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Lang Shiyi had a dream, and he was sure that he was in a dream.

In the past few years, he had repeated similar dreams almost every day.

Lang Shiyi looked at the heavy snow outside, then looked down at his hands.

At this time, he was only 12 years old, and this body… still completely belonged to him.

“Shiyi! Shiyi!” Someone shouted his name, and Lang Shiyi turned his head. It was a little girl with braids. She looked only six or seven years old. Her race was rabbit, and her full name was Tu Shixi.

It was amazing, although all the meat on Interstellar had become artificial meat, the herbivores still hated the carnivores, after all, even if they were fake, these corpses would still make them uncomfortable.

But here in Desolate Star, no one cared about race at all. They always had one thing to do, that was to survive till tomorrow.

“Tomorrow, I’m going to find supplies with my uncles and aunts.” Tu Shixi was very excited, jumping up and down without a trace.

“Hmm.” Lang Shiyi’s indifference was in stark contrast to Tu Shixi’s liveliness, and Tu Shixi didn’t care. She happily went to chat with other people.

The old man sitting at the door laughed. The old man was very hunchbacked, like a deep-fried prawn. His head was wrapped in a cloth bag, and there was a large protruding tumor on his nose: “It’s nothing to look for supplies, if one day you can leave this wretched place. But the outside world is really terrible.”

It’s nothing serious, Lang Shiyi thought, it doesn’t make much difference to me.

Suddenly, someone patted him on the shoulder, and Lang Shiyi turned his head.

“Brother, are you hungry?” It was a man with blond hair and a good face. He put his hand on Lang Shiyi’s mouth and smiled: “You’re welcome, brother, I caught a snake. Come on, ah!” ~

“Aww!!!” Lang Shiyi woke up suddenly and met Yan Leyang who was about to come over to wake him up.

Lang Shiyi felt very rare, and there was a sense of sadness that a nightmare had come true.

“Brother Yan, why is your friend always in the shape of a beast?” Dai Zu on the side asked because he didn’t understand, “He’s handsome in a wolf shape, but it’s not convenient.”

Indeed, Yan Leyang remembered that Lang Shiyi was not in this state when he appeared in the Twilight Planet in the original text, but now Lang Shiyi couldn’t speak, and it was useless to ask.

“I don’t know either.” Yan Leyang said, putting on his glasses.

Lang Shiyi noticed Yan Leyang’s actions, and he didn’t understand. In Twilight Planet Prison, this guy was still wearing jewelry?

It seemed that Yan Leyang was far from being as simple as he had shown.

Anyway, in terms of strength, he was much stronger than Lang Shiyi for the time being.

Lang Shiyi’s current state was due to too much consumption, and thus he couldn’t change back to human form. His current body was not good enough to maintain a beast shape. Fortunately, although Yan Leyang had held him hostage, he didn’t know what to use him for, but he didn’t know what he wanted to do with him.

Of course, Lang Shiyi was also under 24-hour supervision now.

[This guy is just a pretender, with a cold face all the way, who owes him money?]

[I’m a little disappointed, I thought this guy would be eaten, but in the end he was picked up.]

[Hold! I just want to know who this blond beauty who picked him up is! So fucking exciting!]

[Are you from a village network? Isn’t this mutant cat popular enough recently?]

[Guiding #Little cat fights Bear online# #Ten methods from Twilight Planet#]

[So how did his assassination fail?!]

[It’s you again upstairs.]

[However, although this cat can even beat bears, it has never killed a single person until now.]

Yan Leyang did not kill anyone, or he and Dai Zu had tacitly refused to kill anyone.

In the final analysis, he still couldn’t get over the hurdle in his heart. After all, he was just a peaceful beastman from a peaceful age, and their country’s security was pretty good.

He understood, in fact, it stood to reason that they should have simply cut the weeds and roots when the two bears attacked. But Yan Leyang’s refusal to do so was not because he had the heart of the Virgin Mary.

It was just… Yan Leyang from his original world suddenly travelled to this kind of place, and he could not directly kill another person. This was a problem in itself.

Yan Leyang remembered that one of his human classmates used to shout that if he could really travel through time, he would kill whoever came in front of him. Then his second uncle opened a pig slaughterhouse, and he went to see it once.

In fact, slaughtering a pig was quite cruel. A knife more than 30 centimeters in length was pierced through the lower jaw to let the blood out. The pig would howl and struggle during this period. But it was useless. When the blood was drained, the pig would be almost dead.

The onlookers were said to feel particularly tragic. Anyway, Yan Leyang had never seen that classmate eat meat after that.

About two months before the crossing, Yan Leyang had even visited him, in a temple in the next city. Now that classmate was named Xuan Ku.

Yan Leyang was also unprepared mentally. He simply refused to kill others. He always felt that if he really ended someone’s life at once, something inside him would be broken.

After a killer took a person’s life easily, whether he wanted it or not, human life was not so awe-inspiring to him.

Anyway, Yan Leyang didn’t want to fight to the death unless it was absolutely necessary.

Whether he had no courage or was indecisive, Yan Leyang subconsciously didn’t want to touch this bottom line.

“Brother, tell me.” Dai Zu pulled Yan Leyang aside, “What’s the situation between you and him, and why do I think this wolf clan doesn’t look right at you.”

“Oh.” Yan Leyang thought about the plot, “Maybe because I tried to seduce him.”

Dai Zu was stunned for a moment, let go of Yan Leyang, took a step back, and looked Yan Leyang up and down.

