NHSRE Ch. 153.2: Kidnapping Plan

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This development was something Shen Luqiu did not expect.

He felt that Shen Dongqing would not be able to save the film’s reputation no matter what, but when he woke up and saw it, most of the feedback from the audience who had gone to see it was positive, and only the navy was weakly supporting the scene.

“The capital is at an end.”

“A celebrity surnamed Shen is afraid of losing money, so he asked the investor to lock up the box office, right? Parallel imports are parallel imports.”

“Tsk tsk, I don’t know how much it would take to get back their capital.”

“It’s good to have money, even other celebrities would not envy you.”

But the fans of the movie were not to be outdone, and started to fight the water army, and posted all the words of the water army to attack them one by one, and even made a long microblog Amway, which really caused a small storm in a short time.

“If the capital is over, will you spend so little? You underestimate the capital.”

“The small cost of this film has already been paid back, so don’t worry about it.”

“Come and see the beautiful lady in red, elegant, beautiful and Fierce [picture] [picture]”

In the end, not only did the movie become a big box office hit, but the leading actors also gained a lot of fans, and even the Fairy in Red also had a lot of fans.

They wanted to find out what roles this young lady had played, only to find that her past was blank, and she would not even appear in the entertainment industry in the future. The entertainment industry was changing rapidly, and after the popularity passed, not many people remembered her.

There were still lucky people who saw the Fairy in Red again—in the copy of the game, the nervous players even asked the Fairy in Red for her autograph and expressed their love for her. So, she let them pass.

But that was a matter for the future, let’s not talk about it for now.

The box office situation of “Ghost in Red” was very good, and the word-of-mouth evaluation was not bad, seeing this, Shen Luqiu couldn’t sit still anymore. He ordered the water army to step up their efforts to splash dirty water, but it was useless, and they couldn’t stop the audience from going to the movies. This group of navy could be said to have had a counterproductive effect. If there were no water armies to lower expectations, maybe the evaluation of “Ghost in Red” would not have been so high.

Shen Luqiu didn’t expect to lift a rock and hit his own foot, he was so angry that his blood pressure rose, and he smashed his mobile phone. After smashing it, he stood there gasping for breath, and after recovering, he went back to pick up his phone and dialed the man in Tang suit.


“The number you dialed has not been answered at the moment, please call again later…”

“There is still no answer, could it be that he is dead?!” Shen Luqiu said viciously.

He didn’t expect to say the truth by accident, but he himself kept thinking that the man in Tang suit made a mistake or ran away with his money.

Shen Luqiu threw the phone out again, but this time it hit the wall, and the phone bounced back, hitting his forehead just right.

“Hiss—” Shen Luqiu cursed, “Why am I so unlucky!”

The unlucky ghost sat aside and laughed.

Shen Luqiu rubbed the swollen part of his forehead, and said to himself in a daze: “It must be because of Shen Dongqing, yes…”

Speaking of which, Shen Dongqing and Shen Luqiu were still cousins, but the former’s family background was better, and the latter’s family background was a bit worse.

Originally, the relationship between the two families was very good. Both children were pretty good-looking and entered the entertainment industry together. But for some reason, Shen Dongqing always had better luck than him and became famous all of a sudden, while he was still in theater walk-ins receiving a daily salary.

Gradually, under the situation of unequal status, his feelings changed from envy to unwillingness, and then to jealousy and resentment.

Later, through the introduction of people in the circle, Shen Luqiu met the man in the Tang suit. The Tang suit man explained his predicament in one sentence and said that he and Shen Dongqing were connected by the same destiny and shared the same destiny. If Shen Dongqing was lucky, he would have bad luck and vice versa.

As soon as he heard this, he regarded the man in Tang suit as his master and started to practice following what the man in Tang suit said.

Sure enough, Shen Dongqing’s luck got worse and worse after his practice. His family was killed in a car accident. Then he was even photographed in various indecent places by gossip reporters, which further damaged his reputation and made him lose fans.

Correspondingly, Shen Luqiu was thriving, where he successfully broke away from the set and became a contracted artist, and various announcements were also pouring in for him.

Originally, Shen Luqiu thought that he could occupy all the luck, so it had been going smoothly. Unexpectedly, one day, Shen Dongqing suddenly changed drastically. No matter what Shen Luqiu did, it would be resolved one by one. Not only could he not be brought down, but he would be pushed to a higher level.

The more Shen Luqiu thought about it, the more uncomfortable he felt: “No, no, I have to find a way…”

A thought suddenly flashed in his mind.

As long as… as long as Shen Dongqing was dead!

Shen Luqiu stood up abruptly, clenched his fists with both hands, and a strange light flashed in his eyes, as he murmured: “Yes, yes, as long as he dies.”

If Shen Dongqing died, then he could monopolize all the luck!

However, this had to be well planned.

The man in Tang suit was unreliable, but he had cooperated with the man in Tang suit for so long and had given him so much money, so he still knew some of his connections.

Shen Luqiu once again picked up the phone whose screen was shattered by the fall and turned to a number. However, he was more cautious and did not call out directly. Instead, he found a second-hand mobile phone card and made the call.

“Hello?” Shen Luqiu deliberately lowered his voice. If it weren’t for those close to him, nobody would be able to tell who it was. After getting a response from the person on the other side, he announced the name of the man in Tang suit.

Sure enough, the person over there asked politely if they had any orders.

Shen Luqiu heard the man in Tang suit had said that these were desperadoes, they found it very easy to do some “dirty things”, and they just looked at the price without asking the reason.

Thinking of this, Shen Luqiu’s eyes turned red, and he said fiercely: “I want you to kidnap someone. The price is negotiable, how much do you want?”

“As long as you kidnap this person, you don’t have to worry about anything after that, no matter what happens, it’ll have nothing to do with you.”

He didn’t know what the person opposite said, but a distorted smile appeared on Shen Luqiu’s face: “Okay, okay, that’s it, I’ll send the piece of information to you in three days, so just do what I say…”

“Okay, okay.”

In the end, Shen Luqiu’s weird laughter was the only thing left in the room.

The unlucky ghost huddled in the corner and looked at this person.

Originally, this person was just a little unlucky because he had turned black, but now he looked like a black cloud covering the top of his head, with a fierce light shining in the darkness, and he didn’t have much time to live.

Better stay away from him.

With this thought in mind, the unfortunate man moved a little, widening the distance between the two people.

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