HWBGC Ch. 9: Humanoid

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After today’s story was told, everyone was still thinking about it. Before the two black bears left, they deliberately asked Yan Leyang when the next story would be told.

“Not sure.” Yan Leyang paused here, “As for that? It’s not like you haven’t watched TV.”

“Unfortunately, TV is not as exciting as you mentioned.” Another big brown bear who got the news from nowhere sighed and touched it, “And we can’t watch TV anymore.”

They were now staying in a place like this. Except for the collars around their necks and the mechanical guards, there was really no way they could tell that they were in the interstellar age.

Basically, these heinous criminals had been sentenced to death if they landed on Dawn Planet.

The controversy over Planet Dawn was quite big at first. After all, most of the countries in the Alliance advertised themselves as civilized, and most of them were “compassionate” people. When the Alliance was first formed, most countries not only abolished the death penalty, but even the most severe criminal laws only prescribed twelve years of imprisonment.

Not only that, criminals also had televisions in prison, no worries about food and drink, no forced labor, and extra meals during the New Year and holidays, so they lived quite a smooth life.

The same was true for TV shows, everything was good, people in them didn’t even use swear words, there were friendly exchanges between people, and everyone was kind.

All this changed once the second chairman of the alliance established Dawn Prison, set up a prison system, and even showed everything that happened in Dawn prison so directly and nakedly on the internet, breaking the ideal utopian image.

This was once called a regression of civilized society, but the chairman’s tough tactics allowed Dawn Prison to continue until now. The Dawn Channel was called the darkest place on StarNet by some people.

In addition to this darkest place, other TV shows, movies, and various variety shows were all true, good, and beautiful. If a person or character had a slightly worse personality, it was probably the most excessive event that some Internet users in the world would ever see.

Yan Leyang thought of this and subconsciously glanced at the protagonist who was still following him. The protagonist himself, including his original body, all came out of the slums.

What reality was, was always different from what those guys conveyed.

As for Lang Shiyi, Lang Shiyi didn’t think so much in his mind, and he didn’t want to know the follow-up of the story that much, but Yan Leyang’s sudden change did make him less nervous.

To be honest, it was difficult for Lang Shiyi to guess what Yan Leyang was thinking, because Yan Leyang’s behavior did not follow the routine at all.

As for seeking revenge, there seemed to be no such thing.

Lang Shiyi didn’t even need to go to the food delivery place every day. Yan Leyang would bring the food to him. He would also take his taste into consideration and bring some fruits and vegetables to achieve a balanced nutrition.

How could this be called being tortured? But Lang Shiyi thought that his relationship with Yan Leyang was not good. If they insisted on identifying a relationship, it seemed that only the word “enemy” could be applied to them. After all, for Yan Leyang being sent to Dawn prison, Lang Shiyi had half of the credit.

When something went wrong, there must be a demon, but now Lang Shiyi couldn’t see through Yan Leyang, and no matter how much he thought about it, it was all in vain, so he simply continued to remain indifferent and pretend that nothing had happened.

Yan Leyang’s popularity at Dawn prison suddenly improved.

Of course, no matter how good they acted, they were not really good. Most of the prisoners here were ruthless criminals, like Yan Leyang and Dai Zu.

Of course there were people who were also wrongly accused, but these people basically didn’t survive more than a month.

Cruel and ruthless…just like Seb.

It was true that Seb did not harass Yan Leyang anymore, because he had his eyes on Lang Shiyi.

It seemed that Lang Shiyi and Yan Leyang knew each other and were old friends. The wolf type was a very popular type among beastmen, and this big black wolf did nothing and just stayed by Yan Leyang’s side for free every day.

According to Seb’s observations in the past few days, this should be a pretty boy.

Yan Leyang might like pretty boys, and Seb was a little unhappy thinking about this. As for the other Dai Zu who appeared next to Yan Leyang, Seb didn’t consider him at all. Not to mention that Dai Zu was not particularly good-looking, but ever since Dai Zu entered Dawn prison, all of his partners had cheated on him.

There was nothing to fear from such a guy.

So, Seb, who had been patiently checking the spots for several days, ambushed Lang Shiyi while Yan Leyang and the others had gone to get food.

Seb was a good hunter, and especially since when he attacked Lang Shiyi, his whole body changed into his beast shape. He was very fast and was confident that he would explode in an instant after approaching Lang Shiyi and strangle him.

“Ouch!” Lang Shiyi had noticed the noise here a long time ago. His body was now half mecha, and so his senses were extremely sensitive.

Lang Shiyi was stunned for a moment after seeing the attack clearly. Was this big python that idiot named Seb?

“Hiss.” Seb raised his head, and while twisting, his upper body slowly stood up. This action was considered acrobatic for this thick anaconda, and his golden vertical pupils stared dead straight at Lang Shiyi without any emotion.

There was some trouble. Lang Shiyi scratched his claws on the ground and growled menacingly at Seb.