“You are so rare, I have never seen someone so noble before you.” Dai Zu didn’t quite understand, “He didn’t take the bait? How did you seduce him?”

“Just…” Yan Leyang thought about the original plot, “Pretending to be drunk, messing up the clothes until it’s quite revealing, and then lying on the bed to seduce?”

To be honest, Yan Leyang felt that the original owner’s attribute might be a 0, but Yan Leyang himself was an Iron 1 and didn’t have to run away, so he was a little uncomfortable talking about this.

“He can withstand it?” Dai Zu couldn’t believe it. He imagined that if it was him, he would definitely not be able to withstand it. “Does he like women?”

“No.” Yan Leyang recalled the plot. In the original text, there were many female characters who were unrequitedly in love with the male protagonist, but the male protagonist was not interested in any of them.

“Then no wonder.” Dai Zu understood, “He’s frigid, right?”

“It’s really possible.” Yan Leyang nodded.

Walking up to them and listening to the whole process, Lang Shiyi: …

Was he frigid? Lang Shiyi’s mind turned for a moment, he seemed, indeed, not interested in that kind of thing at all.

Barely calculated it.

But he always felt a little unconvinced, but unfortunately, he couldn’t find a point to refute.

“Oh, you’re up, we don’t need to go out today.” Yan Leyang noticed Lang Shiyi walking beside him.

The difference between wolves and dogs was not very big. Dogs were a subspecies of wolves, with a genetic similarity of 98%, and there was no reproductive isolation.

And wolves were not so awkward, they also barked and wagged their tails. But it was quite silly to be raised by others.

Lang Shiyi’s animal shape was very handsome, with black hair and a body length of two meters. It also looked very dangerous… Well, this kind of danger was for Dai Zu.

Yan Leyang felt that the big black wolf was not very different from his silly husky friend.

“Why don’t you come out?” The anaconda lying on the window was a little depressed, “Don’t you want to see me?”

The three people in the room looked at the window together.

To be honest, the anaconda was actually quite good-looking, with a demonic look, but he was born with black skin. If it didn’t make a sound, especially if he closed his eyes, it would be like a lump of an unknown object, which was quite difficult to find.

“It will be very difficult if we don’t get rid of him.” Yan Leyang remained expressionless.

Dai Zu followed suit and nodded: “It’s not a good thing to be targeted by a pervert.”

Lang Shiyi didn’t want to say anything, because he was a wolf and couldn’t speak.

It was just that the two guys looked at him after they finished speaking.

Lang Shiyi:???

“I’m a writer and artist. I don’t know how to kill people. That would be terrible.” Yan Leyang reached out and pushed his mirror frame.

“I did kill people, but only when I came in.” Dai Zu scratched his head embarrassedly, “And I may not be able to beat him.”

Lang Shiyi was stunned for a while, that was to say, he had no mouth, but if he had a mouth, he would have had to ask why.

“Shiyi, do me a favor.” Yan Leyang reached out and pointed at the black lump outside the window.

Lang Shiyi took a step back.

“You are different from us pure wild ones.” Yan Leyang squatted down and persuaded earnestly: “You are half-man-made, you can beat it, I promise, if you can’t beat it, I will go and catch you.”

Lang Shiyi took another half step back.

“We are already friends, right?” Yan Leyang chased after him.

Who is your friend! Lang Shiyi wanted to swear at people, he didn’t do it himself, but he was forced to come, and he was even kidnapped morally. Was there such a friend? You are a ba****d who lacks virtue!

“A Yang! A Yang! Xiao Yang? Yangyang?” The anaconda reached out and patted the glass, “Talk to me.”

Yan Leyang sighed helplessly, then turned to face the anaconda: “What’s your name?”

“Seb.” The anaconda’s voice was quite vigorous.

“Then Seb, you usually won’t be able to catch up with people like this.” Yan Leyang walked to the window and stopped when he was still some distance away, “Even if you get my body, you still have to have my heart, do you understand?”

Seb tilted his head: “Why?”

“Because I don’t like you.” Yan Leyang said naturally.

Seb was in trouble: “Then what do you like?”

“That’s a good question.” Yan Leyang snapped his fingers, “Come on, take a look at me.”

Seb stared at him, head on one side. The golden vertical pupils seemed to turn brighter: “… I like it.”

“Look, this appearance is very attractive.” Yan Leyang patted his face confidently, “If I say this casually, there will be no big problems, don’t you think so?”

Seb remained expressionless for a long time, not knowing what he was thinking, but finally nodded quite seriously.

“This answer is quite precious.” Yan Leyang asked again.

Seb continued to nod.

“That’s it, the more precious and rare something is, the more valuable it is.” Yan Leyang continued to flicker, “Well, you give me 30,000 star coins. It’s been a while since you’ve known me, and you’ll get a discount of 15,000. I charge 15,000 as an agency fee, or 30,000, and I will tell you what I like after you give me the money, and which direction you should work towards.”

Seb froze for a moment: “I… don’t…”

“If you don’t have money, don’t think about finding a partner. If you can’t live well, who will be with you.” Yan Leyang said angrily, “Young man, you are still young, don’t feel bad, money can be earned, come on.”

Yan Leyang patted his shoulder a meter away as if encouraging.

“Well, good.” Seb actually responded seriously and left just like that.

“I think this snake has a brain problem.” Dai Zu on the side whispered, “Our place is a prison, where do we get the money from?”

Lang Shiyi still didn’t make a sound.

He felt that he should be more low-key.

Yan Leyang was…unfathomable.

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