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Why did he follow? Lan Shiyi was thinking about this question seriously.

At this moment, a cat, a wolf, and a crocodile were carefully following the anaconda named Seb. The snake robbed along the road all afternoon, and they followed it all afternoon.

This matter was brought up by Dai Zu. He felt that this big snake was very scheming and they had to be on guard against it.

Although it looked like he had been tricked, what if he united with several people to trap Yan Leyang? Two fists were no match for four hands. If the snake really came after them with a lot of people, they won’t be able to defeat it.

It was estimated that Yan Leyang’s face was indeed based on Dai Zu’s aesthetic point. Dai Zu thought that Yan Leyang’s flowery appearance needed to meet a few bullies who were obsessive, otherwise it did not fit his personality.

What’s weird was that Yan Leyang didn’t deny it when Dai Zu made this point, but just followed him like he was enlightened.

As for Lan Shiyi, Lan Shiyi couldn’t even speak human words now and had no right to speak.

In fact, Yan Leyang was not so narcissistic, he was purely bored.

Just, all of a sudden, he had lost the goal to work hard for. Now that the protagonist was in his hands, and he was very active in participating in activities (such as stalking), he felt that his favorability towards him should be quite high.

And the protagonist couldn’t do anything now, and Yan Leyang was sure that he was not in as much danger as he thought in this prison, and Yan Leyang was not a character who took the initiative to find trouble and had no obsession with becoming the number one in the prison.

Yan Leyang truly felt that he was not aggressive. Although he was called a “school bully” when he was in school, but the name “school bully” was called out only by some girls in the school at that time. They probably read too many novels and comics. So maybe thought this type of character was handsome?

But in fact, Yan Leyang’s second stage of middle school was not very close to the school bully.

He didn’t bully ordinary classmates. Instead, he beat up the school bullies many times in a real sense. He treated them equally inside and outside the school. What he pursued at that time was the heroic demeanor, the kind of great knight who served the country and the people.

He could fight fiercely.

Yan Leyang simply felt that the snake was dangerous, but its fighting power was not high, however this did not mean that he was not threatening. Yan Leyang felt that he couldn’t see through what this guy was thinking.

“He actually let him go after searching him?” Yan Leyang found it strange. Dai Zu responded: “Maybe he is just a simple pervert with a brain problem.”

Good weight! Lan Shiyi was still the one with the lowest sense of presence. Although he looked majestic and had the largest build, he was really low-key!

Could it be that he was too weak? Just kidding, his body had been remodeled. He was definitely a humanoid mecha. Although his beast form was not that powerful for the time being, it was definitely not so heavy that he couldn’t bear it.

Yan Leyang’s head rested entirely on his head, just a head.

Yan Leyang’s head was not big, and affected by his race, Yan Leyang’s beast form was a cat, so his head should be lighter, even if it was the largest Maine Coon cat, it won’t make him feel stressed.

That Seb robbed several people, but he got no money, but all their property and equipment were confiscated from the beginning, and now they only had their collars and clothes left.

The big anaconda was very disappointed, although it didn’t look obvious on his expression. He was still whispering hisses, worrying about his future.

Yan Leyang, who was observing from a distance, couldn’t help but click his tongue a few times: “This guy looks really good-looking.”

Black skin, delicate facial features, and the muscles of his upper body were very beautiful, not too strong, but looking to be full of strength. Under the sun, the scales on his waist still glowed with a golden light, and silver mid-length hair was scattered on his back. He had a mysterious and dangerous exotic style, but it was a pity that his brain was not very good.

“Don’t be tempted.” Dai Zu thought that Yan Leyang was attracted by the appearance of this big snake, and advised him: “It has two things, and ordinary people can’t stand it.” He thought that Yan Leyang was the one below, and he advised Yan Leyang sincerely to give up.

“And the top is like a meteor hammer, with thorns. I’ve seen it before.” Everyone was locked up in the same place and lived not far away. It was normal for them to bump into each other while doing something.

