work, they still need to ask the nanny to pick you up.”

The little kid curled his lips: “I know the way back.”

“That won’t work, I’ll see you off later…” Before she could finish speaking, another male teacher called the class teacher. Seeing this, the kid quickly rubbed oil on his soles to avoid being nagged again.

After the head teacher answered the question, he looked back and saw that the little kid was gone.

The little kid ran very fast and almost bumped into someone by accident as he walked with his head down.

“Shen Zhouzhou?”

The kid was about to go around, but he stopped when he heard the voice. He put his hands on the strap of his backpack and looked up.

Shen Luqiu pulled down his mask and showed what he thought was a kind smile: “I am your father’s cousin. Are you alone? How about I take you back?” Before coming, Shen Luqiu thought about a lot of things to say, as he knew that children nowadays were very wary of going around with strangers casually. He thought about how to prove his relationship with Shen Dongqing, but he didn’t expect that all this preparation would be useless.

The little kid laughed brightly as soon as he heard this, without questioning the person’s identity at all: “Okay.”

Things went a little too smoothly.

Shen Luqiu was a little suspicious, but when he looked down, he saw that Shen Zhouzhou’s short head just reached his waist. Judging from the size of the two of them, it was a crushing suppression. He could easily restrain him with just one hand. So, he couldn’t cause any trouble even if he thought about it.

Shen Luqiu couldn’t help laughing. Was he still afraid of a child?

So he relaxed and stretched out his hand towards the kid: “Let’s go.”

The kid stared at him for a while and put his hand in his.

“My car is over there.” Shen Luqiu pointed across the road.

Across the road was a small alley. Compared to the bustle on the school side, it was much more deserted there, with very few pedestrians. There was only a dilapidated van parked there, so dilapidated that you couldn’t even see the license plate clearly.

The little kid glanced at the van, with the corners of his mouth slightly pursed. He looked like a flower in the greenhouse, innocent and weak. Without asking a word, he followed Shen Luqiu and walked over.

The two of them had just crossed the road and come to the blind spot of the surveillance. The moment they passed the van, three masked strong men got out and surrounded them.

There was no nonsense from both parties, and Shen Luqiu was caught in the car without even a token resistance.


The car doors were closed tightly, cutting off all escape routes.

The little kid was very cooperative, neither crying nor getting upset, and looked at the people in the car with his eyes open.

There was an indescribable sour smell in the van. There were two strong men sitting in the driver seat and passenger seat in the front, and there was another person sitting in the back seat. Their faces were covered, but they looked strong and muscular, with a vague aura of ferocity.

The person on the driver’s seat said: “Is this kid stupid? He didn’t react at all?”

The man with droopy eyes sitting next to him sneered: “He must be scared to death.” After a pause, “I heard that nowadays the kids all have phones and watches that can locate them. Scar, you search for them and throw all of them away.”

Scar nodded and reached out to search the kid’s backpack.

But before he could search, the little kid took the initiative to take out all the electronic devices.

Scar was surprised and said to his companion: “Is this kid really a fool?”

“It’s none of our business whether he is stupid or not.” The man with droopy eyes said coldly, “Throw them away.” The window rolled down, and then a mobile phone and an electronic watch were thrown out from inside. It was inevitable that the little kid would have some electronic equipment hidden away. Scar searched him again and saw that there were only textbooks and snacks in the schoolbag, so he kept it for the time being to prevent the kid from crying.

After finishing all this, the van started up and drove away in a flash, leaving only the mobile phone and electronic watch lying on the ground.

The van left the alley, merged into the traffic, and drove towards the wilderness.

Shen Luqiu looked at the little kid.

Kidnapping an adult was too laborious. It was better to kidnap the child and trick Shen Dongqing into coming over. It was normal for some accidents to happen during the confrontation with the kidnapper.

But maybe because he acted in too many TV dramas, he really regarded reality as a TV drama. Shen Luqiu didn’t think about how to deal with the aftermath or how to avoid being discovered by the police.

He was already dizzy now and just wanted to kill Shen Dongqing first.

The little kid sat quietly in the corner along the way, then he just opened the Coke and took a sip, and did nothing else. Scar was a little doubtful: “Does he still have a way to contact his family? Why is he so peaceful.”

The driver spat: “His cell phone has been thrown away, how can he contact them?”

Scar: “Still.”

At this time, the little kid said: “Uncle, don’t worry, I will definitely not contact other people secretly.”

Scar’s eyes widened: “Really stupid?”

The little kid laughed, looking a little shy, and pointed at Shen Luqiu and said: “Uncle said he wanted to take me to play. I must be good or he won’t take me to play.”

Scar and the driver looked at each other and laughed immediately: “Okay, okay, then we will definitely take you to play.”

The little kid’s smile became even brighter: “That’s great.”

He hoped Shen Dongqing could find out later that he had disappeared, so that he could play for a while, otherwise he would not have taken the initiative to throw away all the electronic equipment.

Both parties had their own agendas, and they seemed to be having a good time.

Shen Dongqing finished filming the show, and Brother Lu came over and said: “Your son’s teacher has called.”

Shen Dongqing said “Oh” and took the phone: “Hello? Teacher?”

The head teacher’s voice was gentle: “Dad Shen, Shen Zhouzhou left alone after school today. I just want to ask if you picked him up.”

Shen Dongqing: “I’m still outside and didn’t see him, but it’s okay, he knows the way.”

Class teacher: “Dad Shen, let me say one more thing. Even if Shen Zhouzhou at such a young age knows the way back, you have to arrange a nanny to pick him up even if you are busy at work. What if he meets a bad guy?”

“Bad guy?” Shen Dongqing couldn’t help laughing, “Then you should worry about the bad guys.”

The class teacher: “?”

Shen Dongqing explained: “Actually, he is already a hundred years old, so there is no need to worry.”

The class teacher laughed dryly: “You are so funny, but Father Shen should send me a message when he sees Shen Zhouzhou after he gets home, otherwise I will be a little worried.”

“Okay.” Shen Dongqing hung up the phone.

Because of what the class teacher said, Shen Dongqing remembered this matter, told Brother Lu and went home.

Zhou Wenyan got off work early today and was sitting on the sofa in the main hall reading the newspaper. After hearing the movement at the door, he put down the newspaper: “You’re back.”

Shen Dongqing walked over in two or three steps, jumped on the sofa, and put his arms around Zhou Wenyan’s neck. “I’m back!”

Zhou Wenyan smiled and kissed his cheek.

Just when the two of them almost started messing around on the sofa, the screen of the mobile phone on the coffee table lit up, reminding Shen Dongqing of something and he asked: “Is Shen Zhouzhou back?”

Zhou Wenyan’s arm rested on Shen Dongqing’s head, beside Dongqing’s cheek, hearing this he paused and said uncertainly: “He should be back, right?”

Shen Dongqing shouted loudly: “Shen Zhouzhou? Little brat?”

There was no movement.

He scratched his hair: “If he really hasn’t come back, he wouldn’t have gone out to make mischief, right?”

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