Of course, Lang Shiyi could guess Seb’s plan. After all, Seb was a psychopath with a lovesick brain. He probably thought that Yan Leyang was too kind to him and that there was some ulterior secret between him and Yan Leyang.

Before Lang Shiyi could continue to think deeply, Seb attacked again. This was land, so the anaconda’s speed had slowed down, but Lang Shiyi was quite agile.

Seb made two pounces but failed to catch him. Instead, he was almost ridden on the back by Lang Shiyi, which made him a little angry.

And the viewers of their channel watched it with gusto.

[I’ve never seen an anaconda fight a wolf. Can the wolf beat it?]

[I think not, as long as you give Seb a chance to get entangled with him, Lang Shiyi will basically die.]

[Are they doing it for Yan Leyang? Is it for Yan Leyang?]

[That sinful little kitten, tsk tsk tsk.]

[Ehehehe! what happened? Seb returned to human form? Um? The lower body is such a big mosaic. Isn’t he wearing any clothes?]

Seb was indeed not wearing any clothes. He didn’t like wearing clothes in the first place, but his tail was not as powerful as the wolf’s. And he had decided that he was quickly going to kill the wolf before Yan Leyang arrived.

At the same time, the collar around Seb’s neck clicked.

The patrolling mechanical guard received the order, and the one closest to Seb rushed in this direction, muttering: “Pay attention! Put on your clothes! It’s immoral! Put on your clothes!”

As he spoke, he took out several pieces of clothing from his round belly, all of different sizes: “Get dressed!”

Seb in human form was indeed much more flexible and good at dodging, but Lang Shiyi’s current form was not very convenient. How could he have flexible hands and feet with a bloody mouth?

Seeing Seb picking up the steel bar that had been swept to the corner and trying to stab him in the neck, Lang Shiyi’s pupils dilated and his heartbeat accelerated. While ducking sideways, he felt that something suppressing him was slowly dissolving as his heartbeat accelerated.

[Changed! changed!]

At the same time, Yan Leyang and Dai Zu returned from the drop-off point with a full load, but the mechanical guard originally guarding the door suddenly ran away after they came out.

That speed, that urgency, was like learning that his wife was playing mahjong on the same bed as the old man next door, especially when this mechanical guard shouted: “Put on your clothes!” Indecent! Suit up! Offensive.

In addition to taking out the clothes from his stomach, he also took out a baton, as if he was going to use a set of electric shock therapy if he didn’t put on clothes.

“Someone got into a fight and lost their clothes?” Yan Leyang was confused. Dai Zu shook his head indicating he didn’t know.

When the two returned to their temporary residence and took a look at the scene in front of them, they finally understood.

Seb was fallen in the corner, covered in blood, but it looked like he was not dead yet and was struggling to get up.

Of course, this attack should have been caused by the mechanical guard’s weapon, because if the male protagonist had taken action, there would be no chance that anyone would be left alive.

The dark-skinned beauty lying on the ground was at least neatly dressed.

The other person still standing was the male protagonist, still wearing a necklace around his neck. He probably didn’t get beaten because he obeyed the guard.

Yan Leyang stared blankly at the male protagonist. To be honest, when the male protagonist was still a paper person in the novel, the description and setting had already particularly poked Yan Leyang.

But words were just words after all, and they didn’t have the shock of actually seeing in person.

The male protagonist’s skin was very white, pale, and his lips were also pale, giving him a somewhat unhealthy and morbid look. However, he should be about 1.85 meters tall. His bones were perfectly proportioned, his nose was straight, and his eyebrows were deep. His eyeballs were pitch black, as if no light could get through.

Just like his black hair.

The moment he raised his eyes to look over, he could see the wildness and murderous intent that could not be concealed in him. Just him looking over made Dai Zu want to retreat.

However, Yan Leyang especially wanted to get close to him, and his blood boiled with passion at the look in Lang Shiyi’s eyes.

Lang Shiyi’s figure was by no means thin, his legs were slender and strong, and he wore the clothes and shoes randomly issued by the mechanical guard, but these shoes were still high boots.

Even though Lang Shiyi was wrapped tightly, Yan Leyang knew from the original text that Lang Shiyi’s figure was like a sculpture, no more, no less, not too strong, and quite perfect.

The main reason he looked so good was that the outfit that Lang Shiyi was wearing now was also pure black. He looked so wild, so wild.

Coupled with this face, it was simply crazily similar to Yan Leyang’s aesthetic point of view.

Yan Leyang closed his eyes, coughed twice and then opened them again to calm down his mood: “Did this snake come to trouble you?”

Lang Shiyi looked at Yan Leyang without saying a word.

“You don’t have to be afraid of him, we are brothers.” Yan Leyang walked over and stood in front of Lang Shiyi.

“Ahem, Brother Yan.” Dai Zu followed, “Your face is so red.”

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