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Xiao Jing stood in front of the stream and washed her face. She watched the sun set gradually and couldn’t help but let out a long sigh.

Why did I have to leave the good times to come to Tie Ying to find abuse?

Obviously at this time she would have taken a hot bath in the 525th Regiment, then gone to the cafeteria to have a sumptuous dinner, and finally fallen asleep peacefully on her own pillow embroidered with lotus flowers.

But where was she now? What was she doing?

Xiao Jing sat down on the ground with her hands resting on her chin, looking at the leaves being stirred by the breeze, while the surrounding was surprisingly quiet.

“Coo, coo, coo,” the nightingale began to cry.


Xiao Jing stopped picking up branches and looked at the creek behind her in surprise. Why did she always feel that something was approaching her?

As the sun set, the deep forest was filled with a strange atmosphere.

Xiao Jing carefully piled up the branches, lit the torch, and carefully paid attention to the calm ground in front of her.

“Rustle.” The dead leaves trembled slightly, and something slowly moved among the dead leaves.

Xiao Jing tightly held the gun with both hands, staring intently at the dead leaves that were moving slightly.

The boa constrictor uttered a hiss, and slowly crawled towards the stream, as if it didn’t care that someone was peeping behind it.

After Xiao Jing was convinced that this thing did not pose any threat to her, she let out a sigh of relief, took out the compressed bread and ate a couple of bites.

“Snort, snort.” Bubbles were condensing in the stream.

Xiao Jing turned on the flashlight, suddenly her expression froze, and she rolled back in panic.

In the dark night, a pair of scarlet eyes shone with a strange light, and the smell of blood came to her nostrils.

“What?” Xiao Jing swallowed, the light of the flashlight was limited, she didn’t see clearly what creature attacked her just now, but judging from the general size, it should be a huge creature that was definitely stronger than her biologically.

This was a jungle. It stood to reason that the kind of creature she was thinking of should live in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River. She didn’t think there would be such a thing in such an inland area.

But it turned out that she was too naive!

“Hurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.” The angry growl sounded again from the stream, and a moment later, a leg kicked over the fire, and at the same time, the huge beast was clearly seen.

“My mother.” Xiao Jing turned around and ran towards the jungle.

The crocodile moved very fast, almost tripping Xiao Jing to the ground with a sweep of its tail.

Xiao Jing was dumbfounded, and fired two consecutive shots without hesitation, but it was a pity that the crocodile’s skin was rough and fleshy, and the bullets did not pose any threat to it.

The crocodile was enraged and ran over again in a rage.

Xiao Jing grabbed the trunk and climbed up the tree with all her strength. She looked at the big object under the tree that refused to leave and patted her chest like she had seen the rest of her life flash before her eyes.

It was just that she hadn’t let down her guard yet, when something icy and cold grazed her skin at her ankle.

Vigilantly, Xiao Jing shot directly at the thing at her feet.

With a bang, the noise caused by the gunshots awakened a large number of nocturnal birds in the woods.

The frightened birds took to the air one by one.

Xiao Jing covered her head with her hands, but her skin was still scratched by the bird’s claws.

“Huh, huh.” The crocodile began to move restlessly and couldn’t help but hit the tree with its huge body.

The leaves trembled, and Xiao Jing almost lost her balance and fell down.

“Don’t play with it like this.” Xiao Jing hugged the branch tightly, planning the next step dumbfounded.

“I really thought too highly of you.” From another tree, the man’s powerful voice echoed around for a long time.

Suddenly, Xiao Jing looked over in disbelief, in the night, his figure was somewhat blurred.

Shen Chengfeng jumped down from the top of the tree, and with a flash of silver light in his hand, the crocodile, which was still majestic just now, slipped into the stream with its tail between its legs.

Xiao Jing climbed down from the tree, still in a state of ignorance, she blinked, pointed at the big thing that had no intention of resisting, and said with a wry smile: “Why do I think this crocodile is raised by you, Captain? It runs away when it sees you…”

Shen Chengfeng put the dagger back into the sheath, glanced at the little figure with a playful smile on his face, and said nonchalantly: “Every time recruits practice here, we need to ask it for help.”


Xiao Jing seemed to understand why the guy was still waving his big paws at him energetically just now, but when he saw this big zongzi, he turned around and ran away, probably because he was scared of being beaten.

Thinking about the supernatural powers of this official, the uneven wound on the crocodile’s tail must be thanks to him.

“Actually, you could have gone further. It’s just that you were content with the status quo, thinking that it is convenient to rest in a place with water, and ignore more crises in this jungle.” Shen Chengfeng re-ignited the fire, just as before.

Xiao Jing squatted in front of him, hugging her knees with her hands, and whispered: “The captain hasn’t left all this time?”

Shen Chengfeng squinted at Xiao Jing, who was smiling with crooked eyebrows, and threw a wooden stick into the fire, saying: “Every officer who is responsible for training soldiers must be responsible for the safety of his soldiers. If I leave, that guy would have had a full meal today.”

Xiao Jing looked in the direction he pointed. One of the big heads was staring at them covetously.

Shen Chengfeng picked up the black snake that Xiao Jing had beaten to death. With a sharp knife, he peeled off the snake’s skin, picked up a wooden stick, picked up the snake’s body and placed it on the fire.

The aroma of meat overflowed, making the big guys in the stream more and more restless.

Xiao Jing covered her mouth, stared at the snake meat that was handed to her, and shook her head in panic.

However, Shen Chengfeng remained motionless, still persistently placing the snake meat in front of her, as he said seriously: “This is cooked, when you go on missions in the future, you will often have to eat raw meat with blood, sometimes even rats.”

Xiao Jing’s face turned pale. She turned green and white for a while. Then she picked up the snake meat, closed her eyes, opened her mouth and swallowed the tasteless food.

“Okay, go to sleep, I will take you out tomorrow.” Shen Chengfeng fell down on the dead leaves with his clothes on.

Xiao Jing moved her body slightly and stood next to the other party.    

Shen Chengfeng opened his eyes, stared at Xiao Jing who seemed about to hug him, and asked, “What do you want to say?”

“Can I sleep with you?”

He moved to the side, deliberately clearing some space.

Xiao Jing hurriedly lay down, wrapped in his cloak, trying her best to reduce her presence.

Shen Chengfeng coughed lightly, “It’s too close.”

“It’s safe this way.” Xiao Jing leaned against his side with peace of mind.

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