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At this time, the interviews with the reporters at the gate of Huaxing Art School were still going on. Due to the sudden sharp remarks made by Yu Xi, the group of reporters restrained a lot, and the questions they asked were no longer so offensive.

“Now you are very popular, but you haven’t produced any works yet, “The Emperor’s Path” has still not yet aired, but you are preparing to direct and act in a micro-movie by yourself, aren’t you afraid of failure?”

Si Huang replied: “I won’t fail.” However, none of the people who heard this answer showed a surprised expression. They seemed to have guessed that she would say that a long time ago, and no one even showed obvious expressions of disdain and disbelief. The audience in front of them really saw it in their eyes.

A woman remembered that her face was blushing, but she didn’t know whether it was a physiological reaction or too much makeup and blush, then she asked loudly: “You made such a high-profile appearance today, are you declaring war on Fenghua Entertainment Company?”

Her voice overshadowed the others, and Si Huang also easily captured her position.

Si Huang squinted her eyes and smiled brightly, “I have never regarded Fenghua as an opponent.”

This scene was frozen by the camera and was projected in the eyes of all the viewers. It changed from the elegant and gentle image in the past, and was instead as arrogant and evil as a monster. This smile showed white teeth, and the arc of the smile was deep and meaningful.

No matter how the reporters understood Si Huang’s words and the meaning of this smile, it did not prevent the gathering here, or the women in front of the TV series from being overwhelmed by Si Huang’s smile.

Amidst a burst of noise and the sound of taking photos with mobile phones, Si Huang finally started to move forward, and said to the reporters who still wanted to ask her questions: “If you have enough time, you can stay with me the whole time, and you can also help me advertise for free, thank you.” The joke drew laughter from everyone except the reporters.

The school authorities of Huaxing Art School both loved and hated Si Huang, loved her for bringing higher popularity to the school, but hated her for causing a large number of students to skip classes every time she came, and also for increasing the workload of the security guards.

Yesterday, Si Huang clearly wrote the recruitment conditions in the campus forum, including the rules and remuneration. With her current popularity, the people of Huaxing Art School were not afraid that she would renege on her debts.

Si Huang went to the vice principal’s office first and found that not only the vice principal was there, but three famous professors from Huaxing Art School and the president of the student union were also present.

“Sit.” The vice-principal was a fifty-year-old man with half-white hair, he sat there wearing a dark brown suit, with energetic and stern eyes.

Si Huang walked to the place he pointed and sat down.

The vice-principal went straight to the point: “I have read the email you sent me yesterday, and I can agree to your request, but I want your guarantee.”

“What guarantee?” In front of the vice-principal, Si Huang did not continue to maintain the image of ‘Yue’ from outside, even though she was still dressed in a cool and cold manner, her clear eyes and low-pitched and polite voice made her style change instantly.

The tsundere little black wolf with red eyes turned harmless, the vice principal covered his mouth with his hands and coughed lightly to hide his old-hearted flirtatiousness.

A professor thought he was giving him a hint, so he stood up and placed the document he had prepared on the desk in front of Si Huang.

Si Huang nodded to the professor, then picked up the document to look at it, and found that it turned out to be an exam paper.

The vice-principal said, “This is the examination paper for the admission to Jinghua University from last year. If you can achieve the entrance score for Jinghua University, I will agree to your request.”

Si Huang understood his consideration.

A student who transferred from their school to Jinghua University halfway, if he succeeded, it would be a big publicity for Huaxing Art School. For his test, Si Huang thought it was reasonable. Going to Jinghua University at her age meant skipping a grade to enter university. Once she succeeded, she would definitely be named a genius. Not to mention that her previous majors were calligraphy and dance, so even if she studied hard in the future, most people would not believe that she could be admitted to the first university in Kyoto.

Without saying a word, Si Huang took out the pen on the table and answered the questions seriously.