“Oh, meteor hammer.” Yan Leyang looked shocked. He had read a lot of pornographic literature, but he had never seen anything about snakes. After all, although he knew snake friends, it was really inappropriate to ask to see a place like that. It was a little too weird.

So, he didn’t know much about it.

“Awww.” Even Lan Shiyi squeaked at this time. Lan Shiyi knew even less about this kind of thing. What Dai Zu said was considered a curiosity for Lan Shiyi.

“By the way, why does he keep maintaining the half-animal form?” The half-animal form was a state between animality and human form. Every beastman was different. Some half-animals may have a pair of ears exposed, and some may have half-animal nature where the whole head might follow the archetype, or the whole upper body, the whole lower body.

“Because he doesn’t need to wear clothes like this.” Dai Zu explained, “He doesn’t like to wear clothes, but if he were in human form, there would be mechanical guards chasing him and asking him to put them on. Otherwise, if you watch it on the channel, his lower body has always been mosaiced.”

So, Yan Leyang thought of something, and suddenly looked at Lan Shiyi.

In this way, Lan Shiyi would have no clothes when he turned into human form, and he may have to wait for the mechanical guards to bring him over.

The description of Lan Shiyi in the original text was actually very poignant to Yan Leyang, but words were words after all, and Yan Leyang couldn’t imagine a detailed picture in his mind.

“Aww?” Lan Shiyi was puzzled, not understanding what Yan Leyang was staring at him for.

Yan Leyang originally wanted to ask when Lan Shiyi would recover and whether they would need to stay away for a while, while he was recovering, but he suddenly realized that Lan Shiyi couldn’t speak, so he had to give up.

“Brother Yan, what are we going to do after we get the food today?” Dai Zu couldn’t stand it after following him for so long, the prison itself was very dangerous.

But since Yan Leyang gave those black bears a good beating, almost all the inmates ran away from them without giving them a good look, and everyone cherished their lives.

With less threats, it seemed extra… boring.

There was nothing for entertainment. The anaconda was trying hard to make money, but he had been doing it for so long and hadn’t made a penny. He would get tired of it if he watched too much.

Yan Leyang looked at Dai Zu and then at Lan Shiyi.

The male protagonist was a guy with very low desires, so low that he could only survive. But he also cared about something in his heart, and Yan Leyang hadn’t forgotten that he had to improve his favorability.

“Otherwise… let’s go back.” In order to heal his pale and tragic childhood, Yan Leyang felt that it was time to pick up the script of the intimate brother, “I will tell you fairy tales after I go back. I am quite professional.”


“But let me explain first, I didn’t write this story, I heard it.” Yan Leyang was a screenwriter himself, so he took copyright very seriously. “Shiyi, do you want to hear it?” Yan Leyang looked at Lan Shiyi tenderly.

Lan Shiyi’s neck shrank back. To be honest, he didn’t want to hear it at all.

He was not a child and had no interest in the beautiful story of the princess and the prince living happily together. To him, that was a utopia that was divorced from reality.

In fact, Dai Zu didn’t have much interest in fairy tales, but Dai Zu didn’t say anything. Lan Shiyi couldn’t speak, so the matter was settled.

“Hiss.” It was the sound of a snake spitting out a letter again, Yan Leyang turned his head, and found that Seb, who was robbing, had appeared behind him at some point, with a pair of golden vertical pupils staring at him firmly.

“Yo, found out?” Yan Leyang was actually taken aback but didn’t show it.

The anaconda smiled slightly at him, and that smile seemed to have malicious intentions no matter how he looked at it.

Yan Leyang and Seb looked at each other for a long time, unable to see what the anaconda was thinking, he asked tentatively: “Do you want to hear a story?”

Seb tilted his head and asked after a long time: “No charge?”

“Uh, probably.”

Hutch had been frightened these past few days, so he was crazily absorbing all kinds of materials left by his original body, as well as all kinds of information left on his optical brain.