Jinghua University’s entrance examination questions were extremely difficult, and all students understood it. The reason why Si Huang dared to say that she could be admitted to Jinghua University was not only because of the teaching of Xueba[1] Yu Xi, but also because of her efforts in her spare time. In addition, Jinghua University also had a school of art which required extra points and being good at multiple foreign languages could help him get bonus points, excellent physical fitness could also add points, so it would be unreasonable for her not to be able to enter Jinghua University after doing so many preparations.

Nearly half an hour later, Si Huang put down his pen and handed the paper to the vice principal.

The vice-principal took out the tablet and checked the answers to the test papers. After a few minutes, he looked at Si Huang with a different look, “Amazing.”

As soon as this sentence came out, the expressions of the three professors and the president of the student council present became even more excited than Si Huang, the person involved.

The student council president stood up, “Grandpa, what about the New Year’s Eve party?”

“Cough!” The vice principal glared at her.

The current student council president was still blushing with excitement, while staring at him stubbornly.

“This is what happened.” The vice-principal turned his attention to Si Huang, “Si Huang, as a student of our school, since you are leaving, you will participate in this year’s New Year’s Day party and you need to prepare a program for the party as a farewell to everyone, is that OK?”

Si Huang smiled, “No problem.” Her eyes were soft, and she wore magnificent scarlet contact lenses, which could not conceal the swaying waves like a clear spring in her eyes, “I once said that this is my starting point. Even if you don’t tell me to, vice-principal, I will still participate.”

The five people present softened their expressions when they heard her words and looked at her even more kindly.

The president of the student council came over and held out her hand, “My name is Zhang Nianmeng, and I will assist you throughout the school’s recruitment. I am also the person in charge of planning the New Year’s Day party. The most important thing is… I am also your fan, Your Majesty~” The last sentence started at that time, and she blinked her eyes playfully, while her rigorous painting style immediately changed.

The vice-principal snorted softly. This girl had not acted like a baby to him many times, but she was taken over by this brat at once.


“Notice, notice——”

Zhang Nianmeng’s clear and pleasant voice came from the Huaxing Art School’s radio.

“Students who are listening to the broadcast, please be quiet and listen to me for a while. I am Zhang Nianmeng, the president of the student council. Today, I will assist Si Huang, a student of our school, in the recruitment of “Red Moon”. I would like to inform students that the recruitment will be held in Hall 1. For being recruited by “Red Moon”, all students who intend to participate in the filming of “Red Moon” or are interested in it are invited to go to Hall 1. There is also a security team organized by the student union to maintain order in the hall. I repeat again, all students who intend to participate in the filming of “Red Moon” or who are interested in it, please go to Hall 1.”

At this moment, all the students of Huaxing Art School moved, and the positive energy made all the teachers feel sad. If they held meetings on weekdays, how many of the students would be so active?

Hall 1.

When the staff of the student union arrived, they found that there were already many people sitting inside, and girls had already occupied the best view in the front row.

All of them were well-behaved and quiet, and they didn’t need to be supervised at all. The people in the student union sighed like some teachers: “It would be great if they could be so obedient during normal campus activities.”

After that, people poured in one after another, and after a while, the seats in the No. 1 Great Hall were almost full, which meant that almost all the students from the school had come.

Several reporters also followed in. They were also taken aback when they saw the scene in the great hall, and then took pictures continuously.

Backstage, Zhang Nianmeng saw that all the people were almost here, so she greeted Si Huang.

Si Huang nodded to her and walked step by step from the backstage into the light.


Si Huang didn’t stop, she just turned her head and smiled at them.

This was indulgence without blame.

Seeing this, the girls became embarrassed instead, and when Si Huang walked to the central lectern, they became silent again tacitly.

This made the student members who wanted to maintain order stop halfway and become secretly surprised again.

Si Huang stood on the high platform to give a lecture, without the slightest stage fright, and faced the crowd with a calm expression, densely packed with students.

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[1] School tyrant.

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