He had forcibly forced himself to become an aloof, unpredictable and cruel man from a happy husky. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to deal with the people under his command, but fortunately, he could always get in touch with scattered memories of his original body when he slept these few nights.

Everything was going in a good direction.

After leaving the meeting with a straight face, Hutch let out a sharp breath after returning to the office, put away his cold expression, and began to think about how to get his old friend out of prison.

Hutch turned on his optical brain and clicked on his brother’s channel.

It was eight o’clock in the afternoon, there was no nightlife on Dawn Planet, so Yan Leyang should be getting ready to sleep at this time.

The audience of Yan Leyang’s channel had always been quite large and was increasing even more and more. At first, they wanted to see how Yan Leyang died, and some of them were attracted by his appearance. Later, it was because Yan Leyang beat a bear, and more people were attracted by his appearance.

Anyway, Yan Leyang’s channel now had a huge audience. After all, the video of him beating a bear and a snake was still on the home page for a long time.

Turning on the channel, Hutch found that Yan Leyang hadn’t slept at all, not only hadn’t he slept, but now Yan Leyang was sitting in the field with a fire in front of him, surrounded by a circle of people.

Some were tall and some were short, some were fat and some were thin.

There was even the bear who was beaten to the ground by Yan Leyang a few days ago, and even the protagonist squatted at Yan Leyang’s feet.

What’s the situation?!!

Looking at the comments, Hutch understood, Yan Leyang was here to tell fairy tales…

Wait, a fairy tale could attract so many people?? Didn’t this world have its own fairy tales?

Just as he was thinking about it, Yan Leyang’s voice sounded in his mind.

“It was too late to say, but it was so fast, when she saw a black demon wind blowing past, and just like that, Snow White was swept away.”


“Snow White and the snake demon were wrestling together, but the seven dwarves were not there at this time, do you guys still remember what they had gone to do?”

The black bear on the side raised his hand: “I know, the seven of them went to save grandpa.”

“That’s right, Snow White was alone and helpless, so she was swept into the demon cave of Baihu Ridge just like that. She was so miserable every day. After three days, she starved to death in the demon cave. The monster, forgetting that she is a human being and has to eat is really a sin.”

Hutch: …? What kind of story is this?

“After another thousand years of this, Snow White’s bones rotted and turned into white bones, harvesting the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, and the essence of the sun and moon. After learning the art of corpse transformation, the little demon on the mountain called her the White Bone Lady.”

The beastmen around Yan Leyang all looked dull. After all, they rarely heard such thrilling stories… Was this a fairy tale?

The comments on Yan Leyang’s channel were also rising, very fast, and some people even popularized what they just talked about.

Snow White was hunted down by her stepmother, and she was rescued by an old man who planted gourds. This was the first volume.

The gourd became a spirit, the old man was captured by the snake spirit, and the seven dwarves went to save the grandfather. This was the second volume.

But they failed to save him, and the seven dwarfs turned into mountains, suppressing the snake spirits and scorpion spirits underneath. This was the third volume.

Now they were talking about the part where Snow White, who had lost her shelter, was captured by a monster and became Mrs. Bone.

Later, Mrs. Bone met a bald man riding a horse, a monkey, a pig, and a big man with a beard.

Oh, it was said that the suppressed snake spirit would sneak out, and then meet a white snake, named Qing’er, and then practice with the white snake Bai Suzhen. This was a spoiler by Yan Leyang.

This fairy tale was really full of ups and downs, and it was also strangely long.

It was said that this story was written by someone else, but the author of this story was no longer alive. Some people in the comments regretted that they did not have time to get to know this talented author.

Hutch silently turned off the optical brain and stretched out his hand to press his temple.

He suddenly remembered something. Yan Leyang had never read fairy tales at all. He probably got confused himself, and then he combined it on his own and came up with this combination of Chinese and Western things.

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